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“Here I put before you life and death; choose life”

Clear Choice: as day and night
Select_Your_WorldHere I put before you life and death; choose life” God is not imposing life on you; it is a choice that you have to make. You must choose your world; what kind of human existence that you want to live. It is all in the life that you choose to live. You don’t even exist until you start living; the quality of life that you live determined your life worth. If the life that you live is worth remembering; if it is in line with the will of God, your life experiences will be recorded in the book of life for eternity; if not they will be weighted against you. “The soul that sinned is the soul that dies” “And man became a living soul”; the devil is after your soul. This is why he wants you to live a miserable life. Christ came to give you life, improves your living condition, gives you more abundant life. This is the choice that you have to make; this is the struggle that you are in; this is what we are fighting for. We are in a fight for our souls.

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Cause and Effect: there has to be
There is no doubt in my mind that these groups that are sowing terror, like Boko Haram, Al Qaeda, Isis, Al Shabaab and others; they all represent people that are lagging behind. May be we are at the end of the age as
Jesus said and events are unfolding at an accelerated pace as He predicted and that these people are feeling that the end is near. They are accelerating the pace of life, doing greater acts of terror so that there may be a clear line of separation between those that are moving forward toward the future with Christ and those that are moving backward toward the past with the devil. God is not God for the dead, but for the living; He lives in the present. If they chose death and want to live in the reality of the past; God is not with them. “God is reconciling the world to Himself through Christ”. Since Christ represents the future, humanity moving forward, embracing the abundance of life, that line of separation must be clear so that people can choose, make their choices.

Even though this was predicted by Jesus, there still have to be a cause and effect, something has to usher this prediction. I still believe that all of these events that are taken place around the world in term of terror, the war in Ukraine, Russia trying to reverse to the past have to do with human spiritual development. It is all about the spiritual seed that God placed inside of man and the drive for that seed to develop and bring man to a state of perfection. Since Christ is associated with humanity; Christians represent the future moving forward; it is rightly so that those that are holding on to the past feel threatened. They are willing to commit acts of terror with no regard to life to oppose humanity moving forward. By default they are the enemy of humanity. Humanity has only one enemy; it is the devil; the enemy of our soul. Anyone who embraces death; opposing humanity moving forward is an ally of the devil, an enemy of our soul.
Man is a living soul; his life worth is in the life that he lives. “And man became a living soul”. They must show the opposite, embracing death instead of life; this duality of existence as always existed since the fall of man. We are just seeing a culmination of the struggle of opposites. This unconscious hatred for Western values and Christianity is rooted in this duality of existence.

What Christianity and the Western culture represent?
Christianity represents the future, progress, life; they must represent the opposite. This clear line of separation must become more pronounce so that this age of dispensation can come to an end. God wants to take humanity to greater level of awareness. May be this duality of existence is coming to an end, a final show down is necessary to resort the difference between the two. God is engaging the human consciousness, giving human beings greater spiritual capacity. I think that we are coming to a full realization of the consciousness that God created us to be. Every created being, be it angel, man or Cherubim has a consciousness in God that is distinct; a particular frequency by which He knows that particular being. He wants us to make a choice, to know who we are in Him and what He created us to be.
Jesus is the standard; He represents humanity coming to a full realization of what God intended for us to be as human beings.
God is Busy Working, Through Christ
There is Hope

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