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The_Exchange All we want is to offer an understanding as to the cause for why there exist disparities in achievements between blacks and whites. What we mean by cause is the fundamental reason that explains every other reasons. No one has been able to pin down the cause for why there exist such disparities. The more that we try to explain the cause, the more confuse that we get. All of that proves that the workings of this world are the works of the devil; they are parts of the darkness of this world. They are happening subconsciously, below our conscious mind. No one knows what is driving people to behave the way they do, what is the source of these impulses that are driving them to negate their fellow human beings. Until you commit the act, you don’t really know what is driving you. This is so because of the works of darkness that are happening below our conscious mind. God wants to shine His light upon the darkness of this world, making us aware of the forces that are affecting us, shaping our existence.

Give room for righteousness to operate in this world; this is what Jesus came to do. It is not a question of blacks versus whites; it is a question of God’s way of doing things taken over. “In righteousness He shall lead His people”; when God reigns, love rules. The question of inequality in this world is rooted in this system of things that is running the world. The system has its roots in the original sin that gave entrance to the spirit of separation into our world. The original sin of humanity is separation, consuming the fruit of separation. The devil designed this system strictly to separate man. By creating a system that is designed to deny blacks access to the possibilities of this world, he knows that this will create disparities between the achievements of whites and blacks. These disparities serve to separate the races, forcing us to continually resorting our differences. Consuming the fruits of these differences is the original sin that gave man his false ego, the reason for separation. Jesus wants us to deny that process; this is the only way to restore oneness with God.

Consistently you can see that blacks have no room to operate in this world; this is not without intention. The devil designed the system that is running the world to deny blacks access to the possibilities of this world. This he did for one reason, which is to set the races apart in order to force us to resort our differences. this the devil done so that when a soul enters this world, he can only take a white body if he wants to express fully the blessing that God wants to impart to humanity. God is constantly blessing humanity, sending souls with gifts and talents to bless us. This He can only do through the white race, because of the restrictions that are imposed to black people to access the possibilities of this world. Little by little God has been making room for His righteousness to, His way of doing things to operate in this world. Blacks are freer to operate in this world today than they were years ago. Thanks to God, Him and Jesus have been busy working, taken territories from the devil, forcing him him to release his grips on humanity. “Until now, me and My father are busy working”; God is reconciling the world to Himself through Christ. The devil has emissaries busy working for him; there are those who want for the past to continue, but God is busy working, putting the enemies of humanity under the feet of Jesus. Jesus is humanity redeemed; God is busy remaking humanity into the image of Jesus, putting His enemies under His feet. “Sit to my right, until I make of your enemies our footstool”.

Revelations: that can be measured in real life
We have conclusively proven that there are mechanisms in place to prevent souls when coming into this world to operate freely in the black race. These mechanisms are put in place by the forces of darkness to promote the works of darkness. Because they are engrained in the human psyche; we are not conscious of their activities. This is why the Bible calls them the works of darkness, the darkness of this world. They are operating in the dark regions of the mind, below the conscious mind. Their sole purpose is to provide fuel for the spirit of division to maintain the system of things that is running the world. The system is designed by the spirit of division to maintain his grip on humanity. There is a spirit of division that entered the world; this event can be traced; it is
recorded in tales and myths in every culture.
We have proven that the system, does not work, and will cease to exist if there is no division and separation to sustain it. We have also proven that the human ego, the self, that which we assume to be our identity is connected to the system of things that is running the world. We have also proven that the precepts in the teachings of Jesus Christ are the keys to undo this system of things, to destroy the works of darkness. God gave them to us; they are there to help us reverse the process by which we arrive at our identity as human beings. The process of negating other human beings to assert ourselves, to elevate ourselves is part of the mechanisms that are in place to maintain this system of thins that is running the world. We can trace their origin at the time the spirit of division entered this world.
BiteSizwAwareness.com is providing tidbits of revelation, bite size of awareness that can me measured scientifically, quantitatively in real life.

Human beings are not built for Negation; if we are not affirmed, we cannot thrive. The love of God created us; it is the love of God that is driving Him to reach out for us, to take us from under the rules of the devil; that love is found in Jesus Christ.

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