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Alternatives schooling, preparing the next generation

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Moral Responsibility
Alternatives_Schooling “Teach a child in a way that he should go and he will not depart from it ”; moral responsibility can be taught in schools; the Germans have known that fact for centuries, the Jewish people also. They drilled these principles, the precepts that will align the child with the spirit at an early age; their blessing comes from that. “It is the spirit that gives life; everything that you do and everything that you are, repose on the spirit ”. If you have it, meaning awake to it, live in the awareness of it; you will prosper. The spirit is the source of the blessing. Abraham blessing came from the life that he lived, morally responsible. Moral responsibility was attainable because of the precepts and principles that gave him access to the spirit of God. God will automatically come into your life and ignites your spirit, hence you are morally responsible. “Because Abraham obeyed the law of God, the statutes or God and the commandments of God, he was accounted righteous ”, meaning morally responsible. I think that children can be taught at an early age to be morally responsible. The Germans have known that fact and have deliberately applied the teachings in their schools, alternative schooling for their children. In France and in Germany they have these alternative schools allover, preparing the people that will ensure the blessing of their countries.


Answering the Dominican Threat: ethnic cleansing
I think that the answer to the Dominican threat, this bone of contention that exists between the DR and Haiti is for the Haitian Government to start preparing the next generation of Haitians children in attaining a certain level of moral responsibility, social competency and getting them to achieve a state of convergence. This state of convergence will help the Haitian children recognize their gifts and talents at an early age, what God called them to do in the earth, teaching them how to defer their ego to God so that He can help them achieve success in their assignments, whatever sphere that He assigned them to work with Him in order to glorify Him in the earth. The Germans understood that principle as well as the Jews; this is why they excelled in all of the spheres of influence, their spiritual mountain; their spiritual inheritance are allowed to prosper. “I lay waste his mountain”; “Though they build, I will tow down ”; the Jews are an exception to these utterances simply because of their moral responsibility, accounted them as righteous before God. They are heirs of Abraham; they inherit the spiritual mountain of their father Abraham. He was accounted righteous, because of his obeisance before God. God will not lay waste your spiritual inheritance if your life is in line with His will. The same moral responsibility that has allowed Abraham to walk in line with God and not grieved Him, Jesus came to show us how to live that life. Jesus came to show us how to live the life that will not grieve God and provoke Him to anger, makes us acceptable to Him so that He can bless us. When He says that “I am the way and the life"; it is all in the life, the life that makes you morally responsible.

Deconstructing the myth of the Nazi:
Alternatives_Schooling The Nazi were immoral; they only used and benefited from what was there, what was available in the land and tried to use it for their own self aggrandizement, to boast their ego. Just like the devil; they don’t have anything themselves, create anything; they simply take what is there and used it for their advantage, to boast their ego. The devil simply takes what is there, what is available and uses it to inflate his ego; he does not create anything. In fact he uses your own failures to justify his action against you. I think that the Nazi tried to do the same; they used the achievements of the German people to boast their ego while suppressing the Jews that were excelling even more than the Germans. They saw the Jews as a threat to their myth of superiority. They see German level of excellence partly attributed to the discipline of their children; their spiritual beliefs. They saw the Jews as the only competition to their myth of superiority. They see the Jews sense of moral responsibility and their social competency as the cause for them to excel more than any other ethnic group of people. They understood that this moral responsibility was engrained in the psyche of the Jews. They see that their success and their excellence were attributed to the moral responsibility pass on from generation to generation. Their children were taught the principles of moral responsibility from an early age. This knowledge was passed on from parents to children in the Jewish family. It is their spiritual inheritance. They feel that the only way to prove the myth that they were of a superior race was to suppress the Jews, eradicate them as a race, mass murdering them, committed genocide against them.


The cause of their demise: moral irresponsibility
Their failure is a testament of the fact that moral irresponsibility will not stand; their aim was not in line with the will of God. They took what was good and used it for evil, consuming the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil on themselves. This is the original sin allover again, the same violation that gave the devil access to our world. They were consuming on themselves what they separated as good and denied the rest as evil. Jesus came to show us how to embrace our humanity, help those in need, not stepping on them to elevate ourselves, deny the self, the ego, take up our cross. This is the principle that He came to teach us, contrary to what the devil wants us to learn, that is to be boastful, self aggrandizement like the Nazi. Jesus want s us to embrace our humanity, help those in need; not stepping down on them and use them as pedestals to elevate ourselves.

You are Affirmed:
Alternatives_Schooling Having kept in deplorable conditions for years in the DR, denied access to the possibilities of this world; what else do you expect for the Haitians living in the Batey; they can only be lagging behind. Negation is at the core of their condition. Both Haiti and the Dominican Republic are responsible for their conditions; first from Haiti that did not follow the human rights for their own citizen were respected; make sure that they were treated right and secondly from their Dominican hosts who had no regard for the Haitians basic rights and dignity. Their human rights were to come first before the benefits that they were to gain for working in the DR. You must know who you are in Christ so that when the devil is tempting you to compromise yourself; you can tell him what Jesus told him that: "it is written that man shall not live by bread alone”. People cannot look down on you, treat you less than you deserve when you know who you are in Christ. “He shall supply all of your needs by Christ Jesus". You don't have to sell yourself short; God will take are of your needs


However you try to justify the reason for Haiti to lag behind or the law that the Dominican Government is trying to put in place to get rid of dark skin people out of its population; you can see the works of the devil. The bible says that “the world, the flesh and the devil are one", simply because the devil devised this system of things, the mechanism that is running the world, the flesh because he instigated man to sin against God, separating the spirit of God from man and aligning the human flesh with him. So, you see all in all, what is happening in Haiti and in the DR has the devil at the core. The fact that Negation has kept the Haitian people behind or the Dominicans denying their blackness; are all the works of the devil. Jesus came to show us a new way; it is the way of the cross; it is to embrace our humanity and denying the self, the ego that stand in the way of us been together as one. “Except a man denies himself, take up his cross, he cannot follow me”; he cannot be in the light of God. To be in the light of God is to posses the mind of Christ; to be in tune with what God is doing at all times. Jesus said that: “If you walk in the dark and stumble; it is because the light is not in you”. We are beating around the bush, tiptoeing in the dark to find our way simply because we are not following the footprint of Jesus. We approach the world with our ego, our selfish intention at the expense of our humanity, denying God in the process.
Had we been in the light of Christ, we would not stumbled on Iraq and not see the future before it was already on top of us. We would be in the light of Christ, knowing the future before it gets here. To be in the reality of the present is what God wants for us. He wants us to know exactly what He is doing at the present time.
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