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Africa, a need for government to get involeved

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The Role of Government in Africa:
Seeing Government must help either through education of prohibition; let the people know the cause for their retardation, why they are lagging behind. In no uncertain term, this must be dispelled to the people the real cause for why they are where they are. The practice of sorcery, whether it is the good kind or the bad kind, belongs to an era of the past when man used to depend on gods, intermediary spirits to guide them. They are now a hindrance; they keep people from engaging their intellect, their intuitive capacity. They keep people from exploring their full potential as human beings. They make people too lazy to do what is required of them and as a result they missed their marks and not be where God wants them to be. The challenge is that they cannot wish their way to be where God wants them to be; they have to be tested and processed. They have to overcome all tests that are trying to disqualify them from going to the next level, keeping them from partaking in the possibilities that the world has to offer. You cannot cheat your way to excellence; the day of man relying on intermediaries spirits for guidance is over. Humanity is at a different level of awareness; the percentage of the human population in Africa relying on intermediaries, engaging in such practices is the real cause for their state of retardation, social stagnation.

They will not stop on their own: Government has to spur them
The practice of these things such as sorcery (dark art) belongs to the Greek era, is the real cause for their inability to move forward. It must be a deliberate effort, a willful act that government must take for the benefit of the greater good of the population. Banning the practice of sorcery by levying fines, couple with jail time, financial and incarceration should be a deterrence in eliminating or dissuading the continuation of this art in future generations. Each country in Africa must make this a priority for their government to educate the population about the real cause for their retardation, social stagnation. The consciousness of the greater mass of the populations of Africa is stuck in the reality of the past, the only way to help them make the shift to the reality of the present is for government to get involved. If the percentage of the populations of the countries of Africa that are moving forward was in balance with the percentage of the populations that are moving backward, there will not be a need for government to take such drastic steps to help move their people forward. The salvation for Africa is the future, the grip of consciousness of the past on the people is too strong for them to move forward on their own, without help from government.

A Need to: Compel to act
They need to realize what is the greater good for their country; what is the reality of the present; what are the rules for advancing countries forward. There are rules, there are regulations governing the advancement of people. The human consciousness is what is moving forward. Those who insist on staying in the reality of the past, will only experience chaos, social stagnation, moral decadence, retardation. Look at how much terror the world is experiencing in the hands of groups like Boko Haram, Isis, El Shabab; each represents people that are lagging behind. They cannot understand or see the reality of the world around them simply because their consciousness belongs to the past. Trust me; it is all about awareness, perception. If you cannot see the reality of the present, you are not in the light of God. Somehow, your consciousness did not make the shift; you are not where God wants you to be.
What is at stake is perception, awareness. God has engaged the human consciousness at different points in time, giving us greater level of awareness of the reality that He created us to be. if your consciousness is stuck at a point that is too far distant in the past; you cannot keep up with the reality of the present, with those that are far ahead. God is here now doing a new thing; if you are able to see it; you can be in the reality of the present; your consciousness is current.

Human Motivation: What is motivating us?
I am only concerned with those that are far behind, those who cannot see the reality of the present; right now Africa is one of the place where people are lagging behind. God wants humanity to move forward as a whole. He wants us all to be in His light, not living in the darkness of this world, become easy prey for the forces of darkness to manipulate. The rules of the game are simple, what is at stake is the human consciousness, the goal is for us to achieve greater awareness of the consciousness that God created us to be; the greater reality of who we are as human beings. Jesus has demonstrated that reality to us; we too can achieve it; He is the pattern for us all. It pains me to see people in Africa living as humanity was 2000 years ago. The problem with that is the percentage of the various populations of Africa that are lagging behind. Unless a deliberate effort is made by government to help people make the shift, break up their reliance on intermediary spirits to help them, stop practicing sorcery in lieu of real effort; they will continue to lag behind.
Tidbits of understanding:
The_greater_WholeFist there must be an understanding as to the cause for why they are lagging. The world is one, there has to be a receptacle, a place to house the consciousness of the past, those who did not make the shift, Africa happened to be the one of the places where the consciousness of the past is house. If you change the tonality of the world, the people of Africa will have no choice but to take the jump, the quantum leap to where God wants them to be. You are helping God by educating people as to why the practices of these arts, such as sorcery contribute to their state of stagnation and retardation. There are individuals that have made the shift, but collectively people in many of the countries of Africa are lagging behind. People generally are bunched together by regions, by countries because of their communalities. It is the percentage of the population that is the problem. Take Haiti for example, there are individual Haitians that are far ahead, but collectively the majority of the Haitian population is lagging behind. The percentage of the population that is functioning at the level of awareness of the past, is too far greater to allow the people collectively to move forward. The consciousness that the people of Africa are holding on cannot sustain the reality of the present; it belongs to a period when human beings used to rely on gods, intermediary spirits for guidance. They did not have access to the Holy Spirit of God directly to guide them. Humanity has gone ahead and moved forward to the next level of awareness. The people in the regions of Africa, South Asia, Middle East are lagging behind in one way or another; governments in those regions must make a deliberate effort to help them move forward. They must know what is at stake; what is the one cause that is restraining their people from moving forward.

Points of progression: Periods of dispensation when God has engaged the human consciousness
There are different periods, different points of human awareness, each region embodied a period of development of the human consciousness. There are different social problems associated with different regions, because each region embodies a different period of development of the human consciousness. The fundamental problem for the region of Africa is that people are relying too much on external power; they are not tapping on their inner strength. The Holy Spirit of God now lives inside of man; the spirit no longer comes upon man; he is within. The need for intermediary spirits that the Africans are still relying on is a hindrance to progress; God is no longer supporting these things. They will continue to lag behind, until they make the shift, and for that they need knowledge, revelation of truth. God is doing that for them , giving them tidbits of knowledge, bite size of revelations.
People always wanted to know the cause, the reason why things are the way they are in those regions, what is at stake; now they know. There is a major problem with criminality resulting from the practice of sorcery. Talk to anyone coming from the countries of Africa where social stagnation is a problem, at the core you will find that sorcery is the cause. Sorcery means that the people are taken the easy way out, they are not doing what is required of them. They are relying on outside forces to help them in their day to day struggles. They are not tapping in the inner strength, developping their intuitive capacity for inspiration, and developping their cognitive ability to solve problems. These practices restrained people, keeping them behind; they are the downfall of past civilization like the Indian civilization of the Americas. Because they engaged too deeply in human sacrifices, relying too much on intermediary spirits for guidance; they never develop the capacity to deal with the forces that are pushing humanity forward. They could not sustain the reality of the present, do what is required of them to function as a whole, as a collective. They are left behind, living in the reality of the past, never to be a nation again.

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