What we are about? Knowledge and Understanding

Christ_For_Better_Living Bitesizeawareness.com is about human spiritual and social development. We are a platform for people to express their views and ideas, offer solutions to the problems that plague our world. Our site is about heighten human spiritual awareness; helping people understand the development of the spiritual seed that God placed inside of us; helping people understand what happen to the spiritual seed when it has stopped developing, how it transitioned from righteous seed to seed of wickedness. We want to show to people that it is the drive to fulfill Godís intention which is imbedded in the seed that is driving us to seek perfection, driving us to seek recognition at all cost, to do anything to fulfill that intention, even to commit acts of terror against our fellow human beings. It is the seed that is driving us to be perfect, to develop, to bring us to a state of perfection, to become perfect as God is perfect. Our site is s state of progression, you can trace back our beginning, when we first tried to understand the cause of poverty, to where we are now, understanding Godís original intention to empower humanity with His spirit and gives us all access to His creative power, giving us the capacity to create first class world, better living world for us to live. The just shall indeed inherit the earth, because we will learn Godís way of doing things, how to respect the law of nature, how to treat each other to avoid conflict and preserve the earth. Our site is about revealing the truths that we hidden from us, exposing the works of darkness; feel free to browse our, everything that you need to know about the system of things that is keeping the spiritual seed from develop, from the time the spirit of separation enter our world, to the final separation of those that are moving forward with God and those that are moving backward with the devil. Tidbits of revelation, bite size of knowledge, everything that you need to give you an understanding of the journey of the human consciousness coming to the full realization of what God created us to be. Zbob is our avatar; he will assist you in navigating this site.

We are a platform for expression, proclaming God's word for a Better Living World. Contact info           Close window