Eradicating Poverty: Focussing on the Solution

Enlarge_PictureGod Promise to Bless the Whole of Humanity ” I am not going to concentrate on the cause of poverty in the Third World rather on the solution. Concentrating on the cause of poverty is too intricate and too complex to explain; it will take us in circle. After all, this system of things is the work of darkness; it is shrouded in mystery. Let us focus rather on the solution, the promise of God to bless us all. “In you and in your seed I will bless all of the family of the earth”. This is our focus; the solution to the cause of poverty is in the seed; the seed of righteousness. We need to focus on the seed of righteousness. God will bless us through righteousness. You cannot take yourself out of poverty and create a better world for yourself to live without righteousness; you simply cannot. Explaining why you can’t is too intricate and too complex; it is the system of this world; the darkness of this world. Righteousness is the key to defeat this system of things. The kingdom of God is righteousness and joy; it is the kingdom of God; God's system of doing things that will replace this present system; therefore concentrate on righteousness. You can begin with a change in your lifestyle. Lifestyle is t he key; it is the first step, the one step that we must take to begin a life that of empowerment. Lifestyle is not only about a way of life; it also about helping you accumulate the necessary energy for perception. The world is fleeting you by, reality is escaping you simply because you don’t have t he necessary energy to perceive the subtle changes around you. “Faith is like that of a mustard seed that is the least among the herbs but grows to become the largest of the trees”. This lifestyle will help you accumulate , the spiritual substance that made up the unseen world. Faith will help you break the illusion of this world; the seen world. Lifestyle is the key to help you accumulate that energy.

It is all in the life: lifestyle is the key.