Propagating: Knowledge and Understanding

Enlarge_PictureMaking way for Godís truth to take roots in our hearts; there is a need that is driving us all and this need is the need to see a Better Living World for all to live. It is this need that is driving us to help bridge the gap that separates those that are far behind with those that are far ahead. There is a need to help them catch up; this need is also the human need to love others and to reach out to those that we feel are not where they need to be. Giving is your highest expression of love The desire to bridge the gap that exists between those that are far behind with those that are far ahead is a need that is driving us to love others besides ourselves. This desire to give and reach out to others in need is an expression of our need to love. We fulfilled this need to love and be loved through possibility like this one. This is an opportunity for us to express the selfless side of our love. Selfless love has no boundaries and no limit in its capacity to give and understand, it is Divine in its essence. As we express qualities such as tolerance, compassion and love for others, we are inevitably becoming closer to God and to the image He wants us to be: which is Divine. As we embrace our humanity, we are getting closer to our true nature, which is Christ like and Divine.

How to Give
Bite Size Awareness needs your financial support to maintain this site, improves it and makes it an interactive site where you can truly come to express yourself. is a platform for expression where you can come in to express your views and ideas, offer solutions to the problems that affect your community, your country. Feel free to give; your money will be put to good use. There is a need to make people aware of their possibilities in Christ, what God has made available for them. is a hub of knowledge for the blessing seeker; we are your portal to receive fresh awareness in bite size, giving you the awareness you need in a nutshell.

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