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What's wrong with this picture above? Click to find outYou and I want to change this picture. The world has done their best to change it and failed. Where they fail, we will succeed. We will succeed because God has revealed to us the cause and given us the solution. We must start from the ground up, teaching children the provision that God made available for them.
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This symbol represents the seed that we are depositing now that will germinate and spread throughout the whole world in the future. Contact me: Zbob I will fill you in with the details on what you need to do.
By clicking this button, you will answer the call to fulfill your human obligation before God. You will carry out His mandate to turn the earth into a paradise. You will help many people that are cut off out of the possibilities of this world, You will help them partake in the blessing of God, you will help them share in the abundance of this world. They are cut off out of the possibilities of this world for no fault of theirs; they are victims of a system that God wants to change. Help change the human condition, help change this system of dispensation now:

The_Clean_Slate_Project Though a man may have wisdom, but ultimately it is money that moves the world. Money answers all things; We need money to build the core of the project, create an educational video that will serve to teach leaders how to see the reality of this world, help them understand what God is looking in them before giving them access to His creative power so that they can help their people create better world for themselves to live. Leaders hold the key to reach their people; this educational tool will equip them to lead. This project also include building schools that will teach students from the ground up, starting at an early age how to enter into a state of convergence where God can become their teacher to help them achieve success in the assignments that He gave them. This stool will also help them discover their gifts, their talents, their sphere of assignments, what God calls them to do, teach them how to differ their ego to God so that He can give them the influence they need to impact the world for His glory. This central school will serve as the foundation upon which everything else pertaining to this project will be built; invite public officials in your state, your country; your respective country government to sponsor a particular a branch of their choice in that school. Get your celebrities to get involve to sponsor a section of this project. There is room for everyone to get involve. Find out how they raise money for similar projects, get involve there is a real chance to make this a concrete reality. Our goal is to raise millions of dollars to start building the core. We are looking for foreign governments to match private funds. This project belongs to the world at large; it will be a united effort for everyone to get involve. Contact 

"Lo! The people are One, nothing will be refrained from them which they imagine to do Where the unity is, there the Lord commands the blessing.
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