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"As Moses lifted up the serpent in the desert, as such the Son of Man shall be lifted up"

The Journey: of the human consciousness

Humanity is like a snake crawling its way up through time, no matter haw far removed the head is from the tail, the tail is always connected. ďAs Moses lifted up the serpent in the desert, as such the Son of Man must be lifted uĒ. Jesus is the Son of Man, the head of humanity. ďAnd when Iíll be lifted up, I will draw all man into MeĒ, the tail He will draw into the head.

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Christ is God working through man, to bring him to his spiritual reality

Christ is God working through man to bring him to his spiritual reality; man is forever interlaced with Christ. Jesus is our link to the spiritual reality that God created us to be. Every now and again God engaged the human consciousness, giving man greater awareness of the reality that He wants him to be. This is called the dispensation of the ages, every now and then God came into the world to show man the possibilities that are available to him, what is possible for him to achieve. Jesus came to show us what is possible for man to achieve, to be in the flesh and not part of this system of things. With the awareness of Christ, you donít have to become a monk or a priest to be spiritual; you can really be in the world and not of it.

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It is all in the life that we live, the consciousness that we live

This world is consisted of layers upon layers, layers of human existence, different layers of living, of human existence. These layers are created by the level of awareness, the consciousness that we have of the reality that God created us to be. There are remnants of human consciousness that are too far back into the past and no longer capable of sustaining the reality of the present. God wants to bring people that are living in the consciousness of the past to the reality of the present; He wants to quicken them, help them break free of whatever it is that is holding them back to the past.

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Worlds of people, how they are formed Worlds_of_People

World upon world, worlds of people, different layers that become countries, nations, regions, worlds of people; each world is a collective of human consciousness. God gives us greater awareness of our spiritual reality slowly; this is done trough different periods of time. God is not a man that He should wait for us, we must conform to His timing; if we are not ready, presently conscious of what He is doing, we are left behind. This is how we have remnants of consciousness where people are still hanging on to a reality that is no longer there. As humanity progresses through time, these layers are trailing behind, becoming the tail of humanity. In a sense, humanity is like a snake crawling its way up through time, living behind remnants of the consciousness of the past. These remnants of consciousness become layers of people. God has a standard of being and Jesus is the standard that God wants us to become. Those that are far behind, lagging behind; He wants to bring them all to the reality of the present.

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Periods of engagement, when God has engaged our consciousness

Periods when God has engaged the human consciousness; for whatever reason we missed Him; He is not holding it against us. Jesus came to give you life and made way for you to live in the abundance of life. He is not creating gates of hell in order to levy judgments against you, separating you from God. God set a ladder on the earth; His name is Jesus; you can climb the ladder of awareness, hence you know that He is your connection to God.

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Dispensation system currently based on Negation, it is the old system

God has made of humanity one flesh and one blood; the concept of negation is not of God, but of the devil. God wants a whole humanity moving forward; He wants to empower us all with His spirit, bringing those that are left behind under His blessing. Christ is the reality of the day; the past is no more. God is doing a new thing through Christ, reconciling the world to Himself. The old model of dispensation is of the devil, he levied weights against you for your sins, your violations against the law of God to justify using you to maintain this system of things. He created Gates of Hell to place judgments against you for whatever reason you have missed your mark and that you are left behind. He works with your past, where God is no longer present to keep you bound to his system of things.

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The Future belongs to those that are justified by faith in the plan of God

Those who embraced the plan of God will move forward into the future and those who donít will regress backward into the paste. Jesus is the future of humanity, the model that God gave for us to pattern our lives. He is the standard that we all must become before God can call us sons and gives us full access to His awesome power.

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ďTime is the maker and the destroyer of all thingsĒ, but in Christ there is no death

Hence you are in Christ, you are no longer subject to linear time; eternity is in you. You are fully aware of your measure, the standard that God created you to be. You have full access to the creative power of God, the awesome power of God.

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World population current: the past is still present among us Remnants_of_Conciousness_in_Human_Poplulation

The are about seven billions strong of human beings living on the earth; God wants to bring them all of us up to speed so that we can be one humanity moving forward. Hence you accept Godís plan, you can take the quantum leap of faith and catch up with those that are far ahead. You are no longer confined to linear time. God is compressing time, accelerating time, so that you can catch up.

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God lives in the present; if we are not present, we may miss Him

God has created humanity of one flesh and one blood and assigned a consciousness to us. We are a frequency in the consciousness of God, He has a standard, a measure of righteousness that He knows us by; He wants us to reach that measure, that standard of righteousness. Jesus is that measure, that standard of righteousness that God wants us to be. He is the pattern that we must live by to become like Him. He is everything that God created us to be.

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