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Seed of Wickedness, seed of Righteousness

Sowing_Seeding What is righteousness; what is wickedness; righteousness equals justice, love, compassion, joy, life and Wickedness equals pain, suffering, injustice and death? How the seed of righteousness do becomes the seed of wickedness? When God places different choices before us and we don’t make those choices for one reason or another, we miss our marks. Either because we are too heavy settled in our routines or too complacent to react, we miss our marks. God places the seed of greatness inside of us and in the course of the development of the seed it stops growing, we reach a dead end or a plateau, the seed then becomes wicked or evil. When you stop doing the will of God, you are opposing God. Resistance to the will of God is evil; it is the devil that opposes God. By resisting God you become the seed of wickedness, the seed of the devil. “I will put enmity between his seed and thy seed”. This is the crux of the matter, it is in the antagonistic stance that exists between those that are moving forward with God and those that are opposing God and moving backward with the devil, between the seed of righteousness and the seed of wickedness. This enmity exists between the two seeds by designed, God wants it that way. Only God can reconcile the two seeds, because they are mutually exclusive, they don’t see eye to eye. They become the two opposing dynamics that shape our thoughts, our thinking, our way of life.

Somewhere inside all of us is a seed; God placed the seed of greatness inside of all of us and when that seed failed to develop it becomes wicked. “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed”. Hence that seed becomes wicked, it is now under the control of the devil; it becomes his seed. There is an antagonistic stance that exists between the two seeds, between the seed of wickedness and the seed of greatness. God places choices before us so that we can develop the seed of greatness inside of us. When we failed to make those choices for one reason or another, we come short of our marks; we become wicked. Anytime we miss our marks, we stop growing, developing, we enter into opposition with the will of God. This is when the good seed becomes the bad seed, the seed of wickedness. This is what happened to people in various countries and regions of the world. They have stopped developing, the seed of greatness that God placed inside of them; they become wicked. There are two types of seeds people can embody in them; one is the seed of righteousness and the other is the seed of wickedness. The type of fruit that we reap in life either for our enjoyment or detriment depends on which one of the two seeds is working in our hearts. At some point in our lives the good seed, the seed of greatness has stopped developing and it becomes wicked. Somewhere in all of us is a seed waiting to germinate, sprout and become what it is and bears fruit for us and others to reap. The question is when was that seed becomes wicked in our spirit or hearts? How do we know which seed is working in our hearts? We only know a seed by its fruits. It takes a special kind of soil or ground suited for a particular seed to grow. What makes a seed takes root in a particular soil and not in others?

Let us take Islam for example; some bad seed was deposited in its soil. We know so because the terror we see around us coming from Muslims is definitively wicked. A perfect example of wickedness was the incident that happened recently at Fort Hood. I had made a vow to myself that I will not watch the news for a couple of days. I was flipping channels one afternoon looking for something to distract my mind and I stumbled upon this Breaking News Headline: Gunman killed 11 and wounded30: > I moved on to watch another channel and said to myself: “: I will bet that 90% chance that there is an Islamic connection: >”. Sure I was, it turn out to be that the gunman was a Muslim and had quoted words of destruction from the Qu’Raan <Koran>. Why such thoughts even rise up in my mind you may ask. Well the answer is simple; it has become a routine that taken life for a cause is part of the teaching of Islam. Rather that this practice is foreign and not originally part of Islam, but now it is widely accepted as part of the teaching. < Adopted: >. Somehow the seed of destruction was deposited in the gunman’s heart waiting for a fertile ground to sprout up. His environment was a fertile ground for that seed to grow, with soldiers coming out of the war telling him tells of terror was enough to germinate that seed and make it sprout. What was it that was deposited in his heart for years? We know that there is a direct correlation between fruit and seed; twelve (12) deaths and twenty (20) wounded are the fruits of the seed of wickedness deposited in his heart for years.

Let us take life as an example; it is a privilege to be alive. Spiritual beings are envious of us for having bodies to express ourselves. Some of them will do anything to have bodies to express themselves physically; yet still Muslims are scarifying their bodies for the cause of reaching the non-physical world < heaven: >. Any cause is justifiable for taken a life, because that is their ticket to the non-physical world < heaven: >. This is wickedness to the extreme, lies, devil’s lies. While spiritual beings are desperate to have bodies, they are scarifying their bodies to reach the spiritual world. This is the truth in reverse, falsehood. How they get to devalue life or put their causes above life is the work of a seed that was deposited in their hearths years ago. Life has very little significance for them. I say that if you cannot appreciate the body that you see, how so the spirit that you don’t see. What are the fruits of wickedness? What type of soil is required for a seed to grow? What are the fruits of righteousness and what type of soil that seed requires to grow? We know the type of soil the seed of wickedness thrives, soil like stagnation, retardation, backwardness; people that are lagging behind. See the difference between one seed and the other and make your choice.

Note: There is an instigator in our midst, the evil one, the ruler of the darkness of this world, the sower of the seed of wickedness. Psalm 37-10-11: “ For yet a little while, and the wicked shall not be: yea, thou shalt diligently consider his place, and it shall not be. 11 But the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.

If the seed of greatness that is in you becomes wicked, your deeds, your fruits will be evil Perpetuating Terror
It is easier to face death than to make the choices that God placed before us, in many cases this is the source of terror. It is easier for those who failed to make the choices that God placed before them to take the easy way thinking that they will redeem themselves. Scientifically the terrorist is a person who chose to take the easy way to compensate for his failure, thinking that God will approve him. God places the seed of greatness inside of all of us; if the terrorist failed to make the choice He put before him and his seed stop developing; he is fooling himself. The only way terror can still exist in the Muslim community is because it is tolerated. I can bet you that the majority of Muslims rejoice when one of their terrorists destroy a Western symbol. Whatever that will cause harm to the Western world, rather it is killing human beings or destroy properties; it does not matter; they will support it. Some will support it publicly and others will support it privately. As long as there is some support for it, it will thrive. ”The only way for evil to thrive is for good men to do nothing”. They must make the decision rather it is in their best interest to continue supporting terror because terror helps them get back at their enemies or renounce terror because it is bad for the image of Islam. There will come a point when they will say that it is enough; Islam is a peaceful religion and let us stand up for peace; until their cup is filled or they have enough of terror; we Christians will continue to make a case against them. They must decide to choose to renounce terror as a tool to settle scores or punish the West for whatever reason they may have against the West. They cannot continue to displace their anger lashing at everything Western just to satisfy their anger. Again I want to repeat that the only reason why terror is still exists in Islam it is because it is tolerated. America tolerated the
Klu Klux Klan in the past for hanging blacks and it was widely tolerated until they have their fill. Today you hardly see such terror in America only because this practice is no longer tolerated by the majority of Americans.

Putting an end to terror
The Muslim community needs to open themselves up to the truth, not hiding the truth, pretending that all is well and that nothing is wrong. I can assure them that the truth will not destroy them, but cleanser them; removes all that is false about them and remakes them anew. Something is fundamentally wrong, until they open themselves up to the truth, this bad seed; this falseness that has attached itself to Islam will continue to exist. Only the truth can cleans us and remake us anew. Using terror as an instrument to make up for your lost is a displacement; you are fooling yourself.

Don’t let a few bad seeds rob you of your humanity; expose them for what they are. Deny them because their actions will reflect on you and cause the world to cut you off from the rest of humanity. When calamity hits you and you are in your moment of distress you need the rest of the world to stand up with you; you want to be one of them not one against them. Pakistan for example: see how the world responded to your calamity, the more a few bad seeds inflict terror on their own people, the less the rest of the world sees you as one of them, the less they are inclined to come to your rescue. You are cutting yourselves off from humanity. “We love death more than life”, this statement was made by a Muslim in England. Your answer to that should be: “ I have no pleasure in the death of him that dieth ”, Jehovah God says.

We in the West celebrate life; this is why some of us will go to great length to save a life, or rescue others at our peril, even give our own lives to save others. The question that you need to ask yourselves as Muslims is: “If you love death more than life why would people in the West come to your rescue in time of disaster?” There were thirty six miners trap under ground for more than two months in Chile recently, people should not waste that much time rescuing them if they were Muslims you may say; since you love death more than life; but we would. We have a duty to life, to seek life and avoid death, Jesus is Christianity, the Western world is Christianity, He gave His life for us so that we can have more life and have it more abundantly. Life is what Christianity is all about.

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