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Child Slavery: can be eradicated quickly in the Third World if we can help people become sons of God. As sons of God, they will know that they have rights; they have someone looking out for their needs. God has made Jesus Lord over our lives, which means that He is there to see that are needs are met.
The Restavec condition that exists in Haiti is a matter of consciousness, people are not aware of who they are in God; it is that simple. They donít know what they are worth in Christ. Christ has trade His life for them; which means that they must worth something to Him. It is a matter of awareness that these people are selling themselves short not knowing who they are and what they can become hence they accept Jesus as their Lord and savior. Child slavery is a common practice in the Third World; this practice is born out of necessity. The people become desperate, so they give their children as servants to other people more able as a way to help their children. They feel that they must do whatever it takes to provide for their children, even with the mistreatments that come with putting their children to work in somebody else home. They donít know that God is their provider, whatever they need, God will meet their needs. They donít have to sell themselves short. It is a matter of consciousness, hence you become a son, you also become aware of your new identity, the rights and the privileges that come with being a son. As a son, you are also aware that certain things that you no longer have to do, because as a son you now have rights. You did those things because you did not know what God have made available for you as a son. You did them because you were not aware of what you were doing was wrong; you had no awareness of who you are in Christ. The Third World Mentality is simply a matter of awareness, it is people not knowing who and what they are in Christ; they donít know their rights as sons of God. They sell themselves short.

Child Slavery: Rest Avec or stay with concept, House help
Take the question of child slavery that exists in the Third World, known in Haiti as
Rest Avec or stay with, in Africa as House Help and in South Asia as Betrothal, the pairing of young girls from ten to twelve year old to sixty and seventy year old men for financial gain by their parents. This is another aspect of child slavery. These people are doing that, selling themselves short simply because they donít know who they can become in Christ. They donít even know what they are doing is wrong. Because they have no reference point, no one to tell them what they can become in Christ.

It is a matter of consciousness: Lack of Awareness
The Haitian people, are they aware of what they are doing is wrong; are they conscious of it? Take the concept of Rest Avec in Haiti, putting a child to work as a servant at a relative home at ten years old, doing adult choirs. The Haitian society collectively has not seen anything wrong with that. They are not conscious of the fact that there is something wrong for a child to take on the responsibilities of adults at ten years old with the specter of mistreatment and abuses that come with the position. The concept is not typical to Haiti; it is a Third World problem. In Africa, the house help they call them, are no better treated than the Rest Avec concept in Haiti. There is an underline condition or stigma that comes with this concept; it is the undeclared ownership of the child by the owner of the house. The child is essentially a slave, left to be treated at the mercy of the house ownerís conscience but more often at the whims of the house owner seeking status and recognition in the Haitian society. Can society do anything about that, I mean the Haitian society? Do they know that as a child of God such thing would never have taken place? If they know that God loves them enough to send His son to die for them so that He can make them sons and part of His blessing they would have not sell themselves so short. As son they would have the spirit of God living inside of them, increasing their cognitive ability, increase their intuitive capacity so that they can create better life for themselves and their children. The ability to discern the truth, know hat is right in wrong, the ability to create wealth is made possible by the spirit of God living inside of them when they become sons of God through Christ. See

Finding the cause: Lack of Awareness, not knowing that you can become a son
ďMan shall not live by bread aloneĒ; but in order for that to be so, a man must first be born of the spirit, born of God or he will do whatever he takes to survive. His basic needs will trump his spiritual needs. For him, it is not the spirit that gives life; it is the body that needs to live. This problem is born out of necessity, simply people doing what they can to survive, not knowing that God is their provider. ďHe shall supply all of our needs by Christ JesusĒ. Rather it South Asia, betrothal of twelve year old girls to seventy year old men, house help in Africa or Rest Avec in Haiti, there is a need behind the behavior. Find that need and you will find the motivation behind the behavior, behind this trend. There is a trend for parents to put their children to work in somebody else home with the full knowledge of what the child may endure. The question is, which need is greater, the need to feed that child or the dignity of the child. Which is greater, the dignity of the human spirit, the need to preserve the child form experiencing the mistreatment that will damage this child or feed the child one meal a day for serving others; the psychological scars that this child will endure or just the physical need of that child to have a roof over her head, one meal a day? which is greater? As a son of God you just have to believe that God is your provider and you will stop from selling yourself short.

Closing the Gates of Hell : Family Plaaning through Pre-Birth Certificate is a requirement
I think that it is the duty of the Haitian Government to mandate family planning through the use of the Pre-Birth Certificate for married couple, or individual, required fathers to take responsibility for their children; make preparation before bringing their children into this world. This will ensure population check and maintain the family structure. A system of enforcement should be in place, with fines and imprisonment to ensure that those that are bringing children into this world should also be prepared to take responsibility for them. Government should try to educate the public about human motivation, human needs, what motivates people, what is driving them to behave despites of themselves and take steps to help them fulfill their needs. Yes there is a need to procreate, to ensure continuity of the Haitian people, maintain the level of the Haitian population, because over population is a serious problem that must be addressed by the government. The Welfare system or Bien Etre Social must be re-instituted in Haiti to ensure the foundation of the family structure of the Haitian people. The family structure must be a priority for this government and any future government in Haiti. Haiti shall be a pattern for other Third World Countries. Before the Haitian state can issue you a birth certificate for your child, you must first present to the Haitian state a certificate of readiness issued to you by the department of Bien Etre Social to prove to the Haitian state that you are ready to bring a child in this world through the gate of Haiti. You shall prove to the Haitian state that you have adequate means to support a child; this support can be supplemented by a family member who comes forward to assume your responsibility. The parents are responsible for bringing a child in this world; the portal of entrance for this child is Haiti. The state of Haiti shall not become a gate of hell for any child entering this world. The Haitian people need to make the switch from depending on intermediaries to depending on God to provide for their needs. They need to depend on their inner spirit to guide them and empower them to prosper and excel forward, rather than intermediaries that come upon them from without. Their physical needs cannot continually trumpinp their spiritual needs; it is the spirit within that gives life and sustains life. The intermediaries are spirits that come upon them from without, they have reached their limits and no longer capable of taken the Haitian people forward. Christ is the future of the Haitian people, the future of Humanity. Had the parents put the spiritual needs of their children first; they would not have to give away their children to strangers or relatives, knowing fully well the mistreatments that come with the position of Rest Avec in their country. They did not value the human spirit in the first place. Government role is to make them accountable for their behaviors. Anyone who wants to bring a child into this world, through the portal of Haiti should before hand prepare for that child or fines will be levied against you or someone must come forward to assume your responsibility for you to avoid pay the penalty for bringing a child into this world without preparation.

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There are benefits for being a son; you will live with a new consciousness, knowing who and what you are in Christ. You are a child of the Most High God; there are certain things that you will not accept as a child of God. God is your Father; the earth is His and the fullness there of. You have rights; you will not allow people to treat you as slave, nor your children and grand children, Rest Avec, House help or Betrothal

RESTAVEC: a derogatory word similarly used in the cast system in India
Rest Avec is no difference than the cast system in India. The term is a derogatory term use to put people down in Haiti. There is a stigma that comes with the position of being a Rest Avec. Even though the intent to put a child to live with a distant relative as a servant was to help the child acquire a better future, but the underline tone is degradation, slavery where the so call relative becomes the owner of that child and can exercise freely their frustration on that child, an opportunity for people to assert their lordship on another human being. Haitian society tolerated the practice because there is a necessity for it; there is no government to make parents accountable for bringing their children into this world without preparation; they see nothing wrong with it. It is permitted in Haiti that parents can give away their children to relatives or some other distant members of their family or acquaintances who can afford a better life so that their children can have a better life than they are.

What The Term Rest Avec Means
The term Rest Avec is used by people who are desperate for status, recognition and prestige in the Haitian society, people who are too eager to classify other people in a class below them; it is an implied status. Rest Avec really is putting a child to work as a servant with a relative in order to receive an education or a better life. This was a way to help parents who cannot afford to provide for their children, to help them get a better life. The term Rest Avec is applied to the child as a way to denigrate the child, make the child feel lesser than a human being. The term Rest Avec automatically implied a lack of love; it simply says to the relative that you are giving away your child, you have no love for the child or respect for the childís life; the relative now own your child, the relative can do whatever pleases him or her with that child, including venting their frustrations on the child. Becoming a son of God can change all of that; as a son of God; you will know your worth; you know that you are loved by God. Jesus gave Himself for you so that He can redeem you from all of the things that can keep you in poverty, in lack. You will know exactly who and what you are as a son of God and will not accept less from others.
What you will not do as as a son of God
No one with a God consciousness will allow their child to be placed as a Rest Avec knowing fully well the stigma and the treatment that comes with that position.
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All Man: can become sons of God
You cannot be of God until you are first apprehended by God. To know the ways of God, the characteristics of God, you must first receive the Spirit of God. It is the spirit of God in you that gives you the ability to discern the things of God. You cannot discern the world on your own, or change your sinful nature on your own. There is an unction given to you by the Holy Spirit of God to strengthen your inner man, to give you the strength to discern the world and to withstand the pull of the flesh. The old you before you become a son is associated with the physical. Everything that you did, you did it in your body and for your body. Your old self is associated with your body and is at war with your new self. Your new self is associated with your spirit and is of God. As a son of God through Christ; you have rights to the blessing of God; you will know that you cannot sell yourself short because your Father God owns the earth and all there is in it. Your sons and daughters are also of God bevcause you are now of God; you cannot sell them short, let others trample on their rights, put them into slavery.

Perception: see the world as it really is, the subtle things of this world
Levels_Of_Awareness If you cannot see it, it does not exist; this is what the devil attempted to do in this world. He is trying to convince us that he does not exist. This is why he is called the darkness of this world, the prince of darkness. He is operating below your conscious mind; you are not aware of his doings; they simply affect us. To discern the works of darkness; you need the Spirit of God in you. On the scale of human awareness, Jesus wants us to operate at the level of the heart, in love so that God can fill us with His Spirit and takes us to the next level of perception. You cannot perceive the things of God, or discern the world without the Spirit of God in you. It is the Spirit of God in you that gives you the ability to see and perceive the subtle things of life. Basically, the devil operates at the first three levels of awareness, your old self, the physical. Everything that has to do with the body belongs to your old self. Except a man is born of water and spirit, that is born again, apprehended by God, he cannot see the kingdom of God Jesus said. It takes the spirit of God in you, your new self to increase your perception, takes you to the next level of awareness, above the physical, the first three levels of awareness that pertain to the physical to perceive or discern the world. Right in the middle is where Jesus wants to take us, at the level of the heart where love operates. God is love, Jesus is the love of God saving humanity. Many of the things in this world that we cannot see or understand is because we don't have the spirit of God in us to help us. The devil has so much power over your old self because without God you are not aware of his doings in your life    Your Invitation to Lead


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