Christianity is not a Religion:

Sowing_Seeding Christianity is not a religion; it is a way of life. If you don’t believe me, read your bible. Jesus who brought us Christianity was the greatest fighter against religion. He fought against the greatest religious zealots of his time, like the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the Sanhedrin, He fought them all. Religious discrimination was a necessary evil of the past; this was done in order to keep the Jews from becoming like their neighbors who were idol worshipers, worshipers of false gods. Until Mohamed came on the scene, the Arabs were idol worshipers, worshipers of false gods. Mohamed needed to learn from Jesus, he created Islam according to his capacity to understand God. He gave the Arabs what they needed at the time. Today Islam is a monotheistic religion, worshipers of one God. God is God for us to the capacity we can understand Him. Until Jesus came, we did not know that God is love and that compassion and forgiveness are better than revenge like giving an eye for an eye. Obeying God is better than sacrifice; these things we did not know until Jesus gave us a fresh revelation of God “. I am the way and the life”. He is the pattern of obeisance to God, the life of forgiveness and compassion that we must become in order to find God.
Christianity is not a religion; it is the way of life that we all must live to find God. That way of life is called Christianity because Jesus is the one whom God sent to show us the way. His life is the pattern that we must follow; he is the Christ, redeemer of humanity. His way of life is not a religion. Ok you must label yourself, that is understandable, but always remember that Jesus did not found Christianity as a religion; He is Christianity; his way of obeying God even to his death makes Him the Christ; that way we all must follow. He is called the Christ because no one on the earth or in heaven was qualified to work with God in the flesh and obeying God to the end and not fail. The flesh is at war with the spirit; it is aligned with Satan the devil; it is no longer under God’s control. There is a misalignment between the flesh or the human body and the spirit of man and in order for any being human or otherwise to be clothed in the flesh or with a body and obey the spirit to the “T” that being must be like the Son of God Jesus, no human body connection. No one has ever worked with God in the flesh and succeeded until Jesus came on the earth. “ I always do the things that please the Father ”; Jesus said.

The Role of the Jews
As to the Jews; they are a people whom God has chosen to be different and apart from the rest of those who were worshipers of false gods, worshipers of idols. God wanted to use them to show humanity that there is one God and that you don’t need an idol to represent God for God to be real. Now there are some zealots in Israel if they had their way they would turn Israel into another Afghanistan. Some of them would want to bring Israel back to the days of Moses and some still even before Moses, having ten, fifteen babies, multiplying like rabbits, sucking up all of the resources of this tiny piece of land called Israel. Thank to God they are the exception and not the majority. They too must learn the way of God, receiving this fresh revelation from God. Jesus is a pattern for us; His life is the life that we all must live, , obeisance, selflessness, forgiving one another, treating others as we would want other to treat us, love and kindness, these we must do if God is going to dwell in our hearts.

The sign of the cross
As Moses lift up the serpent in the desert as so shall the Son of man be lifted up”.

The sign of the cross is a sign of weakness for Muslims and a source of strength for Christians. The difference is in their perception; Muslims see the cross as an outer sign, something outside of themselves; just like the Jews of the time of Jesus; they wanted power and might from him, a king that could destroy the Roman empire, an outward thing with their egos involve. And Christians see the cross as an inner thing, a way of denying ourselves and let God leads us, obeying God at all cost is the way of the cross.
Two opposing views, mutually exclusive; this is why it is difficult to reconcile the two. God alone can make the Muslims see the light.

It is all in the life”; as they live that life, embracing the sufferings of their fellow human beings, showing love and compassion, treating their fellow human beings as they would like to be treated, they are inevitably becoming better human beings, like Jesus was when he was on the earth, this is Christianity.

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