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Third_World What I want is to make you aware, make you mindful that there is something wrong in the world that you cannot pin down; though you donít know what it is and cannot pin it down; you must acknowledge that it is there. If you donít believe me take a look at the world around you, we have been trying to pin down the cause for why blacks lag behind whites for century with no real answer. What motivate me and also why I want to motivate you is the awareness that something is fundamentally wrong with this system of things and that the only way to fix it is for us to take it head on. It is easier say than done but I can assure you that there is a way and the way is from the ground up,starting with a clean slate,. Hence the Clean Slate Project is born. This system is a system of dispensation but it is not doing what it was suppose to, that is to give to all the possibility to attain and partake in the abundance of this world. This system deliberately restrains blacks and cut them off out of the possibilities of this world. Jesus came to make us all partakers in the abundance of this world. I believe that it is the right of every individual to partake and share in the abundance of this world. It is our God given right. Jesus came to restore that right. I believe that there is something fundamentally wrong with this system of dispensation. I believe that it is spiritual in nature and that no matter how much resources that are pour in the human condition around the world to eradicate poverty, it wonít do much good without an understanding of the spiritual cause behind it. I believe that the real cause of this dire poverty in black populations around the world is Negation. I believe that Negation is a force and it is spiritual by nature and that it affects blacks and restrain them from advancing forward. As proof of that, take Haiti for example, if you can reverse its population given the majority to whites or mulattos, Haiti would be prosperous. Why do I believe it to be so is because those that are living in prosperity right now in Haiti are whites or mulattos? This is a hard fact to accept but nonetheless the truth. This is a reality around the world, from Haiti to Jamaica, South Africa, and so on every country where the majority of its population is black. ďTruth is that which is, it changes notĒ. You either accept it or ignore it but you cannot deny it. The greatest challenge for me right now is make you accept the fact that this all pervasive retardation and stagnation in the black populations around the world is spiritual in nature. God has making me understand the cause and showed me how to fix it. Contact me: Zbob

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