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"Changing the world"

Changing the world: for a Better Living World
Read_On Negation is a force that restrains people, denies them their possibility in life. This force interferes with human development and causes people to lag behind. It is affecting disproportionately people of color; the darker you are in this world, the greater the degree of Negation affects you. Haiti is a country with a majority of dark skin population. It is a Battleground for the forces of Negation and Attainment, the forces that are restraining humanity backward and the forces that are pushing humanity forward. It is point of contention between God and the devil. The devil uses Negation as an instrument to oppose God, keeps us at perpetuity consuming the fruit of separation. The devil came to separate us from God, established himself as the light of the world. He wants to set the standard for humanity, take the position of Jesus in the world. We inherited our selfish identity from him, something that Jesus came to reverse. Jesus taught us to deny the self and take up our cross, meaning embrace our humanity. This will reverse the process that gives us our selfish identity, allows God the room to operate in our lives, expand our awareness, realign our body with our spirit, and makes us a complete being as God intended it to be. Negation has to be defeated for this system to end, and for God system to takeover. Read on….. contact me.

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