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"Changing the world"

Changing the world: for a Better Living World
Layers_Human_Existence Explaining the world, what essentially is the world, what has to change so that everybody can experience the abundance of life that Jesus came to give us? God has done it already, it is up to us to put it in application and make it a reality. There is definitely an opposition to the will of God, a devil who is opposing the will of God for humanity. Jesus came to expose him, expose his works, so that we can embrace the possibility that God has planned for us. This is what this page is all about, exposing the works of darkness, so that God’s plan can be realized in our lives? We are exposing the problems and offering the solutions, therefore read on….. contact me.

HOME [1The world itself has to change
HOME [2Haiti a Battleground, a place of contention
FILES [3Spiritual Mountain, Inheritance, Legacy
HOME [4Haiti is suffering within the context

HOME [5God is doing a hard thing, an impossible thing
HOME [6What Countries, regions have in common
FILES [7Telling the condition in the story
FILES [8Separating goat nations from sheep nations


God wants humanity whole without a tail of people trailing behind New


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December, 2016



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