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“Reduce the percentage of people that are living in the reality of the past, reduce Negation"

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Separating goats from sheep nations:
Humanity_Whole To live under a Democratic style of Government is a constant struggle. It requires something that many nations do not have, which is a willingness to let go and allow the process to take place. Some countries are classified as goat nations, because their populations are stiff-necked people. They are rigid, inflexible; it requires brute strength to lead them. It requires a willingness to submit to law and order, to let the principles lead you to success rather than imposing. It is a constant struggle. This is what humanity inherited from the fall. Some of us have not yet overcome the fall. It is a war with the flesh, with the lower nature of man. This war requires constant vigilance, putting our lower impulses under submission to our higher ideal.

God gave the solution:
The solution is given; it is in the form of Jesus Christ; He is the symbol of obeisance, everything that we must become. He is the pattern, the standard that God set for humanity. In order for us to become Him, we are required to put our ego aside, deny the self and embrace our humanity. This is the challenge for many of us; especially the goat people, the stiff-necked people; those who are not willing to let go and let God lead them. They will hold on to their way, no matter the cost; without the tyrant to bend their will, imposed on them, they will not follow. God wants us to “cast all of our cares upon Him”, this is the way to free us from becoming rigid, inflexible, getting stuck at the preoccupation of our lower needs. Knowing right from wrong without been imposed, self governing, meaning guided from within and not from without is what God intended for us. Jesus gave us the
precepts that will make us the kind of human beings that God intended. See: precepts They are given to us so that we can be fluid, flexible, able to make the turn when time requires it. They are our pathway to God, allowing His spirit to dwell in us and to guide us.

God’s nature:
God cannot stand stiff-necked people, rigid people who have roots too deep in the ground to respond to the prompting of His Holy Spirit. “These are stiff-necked people; I will not go in their midst, less I consume them on the way”. His spirit is all consuming; He cannot stand imperfection, crookedness; He will clean you, straighten you and if you are too stiff, too rigid, you may not survive. Jesus’ job is to get you acquainted with God’s nature, His way of doing things, how He operates before given you access to His spirit.

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Style of Governance:
These incidents like the ones happening in Pakistan, more than a few already are happening because collectively the country tolerated them. There is a greater percentage of the population, or something in the land allowed it to find expression. This is not yet so in the US and in other advanced countries, because the greater percentages of their populations don’t allow such terror to find expression. The election process in those countries allows the extremes to recede in the fringes and the greater percentage of the population to reflect the country. If the extreme segment of the population becomes the majority, the face of the country will change.

All of us want that freedom to be, but don’t know how. God solved this problem for us already. He gave us Jesus, a pattern to follow. “For to us a child is given, to us a son is given, and the government will be on His shoulders”. Was Mao right to forcefully re-educated the Chinese population, forced them to go in one direction? Eventually, humanity will be under God; “all governments must decrease and the increase of His government shall have no end” “In righteousness He shall lead His people”, meaning self governing, knowing right from wrong without been imposed. God wants us to be free agents, capable of making the choice between Him and the devil, between life and death. God is looking to see a reflection of Himself in us. When we pattern our lives after Jesus, we reflect the glory of God back to Him. The election process in this country gives the extreme minority a voice, but eventually the greater percentage of the population (majority of Americans) don’t reflect the aspirations of the minority. It is always the percentage of the population that reflects the state, the condition of the country. See:
Christian manifesto

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Extra: Learning from others
Is Haiti a goat nation? Haiti has embraced the past, refused to let go of it. The past is part of their culture. This is the main problem. Will Haiti allowed to move forward? I think a comparison is necessary to resort the difference, what allowed one country to move forward and another to restrain backward. Haiti restrained is a combination of things, first the degree of Negation, meaning the percentage of the population that are negated because of the system that is designed to deny blacks. The second problem is because of their insistence to hold on to the past. Third it is because of the spiritual inheritance that is passed on to them, including the negative impact of legacies of past leaders; their selfishness has stunted their growth. Comparison: Japan is allowed to move forward for those simple reasons; first because the Japanese people are willing to submit to law and order. Secondly because the collective sense of honor they inherited, helped them put aside their selfishness for the greater good. They are willing to sacrifice themselves for something they feel is greater than the self, the individual for the collective. Third and not the least is their willingness to embrace the new; they were willing to sacrifice the old, allowed it the new to take precedence. These are the main reasons why they are moving forward. This is the one cue that the Chinese have taken form them. China has embraced the new, while not abandoning their past. They understand that the only way to move forward and take their people out of poverty is to embrace the new. I think Haiti can do the same; by building a place where the Haitian people can come and learn the causes, the reasons why they are not moving forward can help them move forward.

Making the Transition: From Goat nation to Sheep nation
The_Bend_Of_Time Certain countries you have to keep at arm length or eyes wide opened when dealing with them, they are of the goat nation category. You don’t know when they are going to rollover everything that makes you a free agent. This is the challenge we have; which country is going to make the transition from imposition to self governance. Freedom of choice requires a certain maturity, a certain degree of independence, a certain degree of righteousness; to be able to treat others as you would like them to treat you, not crossing your boundaries, trample over others rights.

Russia was a candidate for transition; there was a struggle between those who wants self governance and those who want imposition, however, excess and greed gave Vladimir Putin the entrance he needed to cease power. The country never reached the critical mass needed, where the number of freedom loving Russians who know how to govern themselves outnumbered those who are rigid, stiff-necked, imposing their will on others by force. They gave Vladimir Putin the opening he needed to re-enter the equation, destroying any chance of Russian becoming a Sheep nation or free country.

Life has always a curve that we don’t know coming around the bend of time. Time does not flow in a straight line; Vladimir Putin may go against his own nature and surprises us. However, he may not be able to go against himself, because the world would not let him. There is a certain expectation that people are looking from him. He is the champion of those who supported him; he will not let them down. To change course he would have to come to Jesus, deny himself and take up his cross. He has no choice; otherwise, he may very well remain a prisoner of his own nature; if he is not willing to let go and let God.

Something has shifted:
You will not know the reality of the world, until you are in it. You need the light of God to guide you; to help you see your way out of the darkness of this world. One thing we know for sure is that something has shifted. One thing remains certain is that we all must conform to God, to His way of doing thins, what He wants for humanity. The rules that governed success, advancement of humanity don’t change. God only dispenses His blessing when we meet His standard. One thing that we know for sure is that we cannot hold on to the past and not regressing backward. We also know that the past is the source of our problem, when the reality of the past, no longer fits the present. This we know for certain.

A World to Come
There has to be some degree of righteousness so that injustice and wickedness don’t overtake the country and cause everything to tumble down. The fall of empires always preceded an increase in injustice that overtaken the degree of righteousness established in the land. Evil never conquer otherwise, we will no have countries as we know them; there will be chaos, disorder. Order, justice and righteousness are the requirements for the blessing of God. This world will soon come; it is coming where righteousness will reign. If the system has its way; blacks would have no chance to achieve, attain anything in this world. If it was not for the grace of God, who raised a few individuals to stand for justice and righteousness, blacks will have no expression in this world; the devil will have his way and humanity would have been defeated. God reigned and Jesus rules, our hope is in Christ Jesus who gives to each one of us the possibility to access the creative power of God, to have full access to the abundance of life.

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Separating Goat and Sheep Nations

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