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Tale of fear: three guys on the road
Humanity_WholeGod has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and love and of a sound mind ”.
Jesus placed great emphasis on love. Most of His teachings revolved around exposing what is wrong and also showing us how to love each other, treat each other right, avoid clashing with each other and forgive one another. He is revealing the aspect of God which is love and also showing us to live with the awesome nature of God who cannot stand imperfection, crookedness. Jesus urged us to be perfect as God is perfect, because God seeks perfection in all things. His loving nature also hides us in Christ Jesus to teach us His way of doing things so that we don’t provoke Him to anger. This story is about three Haitian guys, traveling on the road together who came up to a situation which exposed the legacy of fear they inherited from their country. This story is about freedom, how Jesus liberated one of them from this legacy. This story is also about the mistrust, the legacy of fear that infamous dictators and rulers have left to Haiti as an inheritance and has stunted any chance of progress for the Haitian people.

Fear is universal:
There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear
This fear is not uncommon to other countries such as the United States and Autralia with their obsession with guns for protection. Haiti happened to inherit a belief system that is based on intermediary spirits for protection and guidance. Humanity has outgrown this need to depend on intermediary stpirits for guidance and protection; God is no longer in it, therefore is susceptible to the influence of the devil. People will use their knowledge for evil, hurt each other. The scientific principle of creating a destructive wave to upset the inner balance of a person is mastered by the Voodoo practitioner. There is one guy in this story whose experiences are based on the fear of people hurting other people from afar, manipulating their vibrational frequencies. His fear is real and the only way for him to overcome it is to yoke with Jesus. Yoking with Jesus will raise his vibrational frequency and literally perform a spiritual divorce to his legacy of fear. I was fortunate to be free of this legacy of fear at an early age. I received Jesus as my personal Savior when I was about twelve or fourteen year old. I am sure that they too can receive Jesus as their personal Savoir and be free as I am free. This story is about resonance, the principle of vibrational frequency, how it affects people differently. Standing wave patterns are things that the Haitian people are doing everyday in their Voodoo rituals, a knowledge they inherited or passed on to them by their ancestors. I think this story can help them understand, how they are affected by this legacy, the scientific principle behind it, why God is not in it.

The story:
I was in a car with two Haitian guys, one of them was looking for a metro pcs store to pay his phone. We came up to a strip store shopping mall where there was a metro pcs store and next to it was a Haitian Botanica store blasting Voodoo music. All of a sudden one of the guys started dancing, chanting, resonating with the music. Then come to mind the principle of resonance of sound vibrational frequency. He was set in motion, resonating with what was happening, because of the frequency he was operating. I had not responded, but rather appalled to what was taken place. I know that Jesus asked us to yoke with Him for the simple reason that He wants to raise our vibrational frequency to match His own. This is the only way to protect us from the vial of the devil.

Earlier in the car the other guy was telling me how he was a victim of a vicious attack by resident neighbors where he used to live. He said that had he not been a real man, they would have do away with him. This means that his knowledge and his connection to the spirit world saved him. I told him that had he born in the United States, he would not have experienced such thing. I told him all that he had experienced came from his inheritance, the fear of people who are out to get him suggestively. I know that his fear is real to him, this is so only because of the level of frequency he is operating in. God does not allowed such inheritance to prosper and pass on to other nations. These kinds of inheritances are holding the world behind. "Essau I hate and lay waste his mountain for the jackals of the wilderness". This means that his spiritual inheritance is not in agreement with God. If you are not in agreement with God, He will not allow you to prosper and excel forward.

Close Encounter:
I have been with them many occasions traveling long distances, over thirty minutes at a time. Our conversation always stirred toward faith and beliefs. From our conversation; I can never know when God is in and when He is not; if he believes in God or not; especially the one who responded with the drm beats, resonating with the sound of the Voodoo music. He seems to be a man of faith, I just don’t know if that faith is in God or himself. He vacillates between two extremes, compassion and terror simultaneously came out of his mouth. He vehemently opposed the Christian faith, thinking that he has more compassion for the world, even more than God or Jesus. He cannot reconcile the terrors in the world with the goodness of God that Christians professed. He cannot conceive a benevolent God who allowed so many problems in the world. He cannot even accept the idea of death and Jesus. I don’t think that he believes in the after life. I myself cannot trust him; I cannot trust anyone who does not believe in God or something greater than themselves. I think that is what every atheist has in common; they all think that they have more compassion than God. One thing I can say is that his faith seems to rum deep, as if in an era that far back during the time of Abraham. I don’t think that he knows what is of God and what is not, or when God is not and when the devil is in.

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I am somewhat surprised that he rejected the fear associated with the Haitian belief system. He even mocked their belief that is mostly based in fear and yet he believes in something. I need to spend more time with them; I feel that they can help me understand the belief system of the Haitian people. To impact the world, you have to engage people in conversation. You can never know what is in their hearts; “It is out of the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaks” the biblical principle of yoking that Jesus talked about came to mind; I would like to help people understand the scientific principle behind it. Every Haitian family has a spirit or they yoke with for protection. This is so for a greater percentage of the population that is still practicing the tradition passed on by their ancestors. I should say those who are not yet converted, meaning baptized by the Holy Spirit of God. These people are easily subjected to vibrational frequency of the drum. I heard from a prominent Haitian artist/musician who is engaged in promoting the Haitian culture said that the vibrational frequency of the drum reaches every Haitian. I personally believe that those who are not yet converted are at risk to be manipulated by the vibrational frequency of the drum. People with knowledge of the voodoo religion, such as Voodoo priests know how to bring people vibrational frequency to match that of the drum. These people can do great harm to the unsuspected, care free Haitian. A spiritual divorce is often necessary to free the Haitian from the spirit that his family is yoked to. This kind of terror does not have to exist in the Haitian culture if people can understand the scientific principle behind the spirit that they are yoked to. Premature death do occurred, because people with knowledge of how to manipulate the vibrational frequency of the individual to match that of the drum, creating a standing wave. They may do it unknowingly, but this is what they do. While music is used for entrainment, bringing people together to achieve great task; it can also use for evil. The self is the devil in all of us; when people use things for selfish gain; excluding God out; they bring the devil into their lives.

God wants to bring our vibrational frequency to match that of Jesus; this is why Jesus said for us to yoke with Him, so that He can bring our vibrational frequency to match His own. This is the one way that the Haitian people can free themselves form these ancestral spirits that they are yoke with. God is changing them by His word. “Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth”. You don’t need to know the details, suffice that you obey God, trust His word and you will be protected. Jesus is the remedy literally, but those who practiced Voodoo see Him as the enemy; this is a lie from the devil. Fear is the foundation of the Voodoo religion; without fear, it does not work. Children will gather at night to hear tales of terror, fear that set in at an early age. Haitians always looking for protection from spirits and people who can cast spells to hurt them. This paralyzing fear is what is driving the Haitian culture. The only way to change that is for them to raise their vibrational frequency so that it cannot be manipulated from without. The Haitian people explain their condition in the pattern they draw with flour. They are drawing what happened between the inner and outer vibrational frequency. I think that if their inner frequency or natural frequency is strengthened, the outer will not match easily the inner. I think that Jesus is literally the remedy; this is probably the reason why those who practiced the voodoo religion see Jesus as the enemy. See:
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The Science behind the drum:
The scientific word for the pattern of drawings that the Haitians drew to represent the spiris that they are yoked with is called a standing wave pattern. Haitian has a name for it; they called Vévé. When the drum beats forced a person to resonate at his natural frequency, a standing wave pattern is formed within that person. The Voodoo priest or the malfeasant person will play interference with the vibrational frequency of the people they want to harm. This happen when two frequencies try to occupy the same body, each going in the opposite direction. This kind of interference is destructive to the person, unlike the Holy Spirit of God who leads us in His direction. The fear that the Haitian people have of people harming them from afar is not without merit, because there is a scientific explanation for it. Like I said to one of the guys in the story; has he born in the United States; he would not have experienced such fear of people harming him afar. This happened because of his inheritance, what he inherited from his parents, ancestors. God solved this problem, by giving us someone who can raise our vibrational frequency to match His own. He is leading us in one direction toward God, not opposing the natural direction that God create us to take.

Fear here or fear there: the same fear
Fear is the underline cause that is driving people to look for security. In Haiti it is people seeking security from intermediary spirits, seeking protection from their fellow human beings. It is a perceived threat, suggestive, remote, from afar, almost ethereal. It is fear against people doing them harm from afar. In the US, people buy guns, lots of weapons for protection. It is a more of an objective fear, such as robbery, rape, and murder, etc. One fear is suggestive, subconscious and the other more conscious, objective, on the surface. From this story you can see that the Haitian people fear is real. The science is there to show that the knowledge they inherited or passed on to them can be used to do harm to other people who are operating at their frequency. They draw these standing wave patterns with flour to describe the frequency of the spirit that they are yoking with. Vibrational frequency is a real phenomenon; Jesus asked us to yoke with Him so that He can raise our vibrational frequency. The Haitian people, those with the knowledge can literally create a destructive standing wave pattern with their drum, upsetting the natural frequency of a person. This happen only because they are operating at a frequency that can easily be upset by outside forces. Jesus is the remedy; by yoking with Him, He can raise their frequency and literally performed a divorce from whatever spiritual frequency they have yoked before. God made a way in Jesus Christ; He is the solution for the Haitian people. I am sure this is the reason that those who practiced the Voodoo religion rejected Him. Jesus is the remedy for all fears; He came to reveal the love of God to us, and show us how to love one another. “God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and of sound mind”. “I give you a new commandment, love one another ”.

What we cannot do: we need a revelation from God
There are certain things that you can only understand through revelation. They are too intricate, too complex; you cannot put them in words. The Babel Syndrome is one of them. God gave me this revelation; it is the cause for the bewilderment, confusion and chaotic life that we see in the Third World. People are bewildered, confused; they are fixated on themselves, doing their own things; they don’t have the ability to come together collectively as one, as a unit. There is something lacking; I believe that the reason is spiritual. I think that it is a fixation on a need that has become a state of awareness, a level of human need that the individual cannot satisfy by himself or herself. It is an insatiable need that only can fill fulfill. At this stage of fixation, the only one who can free us is God; the insatiable need has consumed our attention into a state of fixation. This will be my next story; I have yet to understand how to join collectively with people to do great things. I now know why the Haitian people cannot come together as
one; they are too fixated on their need, usually the need for subsistence, the need for survival.
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This is a complex world, everything is intertwined with everything else; this is why we need a revelation from God to tell us why we cannot join together as one to achieve great things, to create first class world, Better Living World to live.

We need to face the truth.
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