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“Reduce the percentage of people that are living in the reality of the past, reduce Negation"

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God is doing a hard thing:
Humanity_Whole 1)_ Oprah Winfrey
2)_ Bill Gates
3)_ Warren Buffett
4)_ Mark Zukerberg
5)_ Michael Bloomberg
6)_Donald J Trump
Your name is on this list because you can be one of those who make a difference in erasing the stain that has scarred the psyche of black people around the world. Negation is the triumph of the devil over humanity. You can help build some thing concrete and tangible to counteract Negation in a country that is a victim of its effects over so many years, even for centuries. I think this will be a positive thing. God blesses you with money and it takes money to move the world toward God’s direction. God needs willing individuals; people who want to see a change, a fundamental change in the lives of people who are lagging behind. God is doing a hard thing, a difficult thing, when He does it in Haiti, He is doing it for the rest of the world. A coalition of the willing; this is what God needs. I am sure that all of these billionaires can't come together to plant a physical symbol in Haiti that will help the Haitian people understand the reason why they are lagging behind. With all of this compassion poured when there is a disaster, why can all the individuals mentioned above find the motivation to put an end to their suffering, change their condition. It is easy, together with what they are doing, they can also help them understand the reasons why they are in their condition. All we need is a presence in Haiti, a place where the Haitian people can come to learn, get information on the causes and also understand the plan that God made available for them. See our Target
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A Pattern for others: to follow
Haiti is a battleground for the forces that are restraining humanity. What God does in Haiti; He is doing it for the rest of the world. These billionaires can help create a place where the Haitian people can come in to learn all of the causes responsible for their conditions. They can create a place that will give them information about the promises of God for their lives. A place where they can see examples of other countries in graphic details, see images of countries where the principles of God are working. They need a place that is there for the specific reason to help them move forward. Just like pastors plant churches in ruff neighborhoods to affect change, think of this place doing the same thing, with the same goal. This research building will be there to educate people about their possibility in Christ; show them what is standing in their way, what is holding them behind.
Battelground Defined
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Why we need this institute? we need research to prove that the principles work:
We cannot embrace God's blessing, nor the promises of God without first understand what is standing in the way. God wants to reveal people and show them what is standing in their way of His promises to come true in their lives. When I say that God wants to make Haiti a pattern for other nations; I genuinely believe it. All of the countries that are lagging behind, affected by the same conditions like Haiti, God wants to give them a pattern to follow. God wants to first exposed the darkness of this world, what is standing in His way of realizing His dream for humanity
The details is in the story

Humanity Whole:
Humanity cannot move forward as a whole with a tail of people trailing behind. God wants to remove the tail out of humanity and make humanity whole. It is a hard thing, but it is simple for God. Nothing is impossible with God. "The entrance of Thy word, gives light" What was dark is brought to light. "The testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple"; what seems impossible to man, is possible with God.
The starting point:
People who want to see a change, willing individuals is the starting point. Contact me:
Let me tell you more....
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There is no doubt in my mind that most people in that list will respond to the call of God, I just want to point them in the right direction. God wants to be glorified in the earth, right now half of the world population are not where God wants them be, therefore cannot glorified God. Planting an institution of learning in Haiti for the sole purpose of helping people moving forward can be a good thing. Don't see it as doing it for Haiti, see it as doing it for the world. What is done in Haiti will be replicated around the world.
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