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“Reduce the percentage of people that are living in the reality of the past, reduce Negation"

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Suffering within the context:
Humanity_Whole On what is happening in Haiti: I think that people with vested interests, such as the United Nations, the Haitian Government and others should put this in a textbook. I am sure that they will benefit. I think that it will be good for Haiti as well as humanity at large; it will help them understand the forces at work keeping countries behind.

Why Haiti is suffering?
They are struggling within the context of the greater evil that exists in the world. They are struggling within the context of Negation, against a system that is designed to deny blacks their possibility in the world. This is the primary and the fundamental reason. There is a force at work in the world denying blacks, cutting them off out of the possibility of this world. The next reason, are all the other things pertaining to human spiritual and social development, the principles that make society and country successful. The same principles that worked for other countries should have also worked for Haiti; but the past is standing in the way. So Haiti, like other countries of Africa, countries with dark skin populations are struggling within the context I have shown you above. You have to see their struggle in the context of Negation and the consciousness of the past that they are holding them back. Hence they see the problem and acknowledge it, only then can they proceed to embrace the promises of God for their lives. I say that to you, because they are in the problem, they cannot see it and help themselves.


The word of God must become flesh in their lives. The promises of God is their future; they must walk toward their future, not toward their past. What works for one, will also work for another; the word of God is no respecter of person. The same principles that make this country great, can also make Haiti great. They have to genuinely assess their condition, face the truth, see what is standing in the way. I think what is standing in the way is more important to understand than to reach out to what they want. They have to first understand what is blocking them, what is blocking the promises from coming true in their lives

The Proof: that the principles work:
Germany is proof and perfect example that the principles of God worked. They have made them their own and instill them in their children at an early age, the same principles that make the Jewish people successful in everything they do. They called these principles Christian Mysticism; this is their way in instilling in their people the principles that make them successful as a nation. The devil does not give you anything; he simply uses what is there for his own benefits. The German people could not be successful without the God given principles. The devil used the German people to promote his agenda as the light of the world, trying to make whiteness as the standard for humanity. The reality is, that Germany could not be what it is today without the principles that are God given and universal. The fact that they are white is irrelevant. The devil is the creator that does not create anything. He simply uses what is there for his benefits. He simply used them to promote his agenda.

We know that spirituality works and can help bridge the gap that separates people. The difference is in what kind of spirituality, rather it is within the boundaries and constraints God set to guide our spirit. If your spirituality is in alignment with God, what He set for humanity, then prosperity, increase is the inevitable conclusion. God is the God of increase; everything He does, He does it with the intention to increase and flourish. He starts small, but the aim is to increase. "Faith is like that of a mustard seed, which is the least among the trees, but grows to become the largest of the trees"; this is what Jesus said. If you have faith in Him, even as small as that of the mustard seed, you will grow and develop like the rest. His life is a pattern for us to follow. He is the measure of faith that we need to access the spirit of God, the creative power of God; giving us the power to create first class world, Better Living World to live. The principles in His teachings will do for you what they done for all the advanced countries of the world. The principles that make them successful will also make you successful. They are of God, they are universal. If you apply the teachings of Jesus in your life they will do the same for you. Germany called the teachings of Jesus Christian mysticism because they see in them the same universal principles that can work for anyone. They called these principles Moral Responsibility and Social Competence. This is just a scientific way of putting what God has made available for all.

Note: You have to always see Haiti within the context of the greater whole, the percentage of the population that are dark skin complexion. The greater evil in the world is Negation, the fact that there is a devil promoting himself at the expense of black. You cannot deny the fact that there is a force in the world working to suppress that which is black or done by blacks. This has to be first taken in consideration when judging the Haitian condition. Hence people are aware of this fact, then they can proceed to embrace the promises of God as their only path to salvation. There is no other avenue for the Haitian people, except through God. They must asses their situation. There is a force out there in the world working against them, restraining them, they must be mindful that God is their only way out, their only power against this force. TOP

A Test of Perception:
Leadership is to be able to see the future before it gets here and lead your people to it. Perception is the attribute that a leader needs to lead people. I think that Hilary Clinton showed leadership; she pointed correctly to her opponent what is good in him. Despite all that are bad about him; she was able to see correctly what is good in him. His children, regardless of their mothers; they are all doing well. So far there is no reproach against them; they don't reflect the image that the world has of their father. Rather this image is a product of showmanship or the true man, the children don't reflect him. If you call the reality of the world what it is; not imposing on it; you can be current with the reality of the world. All of that is a test of Perception, our ability to see the reality of the world as it is, not as we want it to be. "Calling those things that are not yet, as though they already are" is an act of faith. This requires that you acknowledge your condition and call the end from the beginning as God wants you to. You are calling your future from the present, believing that you are already in it. This is not denying the present, but trusting the word of God that the future He has for you is the one you want. Leaders take their people toward their future, because they have the perception to see the future as God allowed them. The future belongs to God; He gives us the gift of Perception.

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