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“Reduce the percentage of people that are living in the reality of the past, reduce Negation"

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Defining legacy:
Humanity_Whole Legacy is what determined your sphere of influence. It is what is passed on to you by your ancestors, what you inherited from your country, from the land, etc. It is what the Bible called Spiritual Mountain. There are certain legacies that God will allow to prosper, meaning passed on to other nations. There is another legacy that has to be worked out, cleaned, burn by fire; God will not allow it to prosper. The question of leadership was raised, what legacy a leader leaves to his people. Haiti inherited a legacy from a dictator that has to be worked out. The question was raised by people who are well placed to ask questions rather the fact that Haitians are devils worshipers and they inherit the wrath of God. The entrance of the word of God gives light; this is what the Rhema word does, it is a word given for a season, for the specific purpose to enlighten. God wants to clarify the matter, makes it clear for people to understand. There is a legacy that chokes the progress of people; this kind of selfish legacy stands in the way of people making progress. Haiti inherited a legacy from a dictator, which the Haitian people are still struggling with. It does not matter the good that the dictator did as a leader, but the selfishness of his legacy chokes every possibility for growth. See: An Example of Legacy

Changing the lines: What Haitians are fighting against
What Haitians want the most is to change the images that are coming from their country. They don’t want to see poverty, lack and misery. The only problem is that they don’t know how to change those images or what to do to change them. You are not going to change anything without first understand the cause. You have to have something in the place itself that will counter the reality in the ground. You have to place something that will be the standard for them to follow. “When the enemy comes like a flood, the spirit of God shall raise a standard against it”. It is difficult to change the mold, change the image that people have of Haiti. The images coming over the tube are persistent and consistent, the lines have not changed. Changing the hearts and minds of people is only a job for God. There is no exception, even people who are exposed to the light of God, like this preacher cannot be helped, but respond to what they see. They can only justify what they see from what they heard; you cannot blame them.

What separates leaders:
What separates him from other dictators, what makes one dictator worst than others? Mao, Castro were all dictators, they are all dictators; what makes them different, than the like of Sadam Hussein, Gaddafi? They have all done terrible things and yet they are [ remembered] differently. I think it is about legacy, what is allowed to pass on to the next generation. Were their actions done for the greater good? I think that it is their selfishness that is choking the people, cancelled out their good deeds. Their deeds are not recorded in the book of remembrance for eternity, because their selfishness blotted out their good deeds. It is a matter of what is allowed to pass on as legacy, spiritual inheritance for the next generation. Haitians are still struggling with the legacy that he passed on to the land. The spirit of mistrust, the things that create the atmosphere for prosperity is not there. If there is no trust, there is no unity of spirit, there is no blessing, therefore no prosperity. God only commended the blessing where there is unity of spirit. "Where the unity, is, there God commended the blessing”. Some Inheritance adds and some takes away; God said "Essau, I hate and lay waste his mountain for the jackals of the wilderness" this means that his spiritual inheritance God will not allow to prosper and pass on to the next generation.
Why the good deeds that he did are cancelled out, why his legacy is not allowed to transfer, passed on to the next generation?

Why his deeds are not recorded in the book of remembrance for eternity? I am sure that he did some good, why his memory cancelled out his good deeds? There are other dictators like him, Castro, Mao, they all have done bad things, why are they remembered and he is not? These are things to ponder upon. Sadam Hussein, Gaddafi are dictators like him, they left no legacy to pass on to the next generation. Why his and their legacies are not allowed to transfer, pass on to other generations? God is not mocked; "Essau, I hate and lay waste his mountain for the jackals of the wilderness", meaning his spiritual inheritance. I think that it is the self, his reason for doing things. Was he doing these things for the greater good.

Changing: the atmosphere of mistrust
There is an atmosphere of mistrust in the land; it is in the culture partly because of the Voodoo religion. You cannot fully trust or abandon yourself to a Voodoo practitioner or someone who has ties with intermediary spirits. You don’t know when they will use their knowledge to hurt you. Anytime their interests are threatened; they can easily bend the law of nature in their favor, to get what they want. This means doing something contrary to what God intended. This is the main source of the mistrust that exists in the Haitian culture. There is always the fear that that those with knowledge of the Voodoo religion can use it to hurt you. The dictator Duvalier father did use this fear and perpetuate the mistrust that exists in the culture. He did a great disservice to the country and left a legacy of fear and mistrust. The idea that your neighbor can tell on you and causes your death left a legacy of mistrust in the country that has stunted progress for the Haitian people. He propagated the myth that he was invincible because of the Voodoo religion and will kill anyone who is a threat to his power.

How he did it: perpetuating the fear
Every year he will organized his Voodoo ceremony by rounded up peasants and farmers from the country side and forcefully brought them to the capital to participate in his Voodoo ceremony. Because Voodoo as a religion is practiced by a large percentage of the Haitian participation and the majority of the population has some tie with an intermediary spirit. It is important to shine a light on the subject, show the importance and the disadvantage of the belief system of the Haitian people.

Tracing the origin:
There was a time when man consciousness was so far from God that he was worshiping nature as god. He was living so close to the ground, living in the land that he lost awareness of his spiritual connection to God. He needed intermediary spirits to guide him with knowledge of the plant world for medicine and protection against the forces of nature. This consciousness does not go away. There is a remnant of that consciousness in people around the world. Haiti happened to embody the consciousness of that epoch. Africa is still embodied the consciousness of the past, of various epoch. There are different period of human consciousness that can still be found in people living in different parts of the world. When humanity jumps to a new awareness, not everybody makes the jump; some are left behind in the reality of the past. Haiti is a country that embodies the consciousness of the past. We need to wean away the people of the past and help them take the quantum leap of faith to where God wants them to be. Mod is not mocked, everyone must meet His standard of being; His measure of righteousness which is in Christ Jesus. He is the reality of the present. To be in the light of God, you must be where God is at a given time with humanity. Every now and then, God engages the human consciousness, giving us greater awareness of the reality He created us to be. He is in the now; the Voodoo practitioner rejected Jesus; because the see Him as a threat to their existence.

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Your Comments: My response
You probably responded in jest, not taking time to ponder upon what I said. I am not excusing the son, separating him from his father. I said Duvalier the father to stress the fact that he was the one who embraced the darkness that is keeping Haiti in the condition she is now. He left a legacy of fear and mistrust that Haiti has yet to recover.
The greatest danger to us all comes from people who are in the dark, not knowing what the reality of the world is, what is of God and what is of the devil. There are only two things going on in the world; it is either God or the absence of God. If you are with God, you are in the light of God. If you are not, you are part of the darkness of this world and part of the devil. Every act of terror that is committed against humanity is done by people who are not in the light of God. The greatest danger to us all comes from people who don't understand or cannot see the reality of the world. They are literally in the dark, not knowing right from wrong. If your acts and deeds are not in line with God, you are wrong; it is that simple.
Take for example all of the groups that are committing acts of terror against humanity are wrong, because their actions don't conform with the reality of the world. They are in the dark, not in the light of God.
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Comments: Continued
I admire her spirit, she has a heart for her country. Here is a woman with good intention, who wants to do good for her country. She like many others are in the same predicament, the atmosphere of mistrust that the country inherited from the Duvalier era, makes it impossible to do good, plant seeds of goodness that can sprout to do good for Haiti.
It is about legacy, what God will allow to prosper and move forward. Duvalier the father may have done some good, but his good deeds are not remembered and passed on. The selfishness of his life stifled the country and God cannot expand the people. This is the fundamental problem.
I need someone to help me write a book on legacy, spiritual inheritance. I think that it is the inheritance, what Haiti inherited as a nation that is keeping her behind.
Truth is universal, this country can learn from what happened in other countries. It is what you inherited that determined your future. The founding fathers left an inheritance to this country that is not easily shaken. I think this is what kept this country going despite the few mishaps of its leaders over the years. Contact me:

Dictators: Are you a supporter?
I am amazed to see people still praising Duvalier father as the best leader that Haiti ever had. They don't know that Haiti as a brand was somewhat respected allover the world before him. After him, there was nothing left of the Haitian Revolutionary brand to be respected around the world.
Rather it was the atmosphere he created or people who supported him acting under their own initiative; they were doing terrible things that scarred the country for life.
Who was he?
The man was the worst president that Haiti ever had, because he brought darkness into the land. If he did not bring darkness, he at least perpetuated it. He would have his militia pick up students who were studying under street lights because they did not have electricity at home. These students will disappear never to be heard again. He exiled the best minds that the country had, anyone perceived as an enemy, this included mulatto, intellectuals, people who could have brought light to the Haitian people. He killed anyone who he perceived as a threat to his power; or ended up exile in the Congo Africa or French Canada as teachers, educators. Haiti ended up worst of under him; tugs with guns, paid militia who were doing his bidding, hated anyone who had an education. Either he or them, were afraid that educated people were a threat to his government.
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Why they are still supporting him?
They claimed that he brought law and order; except the order was for himself and the machinery that supported him, not for the rest of the country. They were making the law as they go to fit their needs, using guns to enforce their law. They left a legacy of fear and mistrust that Haiti is still recovering.
They long for the days when people could walk in the street without getting robbed, but people remembered that it was their paid militia who were terrorizing the population at gun point.
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Clarifying the matter Part II
I heard a prominent preacher who everyone believed is anointed said this about Haiti. "He said that the Haitian people worshipped the devil as God", this is why the storm put them in their condition. He is anointed, because anointed means that he has a specific assignment, a certain unction to function with ease. This does not mean that he is not speaking the truth, but there is a higher truth that supercede his truth. You can be right and still be wrong in many instances. The bible says that the spirit makes intercession for us with groaning that we don't understand. We don't always know what to ask for, what need is driving us. People have different assignments, because each of us is anointed for specific purpose. Like a child acting up, crying, disturbing the peace, not everyone is going to understand what is causing this child to cry, acting up. Mothers are specifically anointed for their tasks. Jesus is anointed by God specifically to save humanity, not to punish us. He has done His assignment, set the pattern for us to follow. We are His body on earth; we are to bring Him to the Haitian people in a way that will do the job God assigned Him to do. We must do it even if we are to do it in a way that they are not yet familiar, or accustomed to. We need to plant a place in Haiti, where people can come to learn the causes, the reasons why they cannot move forward, and also learn what God has made available for them in Christ.

God's intention stands:
God has an intention in mind and His intention will stand. His desire is to bless humanity as a whole, put underfoot, all of the enemies of humanity, all those who opposed Jesus. Jesus came to redeem humanity. He already finished the work, what left to do is a moped up operation, pockets of resistance that must be overcome. Haiti is such a place where the past is still holding people behind. God can do it if you believe in Him. He only needs the right people, people who are willing to do what He says. It only takes the right people for God to change the lines, change the description, change the image that will bring Haiti in line with His vision. I am telling you that God anointed people for specific assignments; I am here to tell you what God wants to do in the world for humanity. Haiti like many other places are battlegrounds. A victory for God in Haiti is a victory for humanity. God wants to make Haiti an example for other Third world nations to follow.

Clarifying the issue part II: Continued...
Don't say that God punished them because they are worshippers of the devil. They are in their condition, not seeing the glory of God, because they need a revelation of Jesus to them; they need the word of God for their lives. They need a mediator between them and God. They need access to the power of God for their lives. God is revealing to them what Jesus can be for them. If they can see in Jesus what the intermediary spirits cannot give them. If they can see a way out of their condition, I am sure they will make Jesus Lord of their lives instead of some intermediary spirit that cannot deliver. Jesus is their go between them and God. They need manifestations, demonstrations of the power of God in their lives. If we are then the body of Christ on earth, doing the works that Jesus did through the agency of the Holy Spirit of God, we therefore must demonstrate what God can do for them. We must come together in one accord and one voice to show them what believing in Jesus can do for them.

Who has the vision?
God's vision is our vision and our assignment is the greater commission that we have to promote Jesus as the pathway for God to fulfill His vision. Still we have our individual assignments within God's vision for humanity. Every assignment has a vision, someone particular that God gives the vision to herald it to those who are part of their assignment. I am telling you the vision that God has for Haiti, what the connection it has to the greater plan of God for humanity. There are parts of the world, regions of the world that are similar to Haiti. Haiti is the embodiment of these regions, a reflection of their condition.

Proposition: Here is what Haiti needs
God wants to plant a place in Haiti where people can come to learn the causes, the reasons why they are where they are, see and understand the solution that God has for them. The pro and con is in every choice they make, God or life and the absence of God or death. "Here I put before you life and death, choose life". God admonished us to choose life, but we must know what we get with the other choice. God is the life giving spirit, apart from Him, there is no life. Death is the absence of the presence of God. This is a clear choice that people don't always make. They need a mediator, someone to show them how to please God and connect with Him, access His power. We all need the power of God to survive. The creative power of God is what differentiate countries, nations, who has the power to create first class world, Better Living World to live.

A Beacon of Hope:
This place will be there to show them Jesus, show them how to follow Him so that He can give them access to creative power of God. All of us are looking for the same thing, some have it and some come short. This place will be the equalizer, it will help bring equality to all. If you don't choose Jesus, the wrath of God abides in you the bible says. This is so because Jesus is the pattern given by God for humanity to follow. He is the model of obeisance, justice and righteousness that we must have to access the power of God. The wrath of God abides in him means that the curse, not because God cursed him, but because his action brought the curse. The curse is the absence of God, the life giving spirit. "Cursed is the ground for your sake"; his action gave the spirit of separation access to his world and as a, result he was separated from God. The wrath of God abides in him means that because he did not accept Jesus, who revealed to him God's way of doing things, connected him to the spirit of God, the all consuming nature of God, he therefore only sees and experiences the wrath of God.

God is not a man:
God's nature is all consuming, He cannot stand imperfections, His nature is to consume any imperfections, straighten things out. If you don't know His way of doing things, constantly violating His law, not connected to His spirit to guide you; His all consuming spirit will always trying to clean you up, removes things that are not right in you. This is the wrath of God. "The chaff He will consume with an unquenchable fire" It is His nature to bring order and perfection; if you are not in order; He will straight you out.
I had to clarify the matter, help people understand the Haitian condition, what God intended to do for them and for humanity.
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Clarifying the matter Part I
I want to prove that the consciousness of the past does not go away completely, remnants of it can still be found among the Tribal world, Third world. You cannot blame Africa for embodied the past, because it is the place where man first walked the earth. You cannot blame Haiti either for lagging behind, because they have embraced the African culture as their own. The past is the problem. Everyone believes in God in Haiti, except that the majority feels that God is too high, too lofty to deal with Him directly. They feel that they need intermediary spirits to help them cope with their day today existence. This only proves that they need a savior like Jesus to help them reach God. Every Voodoo priest before any incantation to violate the law of God or bend the law of nature in their favor must pray to God for permission. This proves that they know who God is and who the higher power is. They are lost because the majority of them have not yet experienced the power of the Son of God Jesus.

Facing the truth: It is truth that the greater portion of the Haitian population relies on intermediary spirits to negotiate the power of God, because this is the belief they inherited from Africa.
It is always about the degree, the percentage of the population that is holding on to the past. In this case, the greater portion of the Haitian population believes in intermediary spirits to mediate between them and God. The consciousness of the past can still be found around the world in places like South Asia, Africa and South America, they varied only by periods.

The past is the problem
There was a time when man used to rely on intermediary spirits to guide him, helping him cope with the forces of nature, gave him knowledge of the plant world for medicine, etc. That consciousness does not go away, remnants of it can still be found in the Third world, Tribal world. Haiti is such a place. History has shown that there are civilizations that used to rely on intermediary spirits for guidance. Man was so far disconnected from God and has lost awareness of his spiritual reality with God and was worshipping nature as god. God is reconciling the world to Himself, extracting the human consciousness out of matter and bring man to His spirit. This is what Jesus has done and still doing through us. We are the body of Christ on earth, God is busy working, putting under feet the enemies of Jesus. Haiti will one day be free of the consciousness of the past. Jesus through us is working to make that happen.
Here is everything about Haiti and the belief system of the Haitian people.
Africa and the past

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5)_ Haiti Africa Past II

You cannot explain the Haitian condition in one [S] , there are many elements interconnected to make Haiti what it is. I think an institute strictly devoted to study the causes and offers understanding for why Haiti and similar countries are the condition they are in should be put in place. I think that it should be a deliberate effort, because the human condition in these countries is not going to change in its own accord. If we are serious about alleviate human suffering, this should be the starting point. Contact me: let make it happen

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