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“Reduce the percentage of people that are living in the reality of the past, reduce Negation"

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Changing the World: On changing the world
Humanity_Whole It all comes down to one thing, finding the one thing that will explain everything else. Understand the world and do something about it are two separate things. Changing the world takes collective effort and for that, you need God. Only God can change the lines, the images, the description of the world. The world will try to maintain itself, keep things the way they are; this is the challenge.

Looking for agreement: to change the world
I want to know who is in agreement with God, believing that He wants to change the world, destroy the works of the devil. I need someone to agree with me that Jesus came to destroy the works of darkness, undo the works of the devil. If we are tired of seeing the images that we are not pleased with. If we want to make a difference, change lives, change the conditions that people are living, we therefore must make sure that people understand the cause, so that they can embrace the solution. If you cannot understand the reason, you cannot understand the solution. I feel that it is in finding the cause that we may understand the solution.


What has to change?
It is the world itself that has to change to accommodate black people the room to operate freely, expressing freely their gifts and talents in the world. What essentially is the world? The world is a combined expression of all the spheres that shaped it. It is all about the freedom for expression, who has access, which race, which nation has access to the spheres that will give them certain influence in the world. This is what the devil controls. He controls who has influence in the world. Who has access to the possibility of the world.

The devil does not create anything, he simply uses what is there to make the world fits his agenda. The process that keeps people behind is still the same. If the devil did not interject himself in the process to deny black people their possibility in the world, blacks and whites would have the same stage of Attainment. When souls missed their marks, they are not where God wants them to be. If we are not where God wants us to be, we are not in His light. We are in the darkness of this world, under the influence of the devil. We are fuel for the devil to use in his system that is running the world. This is how the devil gets his legal rights to use people as fuel to manipulate the world to fit his agenda. Anytime you are not where God wants you to be, you give the devil the legal rights to use you in his system of things that is running the world. This is how the devil can use whiteness to promote himself as the light of the world. Denying blacks access to the influence of the world gives him a chance to promote whiteness as light. Who is going to reflect those that are lagging behind, which race will reflect souls who are not where God wants them to be, is what makes the world as we see it? Who is the face of those who are trailing behind in this world; you can say mostly black. This is so because in this world the possibility to attain, achieve is given to the white race and denied to the black race. The world does not have to have a trail of people trailing behind; God wants a humanity whole moving forward.

Hence the world makes room for blacks to operate, souls will be born of the black race with gifts and talents to bless the world. It is the order of the world that has to change. Under God's government, you can take the quantum leap of faith to be where He wants you to be.

You cannot change the world, without changing the order by which dispensation is appropriated to race. Blacks are denied their possibility in the world; this is the fundamental problem. There is nothing wrong for whites to prosper and excel in the world, as long as this possibility is not denied to blacks and other races. The white race is not the problem, God created the five races that made up the human race. Whiteness is the problem, the devil promoting whiteness as the light of the world.

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Spheres of Influence: who has access
It is all about the spheres of influence, who has access to the abundance of the world, which race, country or nation. When you look at the world, there is no reason for one race to have it all and another denied. Evidently there is a devil in the world undermining God's way of doing things. Negation
is his tool. Negation is the problem. For example, I have a Haitian friend who owns a business in Haiti; the only way he could saved his business and makes it thrive is to put a white face on it. The entire business sector of downtown Port -au-Prince has a white face. Ninety nine percent of the businesses are own by whites. They own the entire economy of the country in their hands, simply because of the make up of the population. Ninety percent of the population are black and if you are black, you are negated, cut off and cut out of the possibility of the world. The darker you are, the greater degree of Negation. Take for example a Syrian who just comes from Syria to Haiti with nothing in his pocket, and in just two years he will own a million dollar business in the country. The native black son has no chance. People need knowledge and understanding, they need to know the reason why they are negated, what is Negation, what pertains to the collective, the individual and what belongs to the world. They need to understand the forces at work against them. They need to understand the context for why they are in their condition. See: Suffering within the context

What we can agree on:
Here is what we can agree on. We know that the world has to change, we also know that people who are lagging behind must be helped to move forward. If you are white, you can agree that God does not want to take away anything from you. He just want to bring the rest if the world into His abundance. If you are black,you are tired of been negated, denied, left out of the possibility of this world. These are the things that we all can agree with:
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