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“Negation is a force that restricts people, denies them their possibility in life"

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Read_OnI pray Father that they are one as you and I are one”; this is Jesus’ prayer to His father for His disciples to remain one. He was the glue that bounded them together. Now that He was ready to leave them physically; He wanted for them to remain a unit. The greatest challenge for mankind and probably the fundamental cause of poverty is the ability of people to come together as one. Because the drive for preservation, recognition, the desire to assert our individual identity is so intense that we cancel each other out. We cannot interlock with each other to create the necessary net to catch the reality that we desire. “We know in part, we prophesize in part”, all of us are individual pieces of a larger puzzle. We need each other to find wholeness. If we desire something, want to create something; or want to bring a reality to pass; most of the time that reality escapes us simply because we cannot come together as a unit to catch the reality we desire.

God has a remedy for that; He urges us to cast all of our needs on Him. If we put our needs on Him, we free our awareness; we are free to operate without getting stuck on our individual needs. “Cast all of your cares upon Him” This gift is our ticket to freedom, the freedom to roam up and down the steps of the Ladder of Awareness. If our attention is stuck on our individual needs, we cannot join together as a whole, as a unit; everyone is to himself, doing his own thing. You may have ideas, but you cannot express them to people, no one is ready to contain them; everyone is looking for his or her own thing. You need other people to join you, interlock with you, so that they can fill in the part that you are missing. Sometimes you just need an ear, someone to listen so that you can get a reflection of yourself.

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Oneness: Why we need it?
The Teacher It is the spirit of God who gives us the ability to come together as one, join together in one accord to create first class world, See: Better Living World to live. This is so simply because we have the same spirit. His spirit is departed from us when we try to join together with people who are the opposite of our spirit. I think that it is the one fundamental reason why we have a Third World; people simply don’t have the same spirit.

Where there is impropriety, or semblance of impropriety; the spirit of God is departed. “He keeps us in the path of righteousness for His name sake”. If the environment is not conducive to his spirit; He will depart. There is no blessing, no abundance without the spirit of God; there is no spirit of God in our midst without righteousness. I think this is one reason why one person can bring discord in an environment where there was order. Some people bring with them bewilderment and confusion, simply because the spirit of God is not operating in them. I personally think that this is the fundamental problem of the Third World.

People are driven by needs; their needs bring them to compromising position where God spirit is forced to withdraw. They then begin to operate at a state of bewilderment and confusion. They are driven by their needs without the spirit of God to guide them. They easily get fixated on their needs, while the reality of the world escapes them. They are in a constant state of want and longing that they cannot fulfill simply because the reality they seek always escapes them. The remedy is for them to “cast all of their cares upon God". I pray Father that they are one as you and I are One. This is Jesus prayer for all of us, especially people of the Third World, those that are left behind out of the Attainment of this world. Jesus came to give you access to the abundance of life. For that He must baptize you with the spirit of God; this is the only way for you to get together as one, in one accord to create first class world, better Living World to live. There is no creative power, no power to create without the spirit of God; Jesus will give you access to the spirit of God; you just have to do what He asked. Continue... For more click help and search the site, use key word in the navigator search box. Search from here Help
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Why we are not listening? Stopping the world from becoming
The_Human_Development_Formula I see it time and time again, people reaction when confronting with something that they have been told beyond them, too intellectual for them to handle or comprehend. I see people reaction that has nothing to do with the reality at hand. If I were to stop them, catch them in the moment and force them to look at the situation; they will be able to see how childish their reaction is, in the face of the reality before them. I use to think that it is normal behavior and didn’t want o interfere; but now I am convinced that it is r that is stopping them. It is frustrated to explain to people whom you know are well able to understand simple concept, but can’t. They are well able people who are stop at the subconscious level from dealing with the reality at hand. I personally think that it is a recording in their subconscious mind that they are playing, reacting to something that has nothing to do with the reality of the time. You don’t want to push people; it is better to let them go. I am sure that it is not normal reaction; but it seems to be common and happening often enough that you have to believe that it is a normal response. It is fascinating; I am forced to remain in my thoughts, when I could easily explain to them simple concepts. I know that these concepts are within their grasp, why they freeze and stop me so violently that I have no recourse but to stop. I feel that they are threatened by something; it is within them, visceral, deep; it has nothing to do with the reality at hand. I think that whatever it is; it has to be spiritual in nature.


The Dynamics of Life

Jesus wept: at seeing the human condition
Separation Jesus wept for His friend Lazarus and yet He knew that he was going to die and even waited for him to die before showed up to His house. I think that Jesus was crying because of the human condition. Separation is death; He was separated from His friend, because of death. Death came into the world, because of the spirit of separation, the devil. Even though Jesus reminded Marie that He was the resurrection, meaning the future of humanity, what will happen in the future; He still wept for the present condition. Separation is a terrible condition that we inherited from the devil. He brought separation into our world, separated us from the spirit of God. Even though you know the truth; you are still affected by the reality. I was shocked by Hilary Clinton defeat; yet I know that it was coming and yet I did not accept it when it comes. You know that it is coming from the choices that we make, but when it comes, we are still in chock. God gives you cues, pointers; and yet still when the reality hits us, we deny it.
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