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Bridging the gap that separate the Third World from the Industrial World

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What's Up Haitians!

The purpose of leadership: is to take the people forward to their future
The purpose of leadership is to take the people forward to their future, not toward their past. It is to anticipate the future, not waiting to catch up when the world has already changed. A leader must be connected to God so that he can keep up with the changes of the time. The world is too fleeting, constantly changing; he cannot keep with the reality of the time without the guidance of the Holy Spirit of
God. The world is called the darkness of this world for the very reason that it is too fleeting; to illusive for ordinary people to keep up or be aware of the subtle changes that are happening around them. The job of the leader is to take guidance from God and lead the people toward the future that God set for them. What differentiates Third World countries from the industrial world is their leaders' inability to look forward to the future, make preparation for the future before the future gets upon them. God wants this country to be in the forefront, leading the world; this is why He blessed the United States of America with competent leaders, people who are able to put their own self interest on the side for the good of the country. President Obama is such a man; he waited a long time; put his mandates aside to give the people who opposed him time to assimilate the changes that are coming. These changes are necessary for the advancement of the country. Every now and then a leader may get it wrong; but if he is connected to God; he will see his way out of the darkness of this world. See the spiritual reality behind His Government: Click

Case in point:
It does not take long for the first to become last; if you don’t keep up with change; you will be left behind. Thirty years of leadership in Haiti, devoted to self interest, practically destroyed the Haitian revolutionary brand. A population which has no one to look after them, no one to lead them, this result was inevitable. A leader looks toward the future; the future belongs to God; if he is too much into himself, he cannot take his people forward. “He must first deny himself, take up his cross and follow Me”. This is the order that the leader must follow. He has to give up self interest and embrace the needs, the shortcomings of his people. God calls the end from the beginning; He calls us from the future and invites us to join Him. If you are not responding; you will be left behind. This is what is happening in many of the Third World countries; there was no one to lead; the people were left to their own devices, doing their own things. In any system of government, people required representation, someone to look after their interest. The world is still self-oriented; we are aspired to become selfless, but we are not there yet. Jesus came to show us the real self that God wants us to have. Jesus is the personality that God wants us to follow. God made Him lord over us; He is the pattern of obeisance, of justice and righteousness that we must become. God does not want us to follow the devil, become selfish as he is, and take on his character. We must follow Jesus, which entails giving up our selfish identity and take on us the identity of Jesus. We were formerly of the devil, God wants us to be now of Jesus. Too much self and the rose that we so much appreciate and enjoy will be full of thorns. Jesus took off our thorns and placed them on his forehead so that we can remember the rose that God created us to be. We need to look at humanity as a whole, looking after those in need, help those that are lagging behind. The future belongs to those who follow God’s will. God has a way of doing things; we must learn His way; this is the only guarantee that we have for the future. His way of doing things is revealed to us as we advancing forward. The more that we emulate the life of Jesus, the greater the revelation that we receive in the way God operates; the revelation that we receive from Him; the more that we can collaborate with Him, learning how to maintain order and harmony in the earth; the more that we will not violate the laws that regulate nature, keep the earth flourishing.

Are they Responsible For their own demise?
The fundamental question that I need to ask is: Are they complicit in their own demise? A leader is the sum total of the people, a reflection of them. If they are not ready; the leader cannot appear. God has always people in place, people ready to lead, but first, there must be the desire in them for change, the hunger to move forward

Unruly Nations: Goat Nations
“Each went his own way and the government of us all was laid upon His shoulders”; People will not be denied; everyone wants to be heard, have a voice. The greater their need for recognition, the more difficult it is for them to listen. Unity is very difficult to achieve when everyone wants to be heard, no one is listening. This is the problem of the Third World; their need for recognition is too great that it takes precedence over everything else. Without the ability to come together as one, collectively; they cannot achieve great things; they cannot produce first class world; they can only produced class World, Third rated class world to live. The fundamental principle that makes a nation self regulated; the one principle that is required to establish democracy in a country hasn’t yet been instilled in the people of the Third World. It is the principle of:”do unto others as you would like others to do unto you” This principle is one of the pillar of the teachings of Jesus. This is what they lack; this is what separates the sheep nations form he goats nations. They don’t know how to treat their fellow human beings as equals. This principle have to be instilled from without; it hasn’t yet been imbedded in their spirit. It is a lack of spiritual maturity; the
precepts in the teachings of Jesus can literally help bridge the gap that separates the Third World from the Industrial World. The problem of Rest Avec which is common to all Third World countries is a way to measure their lack of spiritual maturity. This condition is practically non-existent in the Industrial World nations. See: Precepts and Lifestyle

Addon: The Government is on His shoulders
God_Jesus_Us The spiritual reality behind what we see and hear, the spiritual reality behind Jesus; His relationship to the world in the present, in a nutshell; we are giving you this understanding in a nutshell. A Leader is the one who leads, Humanity has a leader; we can see this leadership manifested in our creative ability, in our moral standing; in our freedom of the human spirit. God values the freedom of the human spirit to choose between Him and the devil; this is what Christianity is promoting. “Here I put before you life and death, but choose life”; the choice is ours, it is not an Imposition. God wants us to be free agents, capable of choosing between Him and the devil, between life and death. God is the life giving spirit and the absence of Him is death. He wants to make sure that we know the difference. This is what Christianity is all about, a way of life that is allowing God the room to operate, to come in and takes residence inside of us. The Creative power of God is the spirit of God; the West is leading the world simply because Christianity is promoting the freedom of the human spirit. I think that Governments in the Middle East should gather their Mosque leaders and explain to them that death and life is a choice. Christians have the same capacity to violence as those who choose to do violence, but it is a choice that they choose, not to kill Muslims just for religious purposes. It is a choice; they should know.

His Government: spiritual reality
“The government of us all rests on His shoulders”; get behind Him and He will lead you to success. “The chastisement of our peace was upon Him”, peace to the world; goodwill to man; this was the message of the angel of annunciation, announcing the entrance of Jesus
into the world. He is ushering a new era of abundance, giving us access to the abundance of life. Peace is the foundation of success, prosperity; there is no prosperity without peace. The government of us all is on His shoulders; He will lead humanity toward the future that God prepared for us, since the foundation of the world.

“All of us, like sheep have strayed away. We have left God’s path to follow our own. Yet the Lord has laid upon Him, the sins of us all”. Righteousness cost; there is a price to pay for justice; He is that measure. He sacrificed His own life to show us the meaning of sacrifice. He had to carry the thorns on His head in order to make the world the beauty that it is; too many thorns and we will not be able to enjoy it. This is why he came on earth for; to give us access to life, so that we can enjoy life to the fullest. You cannot have this beautiful world, without sacrifice, someone must make up the difference; suffer for the weak, the lame, the more vulnerable. This is what take up your cross is all about; it is us embracing the less fortunate; those who cannot yet help themselves. This is the duty of government, to encourage, to protect, to help those who are more vulnerable, lead them into the right path. “In righteousness, He shall lead His people”; those who are willing to follow Him; He will lead them to peace. This is His mission; to bring peace to the world. There is no a abundance without peace and there is no peace without sacrifice, justice, righteousness. “There is no happiness in this world or the next without sacrifice”

God’s Government Vs the darkness of this world
The spiritual reality behind the Government of God is joy and peace; because you are living in the awareness, the light that comes from the spirit of
God. You are constantly in the light; this is where your joy comes from. Jesus guaranteed you to be in the light of God; if you are willing to apply the precepts of His teachings in your daily life. They guarantee you access to the Holy Spirit of God. It is the Holy Spirit of God, when taken residence inside of you, who becomes your guide, guiding you out of the darkness of this world. Jesus is the way to that spirit, because His teaching is the path, the precepts will make it possible for God to start living inside of you. “After me, shall come One; He will baptize you with spirit and fire”. This way of life, this lifestyle, these precepts guarantee you an increase in your cognitive ability, an increase in your intuitive capacity; giving you the quickness you need to navigate the darkness of this world. The fire within is the quickening of the Holy Spirit of God inside of you, guiding your every steps. This is what true leadership is, taken your cues from God and leading your people toward the future that God prepared for them. You can only get this guidance, if you are willing to get behind Jesus, apply His teachings in your daily life, and pattern your life after Him. He is the pattern that God set for us, to give us access to His spirit.

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