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It is the small things, insignificant things that separate
the Third World from the Industrial World

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What's Up Haitians!

What Separates: The Industrial World from the Third World
All of the major industrial countries have social programs to help those in their population that cannot help themselves. They know that if they are left to their own devises they will bring their countries down. Take Haiti for example; it is a perfect example of what can happen when you left a population without any social programs to help those in the population that cannot help themselves. The Haitian population never had a government looking after their welfare and now you see the result before you. President Aristide did try, but he was a champion just for the poor, not for the whole population; the rich rejected him. I am sure that his failure will be the gain of this new government and successive Governments. Where he failed; they will learn from his mistakes. The Haitian Government is a government for the people, for all of the Haitian people. I am particularly please to see now a government in Haiti that is looking for the welfare of the Haitian people. They are learning; we need to back them up. We are living in a world of duality where opposites clash with each other; God wants to take us beyond duality, but we are not there yet. There is a need to have a check and balance in the Haitian system of governance. Here in the US, we have a system of check and balance in our government to keep both sides from excess. People do have a tendency to indulge, to take side; I am hoping that the poor in Haiti, those that are lagging behind, left behind, cut off and cut out of the possibilities of the country have a champion in the Haitian Government to look out for their interests. How can you be a champion for the poor and still govern in the middle, read my series Haiti is a balancing act, find the middle ground. Man is to find himself between two poles, two extremes; he is a soul, he has a body and a spirit, both seeks dominance; God wants us to be in the spirit but also in control of our bodies which impulses can drive us to do things besides ourselves. There are enough examples for us to learn from, as recently as Egypt, you see what happened when a government cannot govern in the middle.

Amenities: Indoor Plumbing is considered amenity in the Third World
One of the major obstacles in the Third World is waste management, namely sewer and trash. These two are what separate the Third world from the Industrial world. The industrial world consists of clean cities, free of trash and available toilets, while the Third world is the lack of these things. I believe that it is time for the Haitian Government to make it a priority to bring indoor plumbing in every home in Haiti. They can do that by giving incentive to the population to replace their outdoor toilets with septic tanks; thus making it easier for them to install indoor toilets. Certain things have to be government undertaken to wean away the population from bad habits that have been in use for years. The Haitian government should put out a plan to phase out latrines by giving incentive to home owners to replace their outdoor plumbing with indoor plumbing, making it law that no home should be built without a septic tank. This will be a great challenge for the Haitian Government to wean away a population that has been accustomed for years of doing things their own way.

Human Right: “Treat others as you would like others to treat you”
“Do unto others as you would like other to do unto you”; this disposition of soul has not yet been established fully in the hearts and minds of the Third World Population. This simple concept has not yet been incorporated in the way of life of the Third World People. This way of living still has to be dictated to them from without by other more develop countries to help their leaders treat their people with kindness and dignity. This disposition of soul is not a singular trait reserved to leaders of the Third World, people in power, but part of the general population. They don’t treat their fellow human beings as equals, with respect and dignity. To remedy this problem in Haiti I propose a compulsory system of teaching children by getting them to provide the state one year of service working in the country side with the peasants. I believe that this will teach them how to give back to society and show respect to their fellow countrymen. The attitude of treating the less fortunate as steps stools to climb up and elevate themselves should be reversed. It is engrained in the psyche of the Haitian people; this is why the
Rest Avec system of child slavery got so rooted in the country. Today we are reaping what we sowed from years of stepping down on the peasant, useing them as footstools to promote and elevate our egos. The Dominican people have no respect for them and this reflects on the population as a whole, rather you are white, rich or black and poor Haitian. This trend must be reversed if we are going to have a Haiti free of the things that make its people ashamed of her. It is rightfully so that no human being wants to be identified with what will make them ashamed and yet they are responsible. They did not know that negating their own fellow countrymen will reflect on them, negating their own fellow human beings is negating their own future. Without some sort of government incentive, the people are not going to let their children serve in the countryside. This one year of service should be mandatory before the state can issue a certificate of completion for the secondary education.

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