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Haiti is a balancing act between the forces that restrained backward
and the forces that propel forward

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What's Up Haitians!

Seeing it as it is: What I see
Rudy Guiliani cleaned up New York City, I am sure that Chicago can learn a lot from him. People can learn from each other. You should learn from those who have succeeded; learn from everyone that can add and increase your ability to govern in the sphere where God places you to operate. God wants to work with you so that He can free those that are under the oppression of the devil. Learn from them and add their distinction to your own. The world is dynamic, constantly changing; you need to be fluid enough, flexible enough to flow with the changes that are happening around you. Republicans and Democrats, each has their own distinction; the opposite ends of the spectrum. But you are called to be in the middle; Haiti is a balancing act between two extremes; you must learn to balance the equation.

Whatever the goal?
It is not going to be done over night, but steadily you should be moving in the direction where people will not have to fear for their lives just because they want to invest in their country. This atmosphere of mistrust must end. There are so many issues to resolve, those that are members of the Haitian parliament should be called out to give account to the doing works that they are appointed to do. They should give at least every three months of what legislation they have proposed or collaborated with others to pass in order to improve the lives of the Haitian people. If they are not doing what they were elected to do, they should be called out, marked as inefficient to be voted out of their appointment in future elections. If they are too lax, too care free, simply enjoying their status, they are not serving their purpose. The people should rise against them to vote them out of office or force them to conform to the works that they were called to do. Without accountability; there is no motivation, no incentive to be responsible. It is human nature; people need something to give them a reason to be.

Moving along:
The work that is done is going well; we need to bring everyone who has their parts to play. Education and infrastructure are the two most important elements in developing a country, keeping up with the growth of a country. Education includes also the social support that will maintain the family unit. For decades the Haitian people was left without a shepherd, at the mercy of the world, with no one to defend the interest of the people, give them the support they need to help them achieve success in life. Today I see a new demarche in social welfare which is the key to affirm a nation. The Laissez faire approach of the Republican Party style of governance, less government and less tax is not necessary good for Haiti. Social welfare is a must for a country which population social status is at the bottom of the scale. There are many rich countries where their populations are at the bottom of the scale simply because there was no social welfare program to help those that cannot help themselves. Venezuela a benefactor of Haiti is or was one of them. You have to embrace the needs of your people, affirm them; this is the only way to overcome Negation in your country. The system of darkness thrives on disparities; as long as there disparities that set people apart, it will thrive.

A Safety valve
There has to be some way to make those public officials that are appointed to serve the needs of the people accountable or they will lax on the job, wasting resources that could otherwise benefited the nation. “If you are not adding, you are subtracting ”; this is the law of nature; they have to be spurred to produce. This should be the assignment of all, to look for those that are sapping up the resources of the country. You need to give credit where credit is due, those that were left behind, cut off and cut out of the possibility of Haiti; he tried to affirm. He failed because he did not know that Haiti is a balancing act just like South Africa is today. He had to go there and learned from the one who embodied the spirit of reconciliation. God is in the business of reconciliation. He is reconciling the world to Himself through Christ working with us and through us. Nelson Mandela showed the world that governance is in the middle, a balance between two extremes. President Preval tried to govern in the middle, he succeeded to some measure. But you, were they failed, you will succeed because you understand that the world is moving in one direction toward the middle where all government must decrease and His government must increase. “Of the increase of His government shall be no end”. “The government of us all way lay on His shoulders ”. How well you can walk the line between the two extremes will be the measure of your spirit.

Why people may not get what they are waiting for?
If you are waiting and have not yet seen the manifestation of what you are looking for, this tidbit is for you; little bites to keep you going , little reminders along the way to keep you focus. Every one waits period; everyone is waiting, waiting on God to deliver, even Jesus is waiting. “Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength”. Do you know what are you waiting for? “Faith is the substance of things hope for”. Without hope there is nothing to fuel your faith. “A man has to believe; he must know what he is waiting for in his knower”. Without that he can easily be deterred from his faith, his belief. Why things take so long? Why hasn’t God delivered; people loose hope, lost focus, don’t remember what they are waiting for? I believe that some people are here to do and some are here to undo. Some people satisfactions are in their undoing; they are alone; they are not going to get the support they need; it is them and God alone. It takes two to tangle; you must have agreement, someone to help you catch the reality that you desire; if not, you are on the undoing side of life. There has to be a container, someone to contain what wants to emerge, what you are trying to bring to bring to reality. Sometimes people get lost in picking up the crumbs along the way and miss the basketful. Don’t get caught in the small stuffs that you received along the way; remain focus, know what you are waiting for. You have to be deliberate, there is no other way, when the reality is not there, nothing to sustain you, you must act with intention, deliberately acting.

A need to act deliberately
Human beings are motivated by needs, if a need is not met, God may wants you to go to the next level of awareness. Needs are the driving forces of our existence; they can also be our levels of awareness. If they are not met; if God does not meet a need, it may be your undoing. Some of us come to do and some of us come to undo. The (S@#T) ain’t there, why cry over spill milk; if it is not there, what can I tell you. You have to act deliberately, not wanting to have what is not there. This is our most persistent mistake; we want to have what is no longer available for us. Something may be available for others, but not for you. It is a need; it is driving you to behave despite of yourself; if it is not met, it may be your undoing. You must be deliberate in your dealing with that need. Some of the people you meet are not for you; they are not there to help you. If you insist, they will take from you, making your situation worst. Some people have real needs that are driving their behaviors; the only way out of them is for them to act deliberately.

Love hides us: to protect us
“We are hidden in Christ”; God hides us in Christ to protect us from Himself, His awesome power. This is why Jesus said that no one comes to the Father, except by Me. You cannot meet God in person, face to face until you are good and ready. Jesus’ job is to transform you, makes you fluid enough, flexible enough to deal with the awesome power of God. Jesus does the fixing; “With His winnowing fan, He shall separate the wheat from the chaff, but the chaff He will consume with an unquenchable fire”. He has to slowly remove the things that are weighting you down, making you too heavy to deal with the spirit of God, God’s nature is all consuming; it is His nature is all consuming. It is His nature to fix things, straight things out, makes them perfect. He will fix you if you come in His presence and if you are not ready, His awesome power will consume everything that is not perfect in you; your body will not be able to withstand the all consuming power of God. And God said to Moses: “These people are stiff-necked people; I will not go in their midst, less I consume them on the way”. He is hiding you from Himself; Christ is your best bet. Jesus is your only remedy; He will prepare you before releasing you to God. God send you to Him, to make you ready. “No one comes to me except the Father sent him”. God cannot deal with stiff, rigid people; people whose roots are too deep, too grounded to move with the spirit. You need to be fluid, flexible, and easy to go around the bend of time to deal with the Spirit of God.

Jesus is your only ticket: To the awesome power of God
He is not even going to look at you; He hides His face from you; He sees Jesus. “I in the Father, you in Me and Me in you”; Jesus said; “Apart from Me, you can do nothing”. Literally, Jesus is your only ticket to the awesome power of God. He is the One who baptizes you with the spirit of God, giving you entrance to the awesome power of God. “After me, shall come One who shall baptize you with spirit and fire”, John said. God awesome power, His awesome nature is to straight out everything that is crooked; makes everything straight. In His presence, nothing crooked will stand. This is why he looks at Jesus and not at us; He sees Him and not us. You come before Him in the name of the Son, Jesus and He releases through Him the blessing for you. Until you are so transformed to stand in His presence; you cannot see Him face to face, but the plan of God is for you to be able to stand in His presence.

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