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A Clear Choice: Attention
Don’t look at your life; but look at the solution that God has made available for you. There is a system designed to work against you; but if you focus on the solution that God provided; you will overcome the system. You don’t have to deny your color, your identity; you just have to keep your attention on the solution. Attention makes the world; what you focus your attention on; you become. You agree that there is something wrong with this system of things. You know that it is designed to work against you; you also agreed that God offers a replacement for this system of things. Hence you make the decision to be under the solution that God provided; you are under a new system. You are free of the old system; it has no more power over you. It is the system of dispensation that is running the world that is stacked against you. As long as you are under this system of things; you will be used as fuel to keep it going. It thrives on keeping you down; it cannot survive without keeping you down. Without keeping you down; there are no disparities, no differences to resort. Race is only a ploy devised by the ruler of this system of things to keep humanity apart. As long as blacks are behind, whites will excel; there will be disparities between them. Without disparities, there are no differences to resort between them, no fuel to feed the system, keeping human beings consuming the fruit of better than, the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, keeping the spirit of separation among us.
This system is anti-Christ, because it denies the cross; it does not embraced the needs of people, their short comings, the frailties of life; it steps on people, keep them down. Without denying the cross; it cannot survive. This system classified you and marked you for negation, denied you of your possibilities in this world. God’s system is the only solution; your only way out. I am sure that humanity sees through the tricks of the devil by now; Jesus is the only alternative to this system of things.

Stacked Against : You
Relection The Haitian people need to know what is stacked against them. They are fighting against a system because of the greater whole of Negation that affects the population, the percentage of the population that is black and is not willing to stay under the forces of Negation. The Dominican people are where they are now simply because they denied their blackness. Because they disassociated themselves with anything that can cause the system to negate them, cut them off out of the possibilities of this world; they are allowed to prosper and excel forward. This truth has to be instilled in the hearts of every child in Haiti and around the world that Jesus is the only solution against the system that is running the world, the forces that negate them and cut them off out of the possibilities of this world. Even the ability to speak fluently, to express thoughts and feelings freely in the presence of another was not possible for certain black people in the past, until the grace of God made way for them. Any situation they found themselves without freezing their thoughts was a grace from God, the forces that negated them would kept them bottled up inside, unable to express their thoughts and feelings. They needed the power of God to free them from these forces. If you don’t believe me, let the Dominican become one with you, embrace their blackness. The forces that negated you are not working against them; your blackness has been used against you in this system of things. If you think that the Dominicans are responsible for their actions against you, you are mistaken; you need to see what forces are behind their actions; you are dealing against the forces of the darkness of this world. Your only way out stagnation for a majority black population is to accept the plan of salvation that God has made available for you. Jesus is the plan; those of you who rejected Him because of the past deeds of the Catholic Church against the Haitian people are mistaken. They were using Christianity as a cover; Jesus is your only solution out of poverty. It is so because He is what God has given to us to free us from the forces that restrained us and keeping us behind. “The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone”. The things that are stacked against you are too much, too heavy for you to deal with by yourselves. You are like prisoners in a prison; you can do all that you want, but only within the four walls of the prison. The same with those that are practicing witchcraft; they are flying at night, they are kings and queens in their domains, but at day break; they must return to the reality of the day. President Martelly is not your enemy; the system is. Sure there is a war going on with him and you, but you must see it in the context of the greater whole, the forces of Negation working against you. You are warring against a system that is designed to negate you because of the color of your skin. You have no choice but to accept the provision made by God to free you against the forces of Negation, to free you from the works of the devil. As long as you have Jesus as the center of your life, the system has no power aver you. With Jesus, you are anew creation; He is the provision that God made available for you.

Spiritual maturity: unruly nations
Goats nations, unruly people; people that cannot submit themselves to law and order; Jesus is the solution; God sent Him just for that. If He done it for Peter, He can do it for them; Peter was so transformed that people could no longer tell if he was the same loud mouth, uneducated fisherman that was speaking to them. He spoke with such intelligence, poise and grace that people were having a hard time associated him with the Peter they knew. Jesus can make you fluid, flexible, quickens you so that you don’t get stuck with the small stuffs that make other people stiff, rigid, unable to make changes when change is required. They are too stuck up on themselves; their roots are too deep; they are too rigid to flow with the prompting of the spirit of God. God said to Moses: “These people are stiff-necked people; I will not go in their midst, less I consume them on the way”. This is why God gives us the space to discover ourselves. His all consuming power can consume everything that is false about them, that there may be nothing left in them to live. This is why we need Jesus; He can do it for us, transforming us, removing the things that are wrong in us; the prophecies said He can. He came for that, to help you. How He will do it; John said that He will do it by baptizing us with spirit and fire. With His winnowing fan, He will carefully separate the things that are not right about us and remove them, giving us the freedom and the flexibility to move with the spirit.

How we measure intelligence :
Intelligence is measured by how smooth and at ease we can flow with the world around us. Jesus can make you fluid, flexible enough to flow with the world around you, not getting stuck in the small stuffs like the other stiff-necked people. The bible says that: “With His winnowing fan, He shall separate the wheat from the chaff, but the chaff, He will consume with an unquenchable fire”. Jesus is the solution for the Haitian people right now. They are too rigid, inflexible, and easy to get caught in the small stuffs, while the big picture is passing by them. They are under the care of the United Nation mission right now because they cannot maintain themselves with order and discipline. If Jesus can take an unruly fisherman like Peter and transformed him into a learned and wise man; He can do the same for you. Peter was preaching the gospel with such eloquence and poise that people no longer recognized him. He can do it for the Haitian people as well. We have to make them aware of the avenue that God has made available for them through Jesus. They must accept Him and learn to pattern their lives after Him. Hence come the Voodoo religion; they must learn the mystery of God so that their consciousness can expand and see God from a different perspective. The Haitian people are so taken by the spirit world that they are excluding God, not giving Him the precedence that He needs to operate in their lives. They need to know that God is spirit, not a spirit, everything is in Him. The only thing that separated them and Him is their consciousness. Everything that God has been doing thus far is trying to bring people back to the level of consciousness that He created them to be. You are a consciousness in Him and so are the spirits that that they are attached to, what separated you and those spirits from God is the degree of awareness. Jesus is the model that you must follow, His life is the lifestyle that you have to pattern your life after. “I am the way and the life”; it is His lifestyle that guarantees us an increase in our awareness of God, what God created us to be.

Download_Print_Bind_Distribute Mark for Negation:
How you can institutionalize the plan of God and makes it part of the Haitian culture. I don’t think that the Haitian people understand that black people have no choice to get from under this system of things without God. As long as the percentage of the Haitian population is about eighty percent (80% blacks) or more, they would have to be mindful and fully conscious that there are forces working against them and their only way out from under these forces is through the provision that God has made available for them. They need to know that without accepting the plan of God against this system; they have no power against it. I want to instill that reality in them so that they can walk in life knowing that Jesus is their only way out of a system that was designed to keep them down. It is all in the numbers, the percentage of the population that is black that makes the country mark for Negation.


Asking the Right Questions?
God does not want us to be like Nicodemus asking questions related to the flesh; He wants us to be like John the revelator seeing things through the eye of the spirit; asking questions pertaining to the spirit. We can put an end to Negation today, we don’t need to know the details, the intricacies and the complexities of it; we just need to ask these two questions. What is Eternal life and what is Negation? Hence you understand the reason for these two questions; the answers will make sense to you.

One of these questions Jesus answered for you by asking to His disciples this rhetorical question. Hence you understand what is behind the question; you will understand why He asked them this question. “What is eternal life”; He asked them. This is a simple question, but the reason behind it is what is important. He answered the question by saying: “Eternal life is to know that God is the only true God and the One He sent”; this is a straight forward answer, but understand the question in this context Jesus asked them is what makes this question relevant. Let me ask the second question and answer it for you; this way it will all make sense to you and you will know why asking the right question can lead you to the solution that you are looking for. You asked these two questions because you want to put an end to Negation. You can get rid of something, coping with it or learn to know how it works so that it no longer has power over you. Jesus asked and answered the first question for you because He is the solution and the answer to the problem that you want to solve, the thing that you want to get rid of. Bear with me, by the time that you finish reading this page; the reason for these two questions will make sense to you. The second question was what is Negation? The answer to that question is simple: “Negation is the fuel that the devil uses to maintain this system of things”; it is this system of things that is keeping you in your present condition. What is Negation does to you? Negation is to negate you, deny you; it is to cut you off out of the possibilities of this world.

Know why you ask?
“Before a man does anything, he must first know why he is doing it” Why you need to understand the reason for asking these two questions is because in them are the keys to understand the cause of poverty, lack, stagnation and retardation, the consequences of Negation. Here are the reasons for asking these two questions in a nutshell. The devil who is the author of this system of things has to have a legal ground to give him permission to make you part of this system of things. He needs an excuse to make the system works against you. Whatever the reason why he uses is not important; he just wants to use you to keep his system going. When you are in violation of the law of God, doing something that is not in the will of God; God is not in it. When God is not in something; it has no light in it; it is covered with darkness. This is the legal ground that the devil needs to make you part of this system of things. It does not matter what you did that separated you from God, rather that you missed your mark or failed to make the choices that God placed before you. God said that “My spirit will not strive with man forever”; this simply means that when God engaged you; if you are not with Him; you will be left behind. If He is in the present and that you insist in staying in the past or want to stay in the reality of the past; He is not with you. This is the legal ground that gives authority to the devil to make you part of his system of things. He has an agenda in mind, that is to keep humanity at perpetuity consuming the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. Negation is one of his tools.

Jesus answer to the Question: is the solution
Jesus answer is the solution for us to get rid of Negation. What is Eternal life? It is something that will last forever, that cannot be cut off. He answered for them and said that “Eternal life is to believe that God is the only true God and the One He sent”. He is the answer, the solution. He is the solution that God provided for you; all that you have to do is to believe and accept Him and you will have Eternal life. This way the devil cannot cut you off, denies you life. Jesus said: “I came so that you may have life and have it more abundantly”. He is not kidding; the bible says: “And for that He came, to destroy the works of the devil”. The works of the devil are to cut you off from life. God gave Jesus to you as a solution against the works of the devil, to get rid of this system of things. The way to get rid of this system of things is to get rid of Negation, take up your cross and follow Jesus. Trust me; God is not mocked, He does not change for anyone. If you reject Jesus, you have no recourse against this system of things.

Trust Me:
Trust me; it is not you that is at fault; it is the system. “All of us have sinned and come short of the glory of God”, but the system uses your sins as a legal right to keep you behind. The system cannot touch anyone without a legal justification; it simply uses your violations against you. What you need to know is that Jesus has paid a price to justify putting you under His own system. You simply have to accept Him as your ransom and He will justify you as free from the legal right of the devil to use you and make you part of his system of things. The truth is that the devil does not use you because he has a personal beef against you; he is using you as fuel to maintain his system of things. He is not you as individual that he is after, he is after humanity as a whole. The system is designed to keep man consuming the fruit of the ego, of the self. The blackness of your skin is what he uses as tool to negate you and to create disparities that separate you. Hence you start resorting differences between your white achievements and your black negations, you are consuming the fruit of the ego; you are working against the cross, against humanity. Humanity is the cross, embracing the weaknesses, the frailties, the shortcoming of our fellow human beings. Jesus came to show you how to redeem your humanity that the devil has stolen from you.


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