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What's Up Haitians!
Graisse_Cochon Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's; even Jesus conformed to the law of the land and paid His taxes like everybody else. Give credit where credit is due, even to an adversary when they deserve it. We have a cunning ability to ignore the facts in order to please people whom we think are worthy of our praises and approbations, the fact is that they will forget you when you are in need of them the most; they will let you down. You cannot rely on outsiders to take care of you forever, even when they are showing you that they care. You have to roast the pig in its own fat; that is the Haitian Government needs to raise money through taxes in order to become self sufficient, less dependant on other countries. You cannot eat your seeds and expect a harvest. People have to pay taxes in order for the government to have the means to create the infrastructure necessary for businesses to thrive. The taxes that you pay are the seeds that you planted and the infrastructure in term of government services that you received is the harvest that you benefit from your seeds. You cannot go after the leadership of your country for imposing taxes; how else can your country stops depending on other country for help? This laissez faire attitude must stop.


Stop Laissez Faire : Approach to Governance
Sop_Laissez_Faire Stop this Laissez Faire once and for all; every country had their period of Laissez Faire when their governments are overwhelmed by their unruly populations accustomed to do things their own way. Today there is order; there is a direction where the world is moving to. The world is moving forward in the direction that God intended; people need to conform.

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