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The answer that we are all looking for is in the life; how we live and how we meet our needs while living; rather that we live the right way, the God kind of way that produces life, more abundant life, abundance of living. It is very simple; it is all in the life’. “Know your role”, and understand the people that you are called to lead; understand their needs, the forces driving them and shaping their existence.

Know your position
The President role is to take the lead, set precedence, inspire the people, and set the pace of the country to move forward in the direction of justice, righteousness without which there is no prosperity. The challenge for the Haitian Government is that while they are busy arguing among themselves; they missed the reality of the world around them and they are left behind. As a result those that are in the position to lead are always catching up, never get anywhere. They need to know that there is no time to waste and that the compass of this world is pointing only in one direction, righteousness. If they are not in alignment; they will be left behind, where there will be tears and grinding of teeth. Now the only reason that the haitian Leadership would resumed using the tactics of the past is because they are not keeping up with the reality of the present.

The Prime: Prime Mister of Haiti
He is the prime, the one who is to execute the vision that the president has received from God for the country. You can not change a country until you understand its culture; you cannot affect or impact a nation until you are willing to engage its leaders. Changing a country is a relative term, because you cannot really change the core of a people. You can only shift the composition of the population, the percentage of a trend, make it recessive and allow another trend to emerge. Sometimes the shift is done through violence, leaving scars that take years to heal. The normal way of doing things is the God kind of way and the God kind of way is to engage the people in conversation and meet their needs.

Understand the Haitian Culture
The Haitian Culture is rooted in the cultivation of the land, agriculture, living close to the ground, to the earth. Everything about the Haitian culture is centered on the ground, in the earth, plants for medicine and agriculture for food. We are not yet into science, technology, even raising animals; we are all about the earth. Every past civilization has something in common; there is a myth; there is a spiritual component, something that is rooted in the psyche of the people that becomes the driving force in the culture. Everything that we do and everything that we are revolved around our way of life; when Jesus said that He is the way and the life, He meant that His life is the way of life that we must live if we are to take part in the abundance of life. Below is a link to know how to live the life that Jesus prescribed for us to live; if we follow the precepts that He outlined for us and apply them in our daily lives; they guarantee us an increase in our cognitive ability. Jump now to see them.

The Haitian Solution
A force exerts a pressure, either to push forward or pull backward. Some forces are restrictive and some are progressive; some restrained us backward and some propelled us forward. What forces are dominant in a country and what forces are recessive. What forces are dominating the Haitian culture right now, keeping the country behind and what forces want to emerge to push the country forward? Countries, culture, civilization are all made up of people. People are human beings that have real needs that must be met; fulfilling those needs become the driving force of a people. How you meet those needs determined rather these forces are progressive or restrictive. God has a solution for Progress, to keep us moving forward; but we don’t always follow His advice.

What Separates People
What separates people, country, culture is their way of life; how they meet the needs that are driving them, forcing them to behave despites of themselves. Human beings are motivated by needs. We all have needs, but what separate us from each other is how we meet those needs that will make us civilized or primitive, advanced or backward, ruthless or pacific. “It is all in the life”, the way of life that set us apart from each other; Government can influence our way of life. The Haitian Government role is to shift the balance in favor of the forces that want to push the country forward, facilitate the emergences of the forces that want to push the country forward. Upper mobility, a marche forward is always in the best interest of a country while protecting the past; a true balancing act leaning toward change.

Proposition: the seed of justice and righteousness must take place in the land
The seed of justice and righteousness must take roots in the land so that the fear that is persisting in the psyche of the Haitian people, causing distrust can be replaced by confidence, love and acceptance. I propose zero tolerance for injustice at any level from public officials to ordinary citizen; accountability from public servants to ordinary citizen. “Until the system of justice and righteousness is engrained in the psyche of the Haitian people, real change is not going to take place. Long term planning should start taken place right now to ensure that the next generation(s) of the Haitian people leave behind this stigma of poverty, backwardness and naivety associated with the Haitian culture.

I propose mechanizing the agriculture sector, helping the farmer becoming less dependent on forces that are no longer capable of pushing the Haitian people forward. I also propose compulsory training for kids graduating primary and secondary education. This training will instill in them a sense of civic duty, discipline, be it a six months to one year of military training or youth service, teaching them how to participate in the social services of the country. Facilities must be built in all of the ten departments of the country to accommodate the implementation of this plan

The Haitian Government should pursuit vigorously any injustice until its conclusion; this should be the policy of the land. Talk and talk again; every medium of communication should be used to reach the entire Haitian population. This message of conformity to do what is right and just should be the number one priority of the Haitian Government. The Laissez Faire Policy of the Haitian Government is still in effect today because of the overwhelming task of changing hearts and minds of a people that is still under the influence of forces that no longer fit to carry the world forward.

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