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A Necessary Union
A Safety Valve Against Excess

What’s Up Haitians !

The Buck Stops with Him:
I don’t think that they understand how the S- ---t works, the chain of command. The buck stops with him, he answers to Him and you answer to him. President Martelly answers to Jesus and you answer to him. He has the mandate; he has the vision, he is in charge. He is there to inspire, to lead, to set the pace and you follow. Of course there are three equal branches of one government, but you owed him and his office a certain amount of respect. You are here to keep him in check so that he does not go overboard, creating havoc, but you ought to give a certain amount of respect to him, to his office even when you feel that he does not deserve your respect. As above, so below, the Triune God system of government, one God in three; they are the same government, but Jesus said it clearly that the father is greater than Him. The buck stops with Jesus for you, because God puts Him in charge. The government of us all was laid on His shoulders“ and the government shall be upon His shoulders”.” “ and I will commit thy government into His hands, and He shall be a father to the inhabitants”.

God has the Final Word
But in the scheme of things God has the final word; “ No one come to Me, except the father sent him”. God has to select you first, then send you to Jesus to clean you up, fixing you up and makes you ready for God. “ No one comes to the father, but by Me”. God can’t stand stiff-necked people. People that are too rigid, too much rooted into their personal lives to deal with Him. You have to be fluid, flexible, easy to make turns when you have to for Him to deal with you. “ The chaff, He will burn with an unquenchable fire”. Jesus has to fix you up, removed the scales off you, things that weighted you down, making you too heavy and keeping you too close to the ground. Jesus has to lighten you up; He has the power to remove the scales off you, things that are clogging you, covering the glory that God placed inside of you. When He said that your sin are forgiven you; He simply meant that He has removed off you the weight of your sins, the consequences of your bad actions, the damages caused by your reckless living, the conditions that make you rigid, not responsive to the prompting of the Holy Spirit of God. “ Know that the Son of man has the power on earth to forgive sins” “ And when you commit a sin; your sin attaches itself to you”; Jesus said. You sin has weight, it can be measured. Jesus has to separate you from your sin before God can deal with you. God’s presence is all consuming; His awesome power will consume everything that is not right with you; without Jesus to clean you first, you may not survive His awesome power. Jesus' job is to prepare you to meet God. We have an awesome God, so the beginning of wisdom is literally the fear of the Lord; respect for His awesome power.

Your take does not count:
Everyone has an opinion, everyone sees the world through his own eye, everyone wants to have their say, but they don’t have the vision, they don’t have the mandate, you answer to God. We cannot say like Jesus said: “ I always do the things that pleased the father”; because we are fallible people; we are driven by our selfish nature, while He was not. So we definitely need each other to watch the selfish part of our selves that tend to drive us to be indulging, excessive. In this case, all of the branches of the Haitian Government need to keep each other in check.

What they Need?
This mutual respect for the office should be given to all; rather it is the office of the president, the Prime Minister or a member of the parliament. Jesus showed humility; He did not washed the feet of His disciples to show off, but to show humility. They still owed Him the same respect after He washed their feet. He was still their teacher, their leader and their master.

Parliamentarians: who are they and what is their function?
We wage war inside and outside, within ourselves and outside of ourselves, foreign and domestic; this is what they do. They are at war with themselves first and with anything that is not right or align with the constitution of the country. Their job is to maintain themselves and the Haitian people within the lines set by God to guide them. The constitution is the consensus of what they think that they hear from God to guide the country. As time changes, every now and then they must make adjustment, what they agree as the voice of God to guide them. "Man was not created for the law, but the law was created for man , Jessus said, the voice of the people is the voice of God, each branch of government must listen to the voice and demands of the people and make adjustments accordingly. The constitution is the collective consciousness of the Haitian people agreeing on the guidelines set by God to guide them.

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