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Alternative Education, an answer to the Dminican threat

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What's Up Haitians!

Haiti: a pattern for other nations
Self_Identity God wants to make Haiti a pattern for other nations to follow. I am talking about the Third World countries, countries that are lagging behind, left behind, countries that are under the spell of Negation. Countries which populations are over sixty percent blacks where the system has negated, cut off and cut out of the possibility of this world. God wants to make Haiti the first to overcome the system of things that is running the world. However improbable this may appear, God wants to show them how He will do it. “He sent His word and healed them” “The entrance of Thy word gives light”. God is giving them a word of knowledge, a Rhema word that will show them the path. Whatever God is doing through them; He does it first before with the children of Israel. They are a pattern for others to follow. The Jewish people are one, though scattered around the world; they are one in spirit. The teachings of God have not departed from them. they prospered and excelled in every sphere of influence. They are Nobel Prize winners, successful in business, science, music, etc.

God will do the same for the Haitian people. God will make them one in spirit, working in one accord to help their country moves forward. He gave the Children of Israel the instructions that will make it possible for them to receive His blessing. He is doing the same for Haitians. Others have copied from the children of Israel and applied the same principles that make them successful in their lives. If the Haitian Government can take the initiative to educate their children the same way; they too will successful in everything they do. There is no shame in learning from others; America as a young nation has learned a lot from the French people. China is advancing by leaps and bounds by learning from everyone else. Germany is a perfect example of the law of God no respecter of person; it will work for you if you apply it in your life.

We Learn: from Each Other
The German copied from the Jewish people; what made them successful in everything they do; they called it Christian Mysticism. They employed the laws, the principles that make the Jewish people successful in their own lives. They too have reached heights as those of the Jewish people. They become rivals to the Jewish people and Hitler led the charge to exterminate them, because he wanted Germany to be the first in everything. What he failed to realize is that God was working with the children of Israel to be a pattern for humanity. It is through the Jewish people that salvation came into the world. While the whole world was engaged in idol worshiping, God was working harshly with the Jewish people to instill in them the principles that will make them successful in life. You cannot envy them, just look at the principles responsible for their success. Today I am revealing to you the principles that will allow you and your country to overcome a system that is designed to hold you down. God is doing it for the world.

How God is doing it?
If you can begin to unyoke yourself with the past, unyoke yourself with those spirits of the underworld, spirits that have reached their limits; if you can begin to yoke yourself with Jesus, the standard that God set for humanity; the system will have no choice but to release you. Jesus is the standard that overcame the world system. He is the pattern given by God for our salvation. What is German Mysticism you may ask? We know that Germany is the envy of nations; they are first in many areas, or spheres of influence. They are one of the top countries in science. Their automobiles are standard of class for people around the world. The Germans helped America develop their space program, their nuclear program, etc. In many ways they copied the principles that made the Jews people successful and make them their own. They coined these biblical principles as Moral Responsibility. They understand that there are certain laws, order, principles that regulate the Universe; they must abide by them. they believe that if they make them personal to them; they too will have an orderly life and successful as the Universe. The Christian teaching is the same; Jesus is the measure of the righteousness that we must have before God can release His blessing, giving you access to His creative power. He is the new way, the new revelation; His way of life is the way, the
Precepts in His teachings are the steps that you must take, live by for God to give you access to His creative power.

Releasing the Blessing: Moral Responsibility
God only releases His blessing when He is well pleased; order, justice, righteousness pleases Him. He gave the Jews as the German access to His creative power simply because He is pleased with them; they apply to their lives what He requires. The spirit of God is His creative power. Everything that God does; He does it by His spirit and so we are; everything that we are and do depends on our spirit; it is the spirit in us that gives life to the things we do. Jesus came to show you how to be in compliance with God so that His spirit can come inside of you and ignites your spirit, giving you access to His creative power. “There is one that comes after me; He is greater than me; He will baptize you with spirit and fire”, John the Baptiste said. Jesus will give you access to the spirit of God. Jesus is the one who God set as pattern for us to follow. He is the one that gives us access to the spirit of God. His way of life is the way; the
Precepts in His teachings are the means to transform us and make us acceptable to God. The German called that Christian Mysticism or German Mysticism. They are applying the same principles that make the Children of Israel successful, the same principles that allowed God to bless Abraham and promised to bless humanity by the same principles. Jesus is the culmination of those principles; He is a new revelation of these principles.

Releasing the Blessing: Social Competence
The next leg of German Mysticism is Social Competence; meaning that you must know how to treat your fellow human beings. Man is a living soul; meaning that his soul is measured in the life he lives, how he interacts with people. Learning to live a life that is pleasing to God is the key. Jesus came to show us how. He said that “I am the way and the life; I am the life and the light”, meaning that His way of life guarantees us access to the spirit of God. The Principles in His teachings will make you socially competent. Denying the self and take up your cross are the two tenets or pillars of the teachings of Jesus. One allows you to expand and gives room for God to operate in your life and the other makes you socially competent, meaning knowing how to deal with your fellow human beings. Take up your cross, meaning embracing your humanity, the needs, the shortcomings of your fellow human beings, make you socially competent.

Knowledge makes the way:
A word of knowledge from God makes the way for you. It is the truth that you know that sets you free Jesus said. You must be familiar with the scientific principles behind the things that you see, behind the laws that affect you. Right now sixty percent of the Haitian population is yoked with some underworld spirit for protection. This means that six out of ten families adopt a spirit or deity for protection. Haitians must understand the vibrational laws that regulate things in the Universe. The Voodoo priests understand the laws and principles and use them every day for their own benefits. They use these principles to kill, manipulate the population for their own interests. Yoking is very important; it has to do with frequency. Jesus invited us to yoke with Him simply because He wants to raise our vibrational frequency to match His own. His power also frees us from other yokes that are burdens for our lives. The Voodoo priests for money or for other reasons will kill the unsuspected Haitians simply because they don’t understand the principles behind yoking, vibrational frequency, etc. With their drums, they can manipulate the vibrational frequency of a person to their advantage, even causing death. Haitian folklore is full of these tales. Jesus wants to put an end to that. He wants to raise your vibrational frequency to His level. He is the standard that you must reach, the ultimate that you must attain. He is teaching you the way. “Yoke with Me and learn from Me”, He said “I will give you rest”; He will give you rest from this life of terror, always on the look out not knowing when an evil priest will not use his knowledge to take you out. Jesus is the yoke destroyer, he is the power of God that removed burden.

Against the Flow:
Contrary to what the Voodoo community in Haiti believes or what they tell you about Jesus or Christianity; God does not change for us, we must change for Him. The Voodoo priest does not do anything without first asking permission from God to bend His law. This goes for every being in the Universe, including the devil. If you are not with God; you are missing your boat. God is doing a new thing: if you are not aware of it; you will be left behind. Yoking with Jesus instead of the spirit of the underworld is your best bet to be where God wants you to be. Trust me, God is not mocked; He will not allow you access to His blessing, to His creative power without you first meet His standard. Jesus is the standard, your pattern, the standard that God set for humanity; learn from Him. He gave you the
precepts in His teachings for you to follow. His way of life is the way. You are required a certain measure of righteousness to please God; Jesus is your measure. You need a certain measure of faith for God to operate in your life; Jesus is your measure of faith. God gave Him as a standard for humanity. If you want to be part of humanity moving forward; you need to pattern your life after Him.

The requirement:
The requirement is that you deny the self, deny the way of separation and division; this way is of the devil. You need to embrace your humanity, meaning take up your cross. You must be responsive to the needs of the world around you. His way of life will make you fluid, flexible, able to respond to the subtle changes that are happening around you. God can only deal with you if you are not stiff, rigid. You need to respond quickly to Him. The
Precepts in the teachings of Jesus will do this for you. They will allow God to come inside of you and make His dwelling. It is the spirit of God that is the creative power of God. You will join other nations, be part of those who are leading the world if you follow the teachings of Jesus. They are provenscientifically to improve people cognitive ability and intuitive capacity. Your passport to the blessing of God is in Him.

Why you need Jesus?
The world is selfish; it is based on self; everything is self motivated. Jesus wants to give you a higher identity; this way you don’t have to struggle with everybody else. Denying the self is the first step in God giving you a new identity in Christ. People will not be able to take advantage of you, deny you. It is all about our identity; God wants to give you a new identity. He wants to enlarge you, expand you, giving you greater awareness, makes you cognizant to the world around you. He wants to increase your capacity to receive so that the world will not take from you and gives you so little. There is a prerequisite for you to get this new identity. Before God can increase you and expands you; you must first deny yourself; give up this false identity that you inherited from the devil. “To him that have, much will be added and to him that have not, it will be taken away” This is the way of things, the way of the world; God wants you to go contrary to the world. He will increase you if you are willing to deny the way of the world, give up yourself, the false identity that you inherit from the devil. If you are not conforming to God’s standard for humanity, His way of doing things; your world will not prosper. “Though they build; I will tow down”. You may try to build; but God will tow down what you built.

The Family Sphere: the foundation of a nation
Family_Sphere The first foundation of a country is the family structure. “Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it”. The Jewish people instill in their children at an early age the principles that will make them successful in life. They teach them the incorruptible word of God so that when they become adults, money, fame and fortune will not get them corrupted. The German people learned from the Jewish people. The German Mysticism movement was an attempt to teach the German people the same principles that make the Jewish people successful in life. This is what Jesus is teaching us, the same principles that make God blessed Abraham and made a promise to him that He will bless all of the family of the earth after him. If we apply the principles that will make our lives pleasing to God, He will come inside of us and make His dwelling. The word of God is no respecter of person; it will work for anybody that applies it. It is the spirit of God who empowers us to prosper and excel forward. The Jewish people are successful in everything they do, because they learned from tradition. They applied the principles that have been passed on to them by their parents and grand parents, from generation to generation. They claimed that Abraham is their father; they live their lives by the same principles that make God bless him. Jesus said that they don’t have to be boastful about it, and that God is able to raise Abraham descendants out of the history of Abraham. In other words, God will do for the world what He has done for Abraham simply by using the history of Abraham.

Case in Point:
The German mysticism movement was an attempt to do just that, to instill in the German children the same principles that make the Jewish people successful. Hitler hated the Jews for their success. He saw in them a rival, something that will tarnish his dream of German superiority. He wanted to claim that the white race was number one and superior to all races and that Germany embodied the white race. He was trying to equate the success of the German people to the white race, not to the principles that made the Jews successful. Eradicated the Jewish people will erase any doubt that the white race was superior to all races.
Case in point, he wanted to take something spiritual and made it physical. The Jews were the only people standing between him and his grand idea. He wanted to prove that whites were superior, not because of the spirit but because of their physical attributes. If the Jews are successful because of the principles that allowed God to bless them; this is contrary to his grand vision. Any race, country or individual can be successful if they apply the principles that will allow God to enter into their lives. It is the sprit that gives life. The creative power is the spirit of God in us. When the human spirit is restricted, people are oppressed, negated, there is no freedom of expression, there is also no creativity. Where there is no goodwill to man, no social welfare, there is no room for acceleration and flourishing.     
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