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What's Up Haitians!

Life and death: Attainment and Negation
Intertwined We explained the world in terms of Attainment and Negation, but in actuality there are only two things going on in the world. Behind the forces for Attainment and the forces for Negation are either the forces for life or the forces for death. There are only two things going on in the world; one is truth and the other one is a lie, falsehood. God is the only reality and the devil the who opposes Him. There only two things going on in the world and we have only two options. They are the choices that we make for life or God and the choices that we make for death or the devil. Life and death are the only two things before us. There are no bigger or smaller choices in life; we only make choices to avoid death that is constantly trying to overtake us. Death is the enemy; the devil is the enemy of our souls. Jesus showed us how to conquer death and stay on the side of life. “I am the way and the life; I am the life and the light; I am the resurrection and the life”. Jesus said; “If you walk with Me, you shall not live in darkness, but have the light of day; if you walk in the dark and stumble; it is because the light is not in you”. you are in the darkness of this world if you are not in Christ Jesus. If you are not living the Lifestyle He prescribed for you to live; you are not in the light of God; you are under the spell of the devil, part of the darkness of this world. The battle of nations, groups, political parties, or even individuals is the battle of ideals. Behind our ideals are forces for good or for evil, forces that are pushing humanity forward and forces that are restraining humanity backward. The forces are for good when they are fulfilling the will of God and the forces are for evil when they are resisting the will of God. This is the definition of evil, resisting the will of God. This is what the devil is; he opposes the will of God for our lives. If you are not for God; you are against Him. The moment that you are not fulfilling God’s will; you are in enmity with God; you are an ally of the devil.


Becoming the enemy:
They becoming the enemy because they stop growing, developing; they are no longer fulfilling God’s will, what He intended for them to become. They are not where God wants them to be; therefore they are not in the light of God. The terrorists are doing what they do simply because they are not in the light of God, they are living in the darkness of this world, under the spell of the devil. There is no neutral ground; people automatically take a stance either for or oppose. You don’t always know where you fall, for who and what you are fighting for, what forces are driving you. Life has to unfold; man is a living soul, he must discover himself in living. His life is shaped by two opposing forces; he must live between the two. God determined the measure of his life by the life he lives, how he resists the devil, the opposing force that is driving him to oppose the will of God for his life. Certain things will not come to light until we start living, interacting and engaging others.

Simplifying the issues:
Everything that I needed to say; I said it in one fashion or the other; everything that is happening in the world can be explained in terms of life and death. God has given me the formula to simplify issues, conflicts; I don’t want to get entangle in the web of life, repeating myself, going around in circle.

The Game of life: four thousand years and today, the same game
It is all about the choices that we make. Life would have been a game, except every choice that we make has either life or death in it. Sometimes parents have to give their children room to play; this is how they discover themselves, know their ability, their gifts, talents and weaknesses. Under the watchful eyes of their parents, they are allowed to play with abandon; the parents will intervene only when the choices they make will cause them harm or injure them. This is the same with God; He gives us the space to be, the freedom to choose. He knows that we will not know the difference in our own choices unless we live them and experience them. “And man became a living soul” it is in living that we discover ourselves.

Sometimes God will allow certain things to take place in our lives because we would not know the difference if we did not live them. Man is a living soul; he has to go through life, experience stuffs in other to discover the workings of things. Life is about choices, everything that we do in life has either life or death in it. Every choice that we make has either life or death in it. Sometimes God will intervene in our behalf, but when we insist; He will allow us to choose.
God did not want to give the children of Israel a king; He wanted to be their king, leading them, but they insisted on having a king; therefore He gave them Saul. He was a reflection of themselves, what they wanted in a king. God wanted them to reflect Him, His character, His nature, but they wanted someone that reflects what everybody else wanted. They want a king that reflected their character, their aspirations; He allowed them to have what they wanted. They would not know the difference until they lived and experience what they wanted.

The measure of life:
Life is measured in
intensity, the choices that we make determined the quality of life we live, rather we have more of it. Jesus came to show us a way of life that guarantees us an increase. This way of life will make us fluid, flexible, increases our cognitive ability, giving us greater intuitive capacity, makes us more aware of the subtle changes that are happening around us. This way of life will make us more responsive to the needs of our environment. There is a practical application to the Lifestyle
Jesus prescribed for us to live. The Precepts
in His teachings guarantee us a flow with life. Life is a flow; you have to be fluid, flexible like the wind, easy to make the turns when time requires and for that you need the spirit of God to quicken you. If you live your life by the precepts prescribed by Jesus for you to live; the Holy Spirit of God will make His dwelling inside of you. You are guaranteed and increase because of it.

The people are claming for a leader that reflects them; they will soon find out rather he or she is a reflection of what God wants us to be. God’s will be done in the earth, the way to God is for us to embrace our humanity, deny the self and take up our cross; this goes to every nations, tongues, cultures, race, etc. We must become what God intended; if we are not denying the self, meaning rejecting the way of the devil, we are not fulfilling God’s will. It may take time for us to discover the difference, but we must choose rather we have life or death; rather we want separation or oneness. Separation is of the devil, anything that is evil in the world has its origin in the devil.

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