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Two separate world, two separate reality: In some parts of the world, people are living at a faster pace, accelerating faster into their future and in other parts, people are living at a slower pace trying to catch up with those who are far ahead.

Some people are parts of the accelerated life, moving and living at a faster pace and some others are more sluggish, moving and living at a slower pace, thus lagging behind. My interest is to help those who are living at a slower pace, moving slower, those that are far behind, help them catch up with those that are far ahead. The only way I know I can help them is to tell them what is already available for them, what provision that God has made available for them. I want to tell them the provision that God made available for them so that they too can start moving faster, living at a faster pace in life, accelerate toward their future, if they accept it. God has made a way available for them that can help them take the quantum leap, help them catch with those who are far ahead, but they must know about it and accept it. That provision can help them increase their cognitive ability, increase their intuitive capacity, makes them more fluid, more flexible, easy to make the shift, go around tight corners whenever the need arises. God can help them become more responsive to the needs and the demands of their environments; give them the capacity to create first class world for themselves, Better Living World for them to live. They can be part of the abundance of life. All they have to do is for them to accept the provision that God made available for them.
Our world is a Multi-layered World
By now it must be apparent to us that our world is a multi-layered world, some countries are far ahead and some countries are far behind and there are some that are in between. Those countries that are far ahead are known as industrial countries; they formed the industrial world. Those countries that are far behind are known as Third World countries; they formed the Third World. In between are emerging nations, not fully industrialized and not completely backward. The last is the tail of humanity, the last layer are clusters of people that are not considered nations yet; they live in forest, desert, nomadic; we call them, the Tribal World.
What separates them all is their way of life, lifestyle, their collective standard of living and more importantly, their status in the world and that status is measured in abundance, in order and harmony. The Third World is more chaotic, less abundance, not in natural resources but in the capacity to use these natural resources to improve their condition of living. To me lifestyle is the key; the crux that separates them and set them apart is their way of life. Jesus has a way of life that fits us all, it is a lifestyle that can universally applies to all people, race, nations and creeds; He is the way and the life, the way of life that guarantees us an increase in our cognitive ability, our intuitive capacity, quickens us, makes us fluid and flexible, empowers us to prosper and excel forward.

Human Motivation
Human beings are motivated by needs. Needs are the driving forces in our lives; they determine our level of awareness. When our attention is fixated on a particular need that cannot be quenched, that need becomes our level of awareness. Godís intention is to make us fluid, flexible enough so that we can move back and forth to any level on the scale of human awareness. God cannot do that until we can operate at the level of the heart, the level of love and from there, He can teach us how to reach higher levels of awareness. Each level of human awareness corresponds to a need in a human being. Each need is a driving force in our lives. In order for any of us to start operating at the level of the heart; there are some steps and procedures that we must take. The first one is for us to know that there is only one God and accept the provision that He made available for us to find Him. This step entails knowing what the provision is. The provision is a person and that person has a name. We must know that name, because that name is a password for us to access the power of God for our salvation, from poverty, lack, sickness and diseases. The more we meditate of that person, know who He is, what role and mission He has in our lives, His importance, His relationship to us, the more you deliberately make it your own business to know who that person is, the more you become like Him. His nature and character are transferred to you. This transfer of character and personality affect your body and slowly transform it into higher stuff, more capable of withstanding the power and the glory of God. God is spirit; His nature is incompatible with matter. His presence would destroy anything that is material but because of the transformation that happens when you take on the nature of Jesus, you body becomes capable of withstanding the power of the spirit and the glory of God. Godís nature is all consuming; He will consume anything that is imperfect, contrary to His nature. If we have imperfection in us; he will consume them automatically. This is why He hides us in Christ Jesus to protect us from His awesome nature, His all consuming nature. It is my belief and conviction that it is the intention of God to transform you so that your physical body will become incorruptible, capable of withstanding the full glory of God. When Jesus died, His body instead of decaying; was transformed to higher stuff, incorruptibility. The evidence of what happened to the body of Jesus while at the tomb is with us today in the Shroud of Turin. The energy that was released when Jesusí body was changed from corruptibility to incorruptibility, from matter to higher stuff was so great that the burial cloth recorded the event. Just like what happen when a nuclear blast releases so much energy that images of people and trees are recorded in nature.
Haiti, a Separate World

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