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Self Expression

Zbob: The need for recognition, power

Level Three

Zbob: On the scale of human needs this one need is the level of awareness where most of us get stuck; hence the first two levels are fulfilled, the next need that is driving people is the need for recognition, the need for power. This need is a very powerful need; it drives people to do all sort of things in order to fulfill it. On a collective level, this need is predominant in countries that are stuck in the past and lagging behind. This need is a driving force in the Middle East where the rigidity of the cultures doesn’t allow people to advance forward quickly. Since the people are lagging behind, their craving for recognition drives them to become extremists.

Crossing the Boundaries of Human Existence
Crossing the threshold of power to enter the next level of awareness is not easy, most people who have achieved a certain level of success in this world and reached a position of power; they stop growing, developing. They feel that they have achieved the maximum height that any human being can attain. They reach a plateau and no longer want to move further. They start feeling superior, boastful, hence self importance. This is the reason why you had such terrible treatment of black slaves by their owners, Hitler quest for a superior race, all of which are the result of people who have reached a plateau in their human development. They cannot cross over to the next level where love operates. Unless God free them and help them move up to the next level where love is operating, they will remain stuck, bringing pain and suffering to the rest of us. “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”; most people that fall prey of this level of awareness become tyrants, hurting people for their own self gratification.
Love is where it is, where humanity is collectively; this is where God wants us to be. Hence we cross over to the next level, we are no longer aware of just the physical, we are also aware of the spiritual. Everything that we do, all of the needs that are driving us, motivating us from the first three levels of awareness belong to the physical existence. Hence we cross over, we are aware of our spiritual connection with every body, we no longer feel superior or boastful toward one another. Our identity now is closer to God, closer to the spirit world than the physical. To be born of the spirit is to be free to move back and forth from one level of awareness to the next.

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Human Motivation

According to behavioral science, human beings are motivated by needs, the need that you are stuck on in life, the need that you are unable to fulfill, is your level of awareness. Hence you are born, the law that regulates your birth forces you to fixate your attention on the world where you are born. You are compelled to focus your attention on that world, Christians called these laws that regulate your birth inequities and the Hindus called them Karma. We are individuals, yet we are part of a collective; there is a need that binds people together collectively, that need becomes their countries level of awareness. This is why countries are considered as classrooms where people are put together because of their communality, because they have something in common. If we can understand the need that drives people, we can also understand the driving force behind the collective or the country they come from, we can understand the motivation behind the peculiar behaviors they displayed and the particular country they come from, and know why they behave certain way.

Why are we Here
Ascending and Descending is The law of God “The law of God is perfect converting the soul”. This is the law that regulates our birth, which also determines in what order we are here on earth; rather we are here to ascend or were are here descending. This law is very important because it gives the devil permission to place you as he sees fit in his system of things. This law is called Karma in Hinduism and the Christians called it sin or inequity; it is the law of motivation and intention. “I am a jealous God visiting the inequities of the father upon the son until the fourth generation of those who hate Me, etc.“Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A person reaps what he sows”. All things whatsoever you would that men should do to you, do even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets. "Is there one word which may serve as a rule of practice? for all one's life?" Confucius answered, "Is not reciprocity such a word? What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others.
"Higher levels of Awareness"
The aim of life is to make you fluid and flexible enough so that you can move from one level of awareness to the next. People that are born of the spirit are free to move from any level; they are like the wind. All of us operate at different levels of awareness, some of us are more fluid than others and can move easily from one level to the next without getting stuck. Fixation of attention happens when a person is tuck at one level and cannot flow back and forth to other levels. This is what we call The Babel Syndrome; when a person is at a level and cannot flow with the world around him or her and cannot see the needs of the world or respond to the demands of the world around that person; that person is stuck. That person can only sees the world through the prism of the need or the level that he or she is stuck on.

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