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The Question of Entitlement: the source of anger
Defeat As long as there are disparities that separate people, there will be the need to explain the cause for these disparities. As long as there are disparities that separate people, there will be the need to help people fill the space and overcome the gap that separates them in their achievements, possibility to attain and partake in the possibilities of this world. God is revealing knowledge and understanding, unveiling the works of darkness, making way for the truth to take place in our hearts.

There are those who feel entitled to the blessings of God and that the blessings should reserved only for them. There always have been such questions since the dawn of time. Even the Jews claimed that God as their father’s exclusively, until Jesus rebuked them and told them that “God is able to raise Abraham descendants out of the history of Abraham”. The question of entitlement is a source of anger, even vexation of spirit for the Jews to see that God is able to bless other people. The call is given to all, whosoever believes that Jesus is the standard that God is looking for in us before releasing His spirit in us, giving us access to God's blessing; His power to create. The power to create first class world for us to live is directly proportionate to our understanding of the reality that God created us to be, the idenity that God wants us to have. Jesus is the only reality, the standard of being that God created you to be. It is all done with Him and by Him, His standard and His way of doing things.

I explained the cause for the disparities that exist among the different races that made up the human race, what people must do to overcome this system of dispensation, the system that regulates the possibility to attain and to achieve in this world. I explained the requirement that people must meet to be able to achieve and partake in the possibilities of this world as God intended it. I showed with clarity the path that God made available for them to receive His blessing, empowered them to create Better Living World for themselves to live. Who is entitled to receive the blessing of God, or have "stuffs" in this world, the answer is anyone, whosoever believes in the plan of God, the pathway that God has made available for them is entitled. Join God, He is inviting you to work with Him; The Power of Convergence is the tool that will help you do that. It is the path to your calling, to help you maximize your talent so that you can have the influence you need to impact the world for the Glory of God. God wants to be glorified in the face of the nations; His plan to do that is revealed in Jesus Christ. Order, Perfection and Righteousness are the measures that make God personal to us and us personal to God. Jesus came to demonstrate them to us in real time, in the flesh. Those measures were made flesh in Jesus Christ; He embodies these attributes. God is universal, infinite, the only way to make this vast and infinite God personal to you is to make these attributes your own. Jesus is the one pill that you need to take, because in Him is embodied these attributes. God gave Him as the remedy, the one stop measure you need to get access to this infinite God and His power.

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