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The Tonality of this World: Who set the Tone of this world?
Fear There is a reality behind what we see; there is a spiritual dimension to life; there is an attitude toward what is seen; that attitude is the tone, the tonality of this world. We know that there is a tone, an attitude toward what is seen and we know that the tone has changed because it is no longer cool or acceptable to do certain things in this world. The attitude, the tone has changed, but the question is still remained, who set up the tonality of this world, the attitude toward what is seen. If what we see is not what is but a description of what is, if what we perceive as reality is a description, then who set up the tone of that description, the tone of this world.

Who set the tone? It is the tone that is the problem, not the reality of this world? The reality of this world is that people are either ascending to God or descending from God, everything else is inconsequential. God does not like the tone of this world; this is the reason why He sent His Son to destroy it. God is not destroying the world, but the tonality of the world, the falsehood, the lie. “And for that He came, to destroy the works of the devil, to undo the darkness of this world”. “Now is the ruler of this world cast out, the darkness of this world cast out”.

I want to explain to people in simple terms, using simple concepts so that whatever their background, country of origin, level of development, their belief system of who and what God is to them, their position in life, they can understand.

I want to explain in graphic details how worlds of people are created, (formed), why we have layered worlds of people, why we have an industrial world of people, an Emerging World of people, a Third World of people and a Tribal world of people. I want to explain to people why we cannot create better world for ourselves to live and what we must do to access the creative power of God to help us create first class world for us to live. I want to explain to people what the Third world is, how the Third world come to be and what people of the Third World can do to take the leap to create a better World, to be where God wants them to be.

Who set the tone of this world? This system of things, this world system
System Pull up a chair, take a seat and join the classroom; you need the hearing of a child to participate. “Only as a child can you enter the kingdom of God; only as a child can you be led by the spirit” Click link below to continue...

You cannot talk about race or discuss any subject related to this system of things and not be soiled, so be careful, you will feel combative and judgmental. You are entering the devil’s territory, negation is the primary tool that the devil uses to maintain this system of things; slavery was the crown achievement of that system of things; it left a stain on the psyche of humanity that cannot be easily erased. The stain of slavery will not go away so easily; brace yourself, you will feel the impact of negation if you decide to open this link and continue reading.

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