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Terror by Default: When God is not in the picture
Sandy_Hook_Killer Tormented souls, some of them are weighted down by the inequities of their parents and fore-parents; generational curses that are passed on from generation to generation; God is the only answer. What we term mental illness, depression are really demonical activities; this is what happens when you let the atheists have their way. There is nothing left between us and the impulses coming from our bodies and our fleshly activities. There is nothing to restrain us against the impulses of the flesh. If there is nothing higher than man; there is no accountability; there is no one to answer to beyond the flesh. If the flesh is the finality of life, then what is to restrain us after the death of the body? The frequency of these events like what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School proved to us that without constraints to guide our spirit, we are at the mercy of the impulse of the flesh. This is the price we pay for taking God out of our lives. God places constraints around us to guide our spirit, keeping us from succumbing to the impulses of the flesh. When trials and tribulations come our way, we simply don’t give up to them, take the easy way out. Death is the easy way out for many of us; it is easier to die than to face the constraints placed before us. When we don’t face the constraints placed before us, live our lives within the guidelines set by God to guide us, we miss our marks and the seed of greatness inside of us stop developing; this is the time when we enter into an antagonistic stage, we become the enemy; the enemy of God and the enemy of humanity.

What I am certain with this tragedy is that it was a decision influenced by the flesh and there was no restraint, nothing to make this individual feel constrained, feel accountable for his actions. Since there was nothing greater than his body and life was not worth living; the only satisfaction he had left was to take as many people with him, go out with a splash and get the recognition that he so desperately needed. I am certain that this individual has stopped growing, developing, the seed of greatness that God placed inside of him has stopped developing. He had reached a plateau or a dead-end in his stage of development. He desperately needed to make up for his failure. He had failed to reach his marks; he was driven by his need for recognition and fulfillment. He did not want to remain irrelevant, the seed of greatness inside of him will not let him find rest, he wanted to be acknowledged at all cost. Taken his life, his mother’s life and as may people as he could will give him the recognition that he so desperately needed. See the development of the Seed

The Remedy:

These people can only be fixed by God; there are certain challenges in their lives only God can fix and without God in their lives; there is no hope for them. Hopelessness was the prime motivator, there was nothing to live for and there was no one for him to give account to; this life for him was the finality of things, why not go out with a bang. The seed of greatness that God places inside of all of us is crying out, but when it is no longer developing; only God can fix it, give new life to it. To take God out of the equation, out of the market place, out of our lives is the reason behind what we are seeing and the frequency of it is just going to increase.

I say let us challenge the atheists; if they don’t believe that there is a God, let them bring order and harmony out of this chaos themselves. Unintended consequences are what happen when atheists get their way. You send your child to school, and no show after school just because of an unrestrained individual who was out to make his mark at all cost, simply because he had no one to give account for his actions, no one to answer to; he believes that there is nothing higher than his body, therefore no constraint to guide his spirit. Most conditions that are diagnosed as mental illnesses and depression are demonical activities, evil spirits activities that come about when the Holy Spirit of God is absent in our lives. Mouse activities are signs that there is no cat in the house; the moment that the man is disconnected from God, the devil’s presence is manifested.

Who we are to blame for these demonical activities; we see them happening more frequently in our schools? We are the ones to blame; we are no different than the people of the Middle East and South Asia; their belief system, their way of life give rise to this culture of death and destruction. The Taliban, the Jihadist are somewhat tolerated subconsciously or consciously in their society. The Klu Klux Klan is no longer in the forefront of American society; simply because they are no longer tolerated. They have recluse in the fringes of society. There always going to be a remnant of them with us as it is for anything that was once part of the human consciousness; but they will not be in the forefront. God wants to be in our midst, help us leave behind those things that are no longer suitable for us in our present stage of development. He wants to take us to the next level of awareness; keeping us from becoming the terror that we see today. When the seed of greatness that He placed inside of us stop developing; the potential for terror is a certainty. The same seed of greatness that God placed inside of us become wicked, opposing the will of God, the order of things; God is the only way out.

Religious point of View

The flesh is the opposing body; if there is nothing to restrain us from the impulses coming from our bodies, our fleshly activities; we will succumb to them “When there is no cat in the house, mouse takeover ”; when the Holy Spirit of God is not present in our midst, evil spirits takeover. What we are witnessing these days are demonical activities of evil spirits taken over our bodies. We have no spiritual forces to withstand against them; against their impulses, against their drive to lead us to destruction. Choose God, deny the atheists or we will all suffer.

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