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They are not altogether different
Thoughtful There is a core issue at stake; it is the human issue; “ Life”. Today’s war is no longer about the continuation of negotiation on the battlefield, because no one is listening, no one cares, everyone to himself; it is rather about the lessons that we failed to learn willingly that we are forced to learn on the battlefield. War can be averted if we are willing to see the core issue, what is at stake. Silence Zbob Close

When do we cross the lines and the boundaries that defined our existence? When do we know that we stop being human? Is there a point when we are crossing the line that makes us all human, that define our humanity. There always have been lines that keep us from crossing certain boundaries. There is always a limit, a boundary, a threshold that we will not cross; how far are you willing to let others push you against the line and how much how you willing to do to maintain yourself within the boundaries that you set or recognize to be human. There is no suction, no traction, and you have no impetus to act without the agreement of others. They want circumstances to define the line, do you let them or do you have a responsibility to maintain the line despite of them. So many voices, but they don’t have the mandate; you have the vision. Silence Zbob Close

What does it means to be human?
Human beings are measured by one standard and that standard is life. You have an obligation to maintain that life. Life is frail, fragile, there have to be lines and boundaries put in place to protect that life. You have a responsibility to protect life, no matter whose life it is; if you don’t you will inevitably pay the price for not doing anything. Man is motivated by needs; the act of fulfilling these needs is living. “ And man became a living soul ”; means that it is in living that his soul lives, exists. Needs are the driving forces of life, the remedy against these forces is to be found in one biblical verse: “ Cast all of your cares upon Him”; in casting all of our cares upon Him, we take our awareness off the physical and places it on God. This is the one thing that God has been doing since He created man and breathed the breath of life in his nostrils. God made a contract between Him and man that He will fulfill all of his needs and in return man will do what He says. There is a new contract that is even better than the first that says; if we agree and accept His standard of being, His measure of righteousness which is in Jesus, we can become that standard. The only thing that is required of us to validate this contract is for us to agree with Him and Jesus will do the rest. God has a standard and a measure of righteousness which is in Jesus, He wants us to become that standard; this is the purpose, the reason why He created us. All that we have to do to enforce this contract is to accept His plan and say yes. Silence Zbob Close

Who is man?
The nature of man is in life: our perception is tied up with life, how we live The whole secret of life is in the life we live, living. The secret of living can be explained in this simple bible verse. The nature of man scientifically and spiritually can be found in this one bible verse; “ Cast all of your cares upon Him ”. Let me explain what I mean: since the dawn of creation God has been trying to do one thing with man, that is making man more like Him than the body that He put His breath in. Essentially man is an (interaction) between his body and the breath of life. Man is neither, but a result of the combination of the two. If you were to ask the question who is man; what is it that God is trying to make in man that is more like Him; you could say that man is an awareness, a perception, a consciousness. So everything in life revolves around our perception, our ability to see the world as it is, reality. So why is this bible verse so important in explaining the nature of man; life itself? You can say that because in casting all of our cares upon Him, we are invariable aware of our spiritual nature, the part of us that is not the body.Silence Zbob Close

And God breathed in his nostrils and man became a living soul”. We don’t really exist until we start living, literally. So our souls come to life when we engage in the act of living. Human beings are driven by needs; without them, there is no drive for life. Our motivation in life comes from the needs that drive us to fulfill them. If we succumb to these needs, we become them. Most of these needs originated from the body, so God asked us to cast all of our cares upon Him so that we don’t become the body, we become more Him. Our perception in life is tied up to our needs. The reason why most of us cannot see the reality of the world around us is because we are stuck, our perception is stuck focusing on our needs. Search our site for the Third World Syndrome Help Silence Zbob Close

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