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Concluding the Matter: I am where I started from

Separation Simple math, God formed man out of the dust of the ground and He animated him with His spirit. His spirit is the enabler; even though we identify ourselves with the body; it is the spirit that gives life to the body. When the spirit is departed, the body returns to its original state, inanimate, which means dead. Death occurs when the spirit is departed from the body; this is separation. The spirit of separation enters the world when Adam consumed the fruit of separation, the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. It is the same with things that pertained to Holiness, integrity, righteousness; they are attributes of the spirit; the body alone cannot handle them. Without the spirit of God to guide man, it is impossible for man to live holy or does things that pertain to the spirit. The original sin is separation from God which we are all guilty of. Consuming the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil is us partaken in what the devil did to God. He separated himself from God and lied to us about it. Man is essentially a body, he cannot live apart from the spirit of God, because literally this is what death is, separation from the spirit. He the devil is a liar; he never repeated to Adam what God told to Adam that to take part with the devil is separation from God, death of his body. “As to the tree that is in the midst of the garden, you shall not eat of it for the day you eat of it, you shall surely die”. This is the truth that the devil concealed from Adam; this is the sin that we are all guilty of, separation from the spirit of God. We identify ourselves with the body because essentially, we are the body. “Dust you are and to dust you shall return”. Without the enabler, we are the body. Man just like God is a triune being, a three parts being. He is essentially a body, the spirit animates the body and the two becomes a living soul. “And God formed the man out of the dust of the ground and blew in his nostrils and man became a living soul”. The soul is the grey area between the body and the spirit. A living soul which is living, life is to be found between two poles, two extremes, between the impulses coming from the body and the constraint set by God to guide his spirit. “What matter in life is that a man finds the totality of himself, body, soul and spirit? ? This statement is true, but there is an essential ingredient among the three that gives life, we must find it. “Find that which is essential and become it”. We must become the spirit for it is the spirit that gives life. “And man became a living soul”; his soul must become more spirit than body. His identity must be more of the spirit, follow the constraint set by God rather than the impulses coming from his body. The closer that relationship, the closer the soul is to the spirit. This is the reason why God places constraints around us and keep us in the spiritual path. “All souls belong to me God says, but the soul that sin is the one that dies”; which means that the soul that separates itself from God is the one that dies, for as the body dies so will the soul that identifies with it. Life is a balancing act between t he impulses coming from a man’s body and the constraints set by God so that he can be guided by the spirit. How he lives his life, either influenced by the impulses of the flesh or the constraint set by God to maintain him in the life of the spirit. How he lives his life will determine how magical, how influential, how impeccable his life is. Since the dawn of creation God has been trying to instill in man His measure of righteousness, the measure of His spirit. This process is an endless and ceaseless process. Silence Zbob Close

The subject of sin, understand what sin is helps us understand life, the cause for all of the terror we see around us. Sin is simply separation, the original cause for it all, all of the terror that we see around us. Man is essentially a body made out of dust that is animated by the spirit. “It is the spirit that gives life, the body profits nothing”, Jesus said. Your body cannot do without the spirit. So the question is; what is man? Man is essentially an awareness, a conscious entity and that awareness is essentially a mystery. God is pure consciousness, everything is in Him. When He creates a being, He assigns His consciousness to that being. That being has a distinct frequency in Him. He gives that being the power to duplicate and each replication is distinct and unique yet the same to the original he created. I don’t know how angels multiply, but God created being by class and give them the power to replicate. Every created being has a distinct frequency in God, a particular standard, a limit to where their consciousness can reach. In the case of man, Jesus came to demonstrate that standard, what is possible for man. He is the pattern for mankind. Silence Zbob Close

There is no escape; I have stopped talking about; I tried to avoid it like a plague, but eventually, I ended up where I have started from; how it all begins? In the beginning there was a separation, the devil separated himself from God and waned to be God. The spirit of separation entered the world, selfishness took a hold of us and what follow is what we see today. Everything that we see wrong in the world, including death is the cause of separation; separation from the spirit of God. Actually death is the crux of it all,
a world without the spirit of God to breath life into it is dead. I started my journey helping people understand the forces of Negation because the way negation affects me, in the world I live. I was able to explain people the cause of Negation; it is the result of the original sin, the entrance of the spirit of separation in the world, the spirit of death. I say death, because the spirit of separation is literally cutting us from the spirit of God that gives us life. Negation is the ego that must negates in order to assert itself. I hate to talk about Negation, but I must go back to how it all begins, separation is the original cause. It is separation that forces us to negate each other in order to assert ourselves in the world.  Silence Zbob Close

The Original Sin: The entrance of the devil into our lives
Bewilderment When God created man, his creation was contested; the devil did not want God to create man to replace him. God created man after His own image and placed the seed of greatness, the seed of perfection inside of him and said to him to have dominion and populate the earth. The devil did not like that, this is why he became the adversary, the enemy of our soul, the enemy of humanity; he wanted to (derail) destroy the plan of God. God had a contingency plan however just in case man failed and through Christ He will redeem him. Jesus was offered as the One who will be the Christ, the sacrificial Lamb; this is the reason why the bible says that the Lamb was slain from the foundation of the world. If you believe in Jesus as the savior, the One that God plan to use to save humanity from the clutches of the devil, God will not impute the result of the violation of His law on you if you accept Jesus. What is sin you may ask; sin is the reaction that occurs when you violate the law of God. Sin creates a scale like reaction that covers the glory that God placed inside of you. God has to turn His back away from you, the reaction makes you repulsive to Him; He cannot stand you. Since He cannot stand sin, He may destroy you and sin together. Jesus’ job is to prepare you, cleanses you of sin and baptizes you with the spirit of God so that you may no longer violate the law of God. Only when you are living by the spirit can you stop sinning. The bible says that the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth come by Jesus Christ, which means that the grace of God is the spirit of God enabling you, keeping you from sinning. Jesus has the power, not only to remove sin of you, cleanses you up, but also infuse you with the spirit of God so that you may know how to obey the law of God without violating them. This is what sin is, it is reaction causes by the violation of the law of God that causes scales like to cover your being, cover the glory that God placed inside of you. “The chaff, He will burn with unquenchable fire”; the scales, the things that make you heavy, the things that cover the seed of greatness that God placed inside of you; he will remove. Since the foundation of the world, God had a plan against the devil and Jesus was the One to carry out that plan. “And for that He came, to destroy the works of the devil”. God will not impute your sin if you accept Jesus as your savior. When you accept Jesus as your savior, He becomes the transmuting agent that transforms you to higher stuff, eventually from corruptibility to incorruptibility. We are been transformed right now as I am speaking to you; the more that you fix your attention on Jesus, the faster the transmuting process takes place. Eventually, we shall see him face to face; the glory that God placed inside of you will shine through where your glorious body can meet with His glorious body and not crumble in the process.    Silence Zbob
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Sin is tangible, quantitative because of the reaction it causes in your being; that reaction can be measured quantitatively as scales that cover your being, cover the glory that God placed inside of you. Jesus said that: ” When you sin, your sin attaches itself to you”. Jesus has the power, not only to free you of the reaction produced by your sin, but also transforms you so that you no longer violate the law of God that produce those reactions. Hence you are living by the spirit; you are guided by the spirit; therefore, you cannot sin. “After me shall come One who shall baptize you with spirit and fire”, John said. Hence you are born of the spirit; you are no longer a sinner. The inequity of us all was laid upon Him, the one sin that humanity is guilty of; Jesus came to fix. What is that one sin, the one thing, the one transgression that we are all guilty of? The one sin that we are all guilty of is giving the devil access to our lives, give entrance to devil into our lives. The moment that we consume the fruit of self, the fruit of separation, separating good from bad and use that separation to boast our ego, we violate the law of God. Consuming the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil is what self is, except that we deny the self, Jesus said, we cannot follow Him. He came to teach us how to live selflessly, learn to embrace the shortcomings, the frailty of our fellow human beings and not to use these conditions to separate ourselves from, but to take those conditions as our cross. “If a man wants to follow Me, let him first deny himself, take up his cross and follow Me”. The universe is based on sacrifice, the strong helping the weak, not to use our strength to lord over the weak; this is the devil’s way. This is the original sin that gave the devil entrance in the world, our world, and our lives.   Silence Zbob Close

The Quantitative Nature of Sin: Why the consequences for our sin last so long
What is sin? Sin is the consequence, the result which is issued from breaking the law of God, from the disruption in the order of the universe. That consequence has weight and can be measured, but also has the potential to last, for God will not be satisfied until order is re-established, the wrong that is done is made right, a price is exacted for this violation. The Son is a perfect example of a sinless life, because He is always in sync with God, doing exactly what God wants. As a consequence of this relationship, the Son has the power to remove sin, which is to re-establish order in the universe, makes the law of God whole again. God will not rest until the violation is fixed and order is restored but only the Son can do that, the whole earth is waiting for us to become sons of God, trough Christ. The Son will do exactly what the Father wants; this is the reason why the Son has the power to remove sin, restore order in the law of God, order of the universe. “The inequities of the fathers are transferred to the sons until the third and fourth generation of those who hate Me”. Hating God means not obeying the law of God, the commandments of God and the statutes of God, as in hate is the opposite of love. “If you love Me, you will obey my commandment, Jesus said”. If you love God and believe that He is your Father; you will obey Him. “The inequity of us all was laid upon Him”; which means that the consequences for the original sin, the sin that we are all guilty of, was laid upon Him. The consequence for not been a true son was laid on Jesus to show us what a true son is; if Adam was a true son, He would not have disobeyed God and gave access to the devil to enter into our lives. Jesus came to demonstrate to us what a true son is and gave us the mean to become sons of God as He is the Son of God. He resisted the devil in all points. He was tempted, but overcame the temptations. There are sins and there are sins, some carry more weights because the disruption they caused may be greater in the order of things. It is the disruption that gives weight to our sin. A sin is a violation in the order of God, the law of God, the order of the universe and that has consequences and these consequences are the inequities, the results of our sins.   
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The consequences of sin will not go away without the Son, the only begotten Son of God; Jesus is the only begotten Son of God, the standard, the measure, the One that can make things right again with God, re-establish order in the universe, makes us all sons of God. He has the power to remove sin, because He always pleases the Father. He lives by the Spirit of God; He is always in tune with His Father. “I always do the things that please the Father”, Jesus said. I believe that the reason why He said that is because He and the Father are never separated. “Me and the Father are One. I pray Father that they are one as you and I are one”. He is always in sync with His Father. I do that so that you may know that the Son has the power on earth to forgive sin, remove the consequences of sin; Jesus said to those who oppose His work, did not like what He was doing. “Take up your bed and walk”, Jesus said to the cripple man. And He turned around and said to those who did not like what He was doing: “Which is easier to say, get up, take up your bed and walk or your sins are forgiven”. He was not boasting His power; He was giving them a demonstration of His authority, what the Son of God can do. Jesus can make us also sons, “For as many as received Him, to them He gave the power to become sons of God, not according to the flesh, but of the spirit”.   Silence Zbob Close

Sin has weight:
God is order and perfection; you cannot violate the law of God, change the order of the universe without paying a price, the consequence for your disobedience is what sin is. Sin creates a reaction in your being and that reaction can be measured; it has weight, puts you in contravention with the order of the universe and separates you from God. Human beings are spiritual beings at the core and when they violate the order of the universe, there are real consequences; as such, because whatever the reaction of their sin produces, has a life and will not go away. Jesus said that: “ when you sin, you sin attaches itself to you ”; it is a reaction, it is quantitative. This is what the chaff is; it can only be cleansed by fire. Jeus has the power to remove sin, He will baptize you by fire. There is no condemnation for those who walk after the spirit, because if you are living by the spirit there is nothing to react, no reaction, no irritation, no violation that will cause scales like to come up on your being, keeping the glory inside of you from shining forth. Sin is the reaction that takes place when you violate the law of God. God is spirit and He has a law that governs His spirit. If you live by His spirit, you cannot violate the law.

Sin has consequences because it is quantitative; it has weight, when you sin, your sin attaches itself to you like scales; the more you sinned, the more your being is covered with scales. Like the irritation of a grain of sand in the body of an oyster produces the pearl, as such when you sin, the reaction attaches itself to you and becomes scales that block the shine, the glory that God places inside of us. We cannot come to God’s presence covered with sin because His presence will destroy in one swoop all that is impure in us. Our system will not be able to withstand the shockwave produced by such a jolt. We are more likely to die from the chock than from God killing us. Jesus can do the job, preparing us to stand in God’s presence. “ With His winnowing fan, He shall separate the wheat from the chaff, but the chaff, He will consume with an unquenchable fire””. Jesus’ job is to cleanse you of your sin, removed the sins that weighted you down, quicken you and make you fluid, flexible so that you can flow with the prompting of the Holy Spirit. “ If you don’t believe that I am He, you will die in your sins ”. I do this miracle Jesus said to the Phrases that were complaining about Him healing on the Sabbath so that you may know that the Son of Man has the power on earth to forgive Sin, which means that He has the power to remove sin, remove away the scales produced by sins. Sins cover your glory with scales. The reaction that takes place when you violate the law becomes scales that cover your beings, keeping your glory from shining through. The consequences of sin can be severed, crippling, restraining us, weighting us down, causing us to lag behind; all kind of unforeseen consequences. Jesus said to those who doubted His power to forgive sin, which means to take away sin, cleanse you of sin, remove sin of you, which is easier to say to this crippled man, “ rise, take up your bed and walk or your sin are forgiven you, removed of you ”. What Jesus was saying to them is that He could have said either way, both are the same thing, the man handicap was a consequence of his sin. And since I have the power on earth to forgive sin, take the weight of sin off him; I can easily say rise and walk or the weight of your sin are been removed of you.   Silence Zbob Close

The testimony of John the Baptist about Jesus’ role in our lives is that He is the One who will give us access to the spirit of God, removes the scales produced by sin that cover our glory. “ After me shall come One, He shall baptize you with spirit and fire ”. Fire is the training, the process before you can receive the spirit. The spirit in us is too overpowering; you must first be equipped to handle the quickness of the spirit. “ These people are stiff-necked people God said to Moses; I will not go in their midst, less I consume them on the way ”. God refrained Himself from getting too close to these people, because He knew their rigidity will cause them to breakdown and die; they will not be able to withstand His presence. As if with unveil face looking in a mirror, we shall see Him face to face. As Jesus preparing us, quickening us, as we are following His footsteps and the precepts that He set for us to follow, we are been transformed, strengthened enough to be able to withstand God’s presence. It will happen without us knowing it; one day, we will be able to stand as angels stand before God because of our transformation. The more that we meditate on Jesus, emulating His life, following the lifestyle that He prescribed for us in His teachings, the more that we become like Him, the closer that we are able to withstand the power of the Holy Spirit of God.   Silence Zbob Close

“ If any man is in Christ, he is a new creation; all thins are made new ”; which means that we are literally been transformed, transmuted from lower stuff, to higher stuff, from corruptibility to incorruptibility. See the flamingo effect

We are taking on His righteousness, His measure of being, the standard of being that God created us to be. We are reflecting the true intention of God when He created man; we are His begotten sons. Man must first be apprehended by God before becoming a son; his creation was contested, challenged. There is an opposant, someone who opposes the creation of man. God wants to make sure that we know who we are in Him. He knows why He created us and for what purpose. We must know that we are His and not of the devil. We need to know His measure, His standard so that we may not fall for another, a lie, a counterfeit, a creator who creates nothing. This is the devil; he manipulated things in this world to make them appear what they are not. He is the darkness of this world. We must be in the light of Christ to discover the works of darkness, to unveil the works of the devil. “ If a man walks with me; he shall not walk in darkness, but has the light of day; and if he walks in the dark and stumbled; it is simply because the light is not in him” . “ I am the way, the light and the life; if any man walks with me, let him denies himself, takes up His cross and follow Me ”.
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I am the way, the life and the light means that all three are one and necessary for a man to be in the light, he must live the life and he must follow what Jesus say to him. Deny yourself means that you must get off of your high horse of self importance, don’t let your position in life stops you from serving others. Jesus denies Himself, gave up His heavenly position to come down to serve man so that we may have a chance. He came to demonstrate the path to us, become the pattern that God wants us to be so that we can have a chance at life. We too must do the same; deny our ego, our self importance and flow with God, flow with the world around us. Take up your cross means embrace the shortcoming, the weakness, the frailty of your fellow human beings.

Note: You don’t have to be seen for your sin to have real consequences; you are paying the price in your being one way or the other. Society set rules and there are punishments in place to enforce these rules, but these rules are there not explicitly for you but to protect others from the disruption that your violation will cause in the order of things, in the lives of other people, in the balance of nature. You need to be concerned about the consequences of your disruption in the law of God, the order of God; you will have a reaction in your being, that reaction is called sin and it can only be removed by the Son of God. “If you don’t believe that I am He, you will die in your sins ”. The accumulative weights of these reactions will eventually cover your whole being and prevent the seed of greatness inside of you from shining trough. God places His glory inside of you and when you sin, the reaction of your sin produces scales that block the glory of God from shining trough you.
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