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Haiti is a microcosm, a microcosmic world of Africa 

MicrocosmHaitian Master Drummer and singer Lénord Fortuné, also known as Azor: was the ambassador for the Haitian culture, promoting the music and religion of the Haitian people to the rest of the world. It is rightly so that I use him to shed a greater light on the Haitian culture, the voodoo religion that is still remained a mystery to many. In the Haitian culture more specifically among the practitioners of the Voodoo religion; the word Voodoo in the Haitian culture means mystery. The Haitian culture itself is a mystery; first to the Haitian people and second to the rest of the world. It is full of contradictions, anomalies; things that don’t make sense to the rest of the world but make sense to the Haitian people. It is a chaotic world, complex, yet simple; too simple; to understand it; you have to trace it back, way back to a consciousness when humanity was still an infant. It is old, yet infantile, primitive; this is why we see that naivity reflected in the Haitian art work. The Haitian people sing to lyrics and dance to folksongs that don’t make sense to the rest of us; yet they resonate deeply with the Haitian people;   Rasonance LISTEN
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People are fascinated by the Haitian culture; this is why today I am shedding a greater light on the Haitian culture; more specifically on the voodoo religion. I am talking about consciousness, why cultures persist even when their influence have wined away. The Aztec, the Mayan cultures are still here with us, because the consciousness of their time is still here with us despite the fact that their influence have diminished greatly. Human beings use idiosyncrasies to make sense out of the chaos of the world around them. When the world around them is too complex, too fluid, too intricate, too fleeting for them to explain or deal with things; they use idiosyncrasies to help them make sense; this is what Voodoo is. It is people trying to make sense a world that is too complex and too intricate for them to explain. You can hear it in the folksongs; they don’t make sense, yet they resonate with the Haitian people. See Entrainment    Silence Zbob    Listen to Zbob    Send Zbob Away    Callback Zbob    Minimize Zbob   

Since President Aristide gave the Haitian people the legal status to practice voodoo as their religion, efforts have been made to clean up the dark side of the voodoo religion and makes it acceptable to main stream of society. “The first shall be last making way for the new"; this is the way of things, what was once prominent must gives way for the new, and recluse into the fringes of society. Since it becomes apparent that man cannot be separated from his spirituality, we have to give him the freedom to express his spiritual nature. Man by nature is a spirit being, enclosed in a physical body. His religion is an expression of his spiritual development, an expression of his inner being, his need to understand the mystery that surround and in him. Since voodoo in the Haitian culture means “mystery”, the unexplainable; we need to shed a light on that mystery so that the Haitian people can move on to a greater reality. There are certain facts that belong to us physically and spiritually; they will not change because of the religion we practice or the color of our skin. God is Spirit; therefore, we too are spirit beings created after His own image. God alone can reveal to us the mystery of the spirit.

Humanity is not a child any more; the human consciousness has come a long way when man used to live closer to earth, with the plants and the animals. Human beings needed knowledge of the plant world and the animal world to survive. Nature was his friend and his enemy at the same time. The intermediaries were there to guide man, gave him knowledge of nature, etc. his consciousness could not yet grasp the greater things of God. Today man is no longer a child; the human consciousness has evolved to where human beings no longer have the need to be guided from without by intermediaries. The spirit of God can now lives inside of man, guiding him from within. The spirit used to come upon man to guide him from without, now the veil is rendered, heaven can come down and earth can rise up to God. The ascending and descending of the angels of God is possible, thanks to Jesus Christ; souls can ascend to God and souls are descending from God to bless the earth. He is the ladder that is on the earth, upon which the angels of God can ascend and descend from heaven.; Silence Zbob Close

The Past is Still Present Among Us
The humanity of the past did not go away; is still here among us. It is no longer prominent, but it is still exists in the fringes among the tribes of Africa, Asia. The consciousness of the past has not gone away; we will find it in Africa, the birth place of humanity, in Asia, in Haiti where the past is preserved. Christ is liberating souls to experience the fullness of their spirit; the intermediaries will become unnecessary. The true mediator between man and his creator can take place. Jesus Christ becomes Lord of our lives replacing the intermediaries. We can have full access to the spirit of God where the spirit of God can be poured in us without measure. “The entrance of thy word gives light”. “The testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple”. God is simplifying things, making thing easier for you to understand. Everything that you want to know about the Haitian culture, the voodoo religion; since you cannot separate a man from his spirituality; collectively, voodoo is the Haitian soul from a greater perspective of God. God wants to shed a light on the mystery that surrounds the Haitian people and the voodoo religion.

Parallel Universe:

Parallel_World Haiti and India two separate cultures so far apart can have so much similarities; it is as if they exist side by side, each in a parallel universe right here on earth. There is hope for Haiti because when I see India; I see Haiti; there is no difference. Haiti is a microcosmic size of India, the miniature size of India; both with poverty similar; both have ancient religions that most likely are responsible for their state of poverty. There is a parallel relationship between India and China that is similar with that of Haiti with the Dominican Republic. Both share borders, one more advance economically and socially than the other. There is a point of contention in their relationship that is similar to that of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. China has been the spur that kept the Indian population awake since the 1960’s as the Dominican Republic ramp up unfair treatment of Haitians can be the spur that will keep the Haitian conscious of its condition. This uneven relationship between China and India has been equalized by the Indian population becoming aware of its condition and took steps to remedy their differences. Now India is almost functioning at the same footing as China. One day, India may even surpass China in term of technological advancement as Haiti can be with the Dominican Republic. When you see India, you see Mumbai formerly Bombay; this is where it is all happening, the center of India. The same as Haiti; when you see Haiti; you see Port-au-Prince, the center where everything is happening in Haiti. Mumbai is a maze of a city, full of twisted roads, alleys and crevices where both slums and modern developments are happening simultaneously. When you look at Mumbai there is an order emerging out of the chaos like the buds of an almond tree, something is emerging out of India. India has been touched by modernization, people are letting go of the things that used to keep them in their state of stagnation and poverty. Despite this overwhelming state of poverty one can not help but hopeful for a better tomorrow and that tomorrow is happening right now right in front of us. There is a lot still to be done in India to bring equality for all the people of India, from the poor aborigine blacks to the cast system. The world has a lot to learn from this primordial human spiritual center of development, which used to be the spiritual center of humanity. As these two populations, India and Haiti engage in mechanizing and developing their countries, there will be less need for them to rely on the forces of the past, for guidance, medicine, etc., forces that are no longer capable of moving them forward. ; Silence Zbob Close

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