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Let us Magnify the Lord
This project conservative estimate, will cost about sixty five millions ($65,000,000)

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Decentralizing Haiti: The Ten + One Project

Each petal represents a donor; individual or nation, contributing to make this plan a reality. Haiti is a pattern for other Third World countries; God wants to use Haiti as a pattern for other Third World nations to follow. I am looking for ten (10) individuals to join me in magnifying the Lord among the nations. I am looking for ten people who are not afraid to face the reality of this world. I am looking for ten people who know who they are as human beings and will not be ashamed to treat others as they would like others to treat them. I am looking for ten (10) people who want the Glory to God to reach the four corners of the earth. If you are one of them, please contact me, I want you to join with me to create the legal entity that will carry out the goals and objectives that God wants to do in the earth. Here is my Contact info

I want to build ten (10) identical facilities, one in each of the ten departments of Haiti. The eleventh one will serve as a gathering place for all interested parties to come together to discus how to move Godís plan forward. The projected estimated cost for this project is $65, 000,000. God does not want Third Class World; He wants First Class World, with good intention this money will do more than what is required. All of the players are ready, waiting for this infrastructure to be in place to do the works that they have envisioned for years. God wants to decentralize Haiti and expand the consciousness of the Haitian people.
Note: God has a standard for us all; it is righteousness; it is the key for our prosperity. He delights in the prosperity of his servant.
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