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The Real Reason Behind the Anger : Fear
Fear Somewhere deep within him, he is crying for change, but he is too afraid; he cannot handle the change. I can help, I can help him face the fear that has stunted the growth of many nations and caused countless cultures and civilization to disappeared or become irrelevant. Change is an unavoidable, inevitable condition of life; those who refused change found themselves on the opposite side of history; they either ceased to exist or became irrelevant. My desire is to help them face their fear of change.

I am 100% certain that if I have the funding I need, I can help people understand the reality of the world around them so that there is no vexation of spirit or bruised ego, like Oíreilly and those that opposed the President are now bruised. I believe that this anger can caused people to enter into a state of fixation. I believe that when peopleís attention get fixated, it will be very difficult to help them see reality; they will only see reality trough the prism of their fixation. I believe that government as well as private enterprises has a vested interest to help me financially create the tool that will help people. I want to do that because I donít want the American people to suffer the same fate as the countries of the Middle East. They are bruised, angry and give in to violence and terror. Defeat is an unavoidable condition of life. We are at one time or another will be defeated by life, either from the changes that are happening around us or other things. I want to help them see that defeat is really an illusion if they have the awareness of Christ. There is no defeat for those that are in Christ. I want to help them understand that. I want to create the tool that will help them understand regardless of their political affiliation, religious beliefs, race of origin or culture. I can create the tool that can be universally applied to all; rather you are an atheist or a Christian believer, white, black, red or yellow. I can do it if I can get the financial support I need. I need at my disposal competent people whom I can tell what I need and they will help me execute the ideas, the concepts that are coming out of my head. I need to form some entity whose purpose is to help people understand the reality around them. Who do I contact; someone that can convince the people that have the money, the resources that help me. The objective of this new body will be far reaching that is universally and globally approaching human problems related to development and perception. Who do I call? These issues will not go away despite the best effort by the administration to explain to the American people their position. There has to be a systematic effort to help people understand the need for change, re-direct peopleís attention toward other things that can help them move forward. I am certain that I can do that; if I can find someone to provide me with the help I need, staff and fund. If I get what I need, I can help this country avoid the inevitable condition resulted form the changes that are happening with this administration. Change is unavoidable, as so is resistance to change, where these two dynamics clash, is the breaking point. God has never left us without assistance to help facilitate change

Learning to Acquiesce : Facing Reality
Acquiescing Some people you will be able to convince of the need for change, but the majority, you will not because it is an existential threat born out of fear, the fear of loosing their own existence. To Continue...

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