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The Seven Spiritual Mountains : Your Spiritual Inheritance
Seven_Spiritual_Mountains The concept of mountain as a spiritual place of Attainment is biblical; it is your spiritual inheritance. Your gift, your talent and your passion help you discover your mountain, which mountain or sphere that God calls you to work with Him or a specific mountain that He wants to use you to influence the world. The Power of Convergence is a tool to help you not only discover which mountain that God assigned you to, but also how to let go of your ego and submit yourself to God so that He can work trough you to change your world, the world.    Send Zbob Away

Your state of Convergence is really a state of self-actualization where you become fully aware of what God calls you to do and become. Self actualization is what God is waiting for you to achieve before giving you access to His blessing. He wants to be sure that you become what He intended you to become before He can give you access to His Spirit. He is looking for His signature in you, the standard of being that you must become before He can give you access to His spirit. Actually, it is about you knowing; He wants to be sure that you know who you are, what kind of created being you are, your standard of being, your measure of righteousness. The Power of Convergence is the tool that can help you achieve that; it is there to help you answer the call of God in your life. God gave you a gift and He also assigned you to a sphere so that you can use that gift, that sphere is your spiritual inheritance; it is your spiritual mountain. Your gifts, your talent, your assignment (passion) are the avenues through which God uses to bring heaven to earth; His system of governance. He created you for that purpose; His pleasure is to work with you to make that happen. Jesus said ďMy father does the work; until now, Me and My father are busy workingĒ; your gift, your talent and your passion are given to you by God so that He can bring His government into the earth; establish His way of doing things.

Your capacity to create better living world, first class world for you to live is directly related to your awareness of your identity; you becoming aware of what God intended you to be when He created you. this identity is not simply you as an individual, but also as humanity. God has an intention in mind when He created man; every created being has a distinct signature in Him, a frequency that tells God rather you are a man, an angel or a Cherub; God is looking for the tell tail sign of His signature in you.

God sent Jesus as a pattern for us to follow; something that can tells us that this is what God is looking for in us, a standard by which we can measure ourselves; Jesus is that standard. With Him, by Him and for Him; God is the only reality working trough you. The only thing that He ever created is perfection, order, righteousness; Jesus is the demonstration of what God has ever created; the only begotten of the father. He is how you make God personal to you; just follow the path that Jesus set for you.

Now convergence is very important; you achieve a state of convergence when you allow God to work trough you and with you to maximize your gift, gives you the influence you need to impact the world. The flip side of that is that you will see people incapable of creating first class world for themselves to live, they can only produce third class rated world simply because they are not allowing God to work with them or trough them. The reason is simple; if you are not fulfilling Godís will; you are opposing God. The moment that you stop fulfilling Godís will; you become the enemy. There is a state of enmity that issued there after; there is an antagonistic stance that automatically exists between you and God; you are no longer of Godís, but of the devil. ďAnd I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seedĒ.

Here is what happened when you are not working with God to bring His government into the earth; your spiritual mountain is made to lay waste; you can create nothing. You can only create things pertained to your survival; you can do nothing to create better living world for yourself. Your mountain, God will not prosper; your gift and your talent will go to waste.

The Remedy:

So begin to follow Jesus; copy His life, how he walked the earth, the simple teachings He taught you; they are the pathways to make God personal to you. He is the standard that God is looking for in you, before He can gives you access to His Spirit, His creative power. The good news is that He has an affirmative action just for you; no matter how far back you are; you still can catch up. All you need is to accept Jesus as the standard that God sent; meditate on His works, what He stand for, what He advised you to do. You donít have to live in a monastery, become a monk; just go on with your life as you normally would. He will teach you how to become like Jesus without being a priest, a nun or a monk. You will be in the world and let God leads you. The power of Convergence is a tool to teach you how to let God use you, teaching you how to put your ego aside, help you recognize your gift, your talent and the passion that are the calling of God in your life. It is a tool to help you let God works trough you to change the world.

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