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For he knows how we were formed, aware that we were made from dust
Man is a Functional Unit :
Mechanism If you were to look at man and see him as a functional unit, a machine, the question that we would need to ask is what it is that makes man a functional unit. You will need to understand how that unit works, the mechanism that makes it functional. If you were to agree that all man are the same, comes from the same mold, the same pattern it becomes necessary therefore to understand the mechanism that makes man a functional unit. If not it would be them justified to say that those who functioned as expected are either of a different mold or those who donít are of the same mold, but lack something. If you see man as a unit and break him down to its components, you can then understand the reason why some function as expected and others donít. This is very simple and easy to understand. Understand the reason and then accept the reason is the challenge. The solution will explain the reason. The cause is in the solution; let us stop beating around and get to the cause. The solution is simple, but are you going to accept it?

You Came with a Manual
Everything that God tells you to do and not do, there is a practical siide to it, a scientific reason behind it; the religious aspect of it is that you need faith in some instance to believe Him. You need faith simply because not everything He tells you to do will make sense to you if you donít know the reason or understand its purpose. He is the creator; He made you, he also wrote a manual on how to maintain you. He knows what will work and what wonít, what you must do to function efficiently. Many of the Bible verses are just not religious demagogy; they have practical applications that have scientific principles to back them up. If you look deeply for the scientific principles behind any biblical principle, you will find it. Science can now explain many of the dos and doníts law of God written in the Bible. We know as fact that whoever applies them and lives by them prosper and excel in life. Morality is not only good sense, but practical and necessary for harmony to exist in society. Even something as simple as a day of rest has a scientific principle behind it

Who are we and how we get here?
If you were to ask the one question who is man? What is it that God is trying to make more of him? You could say that God is trying to make us aware of him, conscious of him. Sp everything in life revolves around our perception, our ability to see reality. Where we are: in order to understand where we are, we must first understand where we started. How do we get to where we are? Since we are a consciousness and that we exist in time, how that consciousness evolve and develop in time. It all begins with man violating the law of God, consuming on himself judgment, which was reserved for God. Man took it upon himself to separate what he think to be good and discard what he think to be bad and use the distinction between them to separate himself from his fellow human beings, boast his ego, consuming on himself the fruit of his knowledge of good and evil. This sin separated man from God and man lost awareness of his spiritual identity. The human consciousness plunged deep into nature. Godís plan of redemption is put in action. These periods in human history are points in the flow of time when God has engaged our awareness trying to bring us back to the reality that he created us, which we once had with Him. God showed us our spiritual capacities, what was possible for man spiritually at different periods in human history. Today we have three major religions which mark the periods when God had shown to us our spiritual capacity. These periods are progression of the spiritual dimensions that we are capable to achieve. Jesus is the final attainment in the spiritual dimension of man, the one standard that God is looking for. With Jesus man can actually be in his body and be spiritual, while this was not possible before. His body is actually been transformed as he is living his earthly life.

Where we were
So we see since the fall of man, how man lost his spiritual awareness and lived close to the earth and nature was his god. Man was no longer conscious of his spiritual nature, he relied on intermediaries, third class spirits to guide him, help him deal with the spiritual reality around him, giving him knowledge of the plat world around him for medicine, survival skills against the forces of nature. So for a while man had gods that were part of his every day living until God put an end to that. He introduced Himself as the only true God and man begin to regain his consciousness of a God, the creator of all his gods. This period of human consciousness is still inside of all of us; it is no longer our way of life. God is not there supporting us in this consciousness anymore; He is there now in the reality of the present. Some of us are still living in the reality of the past; we find them in the tribal areas of Africa and Asia. Those that insist on living in the consciousness of the past will create conflict for the rest of us. Those who insist in keeping their way of life will be too far from the head to be sustained spiritually. The love of God can reach at any depth to reach them, but if they willfully choose to stay behind, they may not be able to take the leap of faith to catch up.

The Past is shrinking
The number of people living in the reality of the past diminishes as humanity continues to move forward. The number becomes smaller and smaller as people take the leap of faith to meet God where He is now. Jesus is the reality of the present, where God is now with us, showing us the possibility that we can achieve spiritually. With Jesus if you accept Him as the standard that God wants you to be; you are affirmed, you are not negated, cut off and cut out of the possibilities of this world. You are in the abundance of life. This is the new tone, the new attitude, the tonality that God wants to establish in this world. Jesus came to show us what is possible for man to be, to give us life and more abundant life. This is the fundamental difference between the system that is now in place running the world and what God wants to establish in the world. God does not negate us, but affirms us; the way of the cross is us accepting our humanity, helping each other reach their full potential, show to others what God has made possible for us in Jesus. Jesus is the one thing that everybody is looking for, from Africa to Europe, those that are far behind to those that are far ahead. All of them need Him; He is the standard that God is looking for, the tell tale signature that God is looking for before giving us access to His awesome power. Silence Zbob Close

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