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Concerning North Korea: Kim Jong-Un

Our Tidbit for the Day: Know where the Present Reality is!
Kim_Jong_Un You can only contract so much until you explode; this is the nature of thing. The universe contacts and expands. Before there was a big bang there was a contraction; now the universe is expanding exponentially, increasing in size to infinity. The man is not going to back down, he answers only to his master; China is his master. The same cold war, the subtle war, countries competing for dominance, supremacy, resources; since they can not do it overtly, they need proxies. Like a dog on a leash, responding only to his master pull and tug, but will strike if let go. I think that those days are over; the world has moved on, they need to face the reality of the present, face your opponent directly through dialogue. Your subversive acts will be put to light, no more places to hide.

So the world will not tolerate those acts done in the dark to suppress another; just to advance selfish aims. These things will not take roots; the ground is no longer fit for such things to grow. The leash is in the hands of China, see what they want, what they are trying to achieve with the leader of North Korea. We need to talk to them; the North Korean leader is not in charge. I am sure that he is eager to see an end to the crisis. He wants to enjoy the benefits of a free society; the Chinese should let him be. He now must realized that he cannot have his way by force, turning the other cheek as in finding alternatives to resolve conflict is the right way. Self compounded when confronting self; this is why the selfless path is the sure way to overcome selfishness.

What was and no longer is; it is always the past that is the problem; they cannot see where the reality of the present is. War is inevitable when you cannot see the reality of the present. But thanks to God, we don’t need war to force us to see where the reality of the world is; we have a savior in Jesus Christ, revealing truth and knowledge to us, unveiling the works of darkness. Identity with Jesus is where God wants us o be; this is the sure way that guarantees us to be in the light and not in the darkness of this world. The battle of nations is the battle of ideas; which idea is going to prevail, the God kind of idea. If you are not aligning yourself with the idea t hat God wants to promote, you will loose. Christ is indeed the victory that overcame the world, this word system, the system of darkness that is running the world.

Faith that endured: A man has to believe

One thing is for sure; if you play ball; if you do what is required; you will get the promise. There is definitely an order; there is a right way of doing things; if you abide by it; you will get what He promised. He promised to give you a future and a hope. He is able to perform what He promised. “Thou He slay me, yet I believe”. Jesus was able to endure the cross for the joy that was laid before Him. God does not yield in His way, but He also delivers what He promised. “Here I lay before you life and death, choose life”. You know the end game already; you have tried your way and it did not work; now you must trust in Him. His end game is for sure; His promises are real; He will give you a future and a hope. you have been chained, unable to do what used to give you pleasure; now you must endure; God will give you a future and a greater hope. In Him there is no darkness; whatever He promised, He will deliver. If you play ball, follow His way; no one can deny you what He promised to deliver.
North Korea does not have to go trough the path of self destruction; they already tasted the consequences of that path. Now if they chose to forsake the old and embrace the new; they will be rewarded; no one country can deny them, their possibility. Why throw everything away when there is something greater awaiting you; you just don’t see it yet, but it is there.

There is a need in man to fulfill God original intention, which is for us to become as perfect as He is. He placed the seed of greatness inside of us; that seed is the driving force in our lives. T he need for recognition, the drive to reach the mark that God set for us or to make up for the choices that we failed to make; they are the forces that drive us to behave despite of ourselves. Kim Jong-Un does not have to take the path of despair; there is hope. There is an unyielding and unbending order that must be followed; sacrificing the past to embrace the present is the right path. There is something greater than what you are enjoying right now is awaiting you.

See: Choices.
God places choices before us; where we are in life, rather we meet the mark that He set for us or not depends on the choices that we make. Like a wild animal, ready to burst out of its cage; you are ready to go back to what used to give you pleasure, except that path now is leading you to destruction. What was and no longer is; you must learn to know when something has ended and when the new begins. Now the quest before you is how do you forsake the old and embrace the new that you don’t yet have. The answer to that is that you have to believe. You have to believe in the love of God; you have to believe that what He promised to you, He will also deliver. He promised to give you a future and a hope; if you open up your country; if you can feel where the reality of the world is at the present time and try to fit in; if you cab do that, God will promote you.

You need to yoke with the right people

And when he become restless, he shall break the yoke of his back”; rather it is the yoke of your own making, other people or other countries, you need to break it. The only yoke you need is to yoke yourself with Jesus. “Take my yoke upon you and learn from Me, for my yoke is easy ”; He will show you the way God operates, how to navigate the unseen forces that shape human existence. These utterances are true and will come true in your life if you don’t have the inner light of Christ to guide you. Jesus is inviting you to join Him, walk with Him and He will show you the way God’s work. God is not going to change for you, you must conform to Him; this is the only way for you to avoid the pain that comes with learning. You need to follow the master, the one that knows the way. Jesus is the pattern that God set for you; He guarantees you success. Jesus is your only way. You have to yoke with someone or thing; it is better with the one that knows the way.


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