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Islam the Final Frontier: the last to be conquered by God
There are four major religions in the world in term of their percentage of the human population, not by their degree of importance, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism. The others are as important because all of them play a role in the spiritual identity of man. Religion is really our understanding of our spiritual nature, our capacity to function more as spiritual beings than physical beings. What separate one religion from the other simply are the different periods of revelation of the spiritual nature of man as a consciousness rather than a physical being Silence Zbob Close

Weaning Away: Graduating to greater spiritual reality
Islam is an amalgam of many religions, a little bit of Christianity mixed with other religions. Whatever it is to keep man from succumbing to the impulses of the flesh, God is oke with it, There is a truth that Muslims must know, what is that truth; the one truth that they need to know that is not included in their religion. They need to know that humanity was taken away from God, the consciousness that God created man to be was no longer aware that God was the creator and that consciousness was fallen into nature and man was worshiping nature as God. In order for God to reconnect with man, making him aware once more of his spiritual identity, his resemblance to Him, He has to take on a body like man in order to reveal Himself to man, what possibilities that are available to man; He wanted man to identify with them. God revealed to man those capacities to the degree that he can understand his nature. As time progresses, greater understanding had to be revealed to the nature of man and man relationship to His creator. The final revelation of the nature of man, the full measure that God created him to be was revealed in the person of Jesus Christ. “The spirit was poured in Him without measure" With Jesus man is able to be fully spiritualized in the body. His body is in the process of been transformed from corruptibility to incorruptibility as we speak. His body will be able to withstand the full impact of the spiritual nature of man. Buddha and Krishna are authentic revelation of the spiritual possibility of man. Jesus is the final. God finally did it with Jesus. He gave back to man the spiritual awareness that he had lost. God can now say that He has a man son in Jesus. A man who is fully aware is His true identity with the consciousness that God created man to be. The consciousness that God created man to be is back to us with Jesus; man now fully knows his true identity. He now knows that he is not the body; he is a spirit being encased in a body. He is not subject to be pulled here and there by every whims of his body. He is a free being; he can choose how he responds to the needs of his body, to the forces of nature that press against him. His body is at his command to do as he pleased. He knows the laws that regulate nature; he is in full control. Jesus made that possible for us; whatever He did, we now can do. He demonstrated the power of His spirit over his body, over nature; we too can do the same. God is spirit; He is not a man; we are made to be spiritual, to function as spiritual beings; God came to give us that awareness; He Himself had to demonstrate to us that capacity. We lost that capacity after the fall; some other spiritual being attempted to corrupt our awareness. He succeeded in making us forget our identity with the spirit. For a while we forgot our spiritual nature and began to worship nature. God had to reveal once more our spiritual capacity. Today we have the full measure of the spirit thanks to Jesus who walked the earth to show us our capacity of being. He showed us all what we can be and more. He said that because He went back to the source, to the father, we now can do greater things than He did while He was on earth. We now have full access to the father; we are now fully aware of our spiritual nature. Actually, it is more important to God that we know who we are before He can give us full access to His spirit. Jesus demonstrated to us our capacity to be what God originally intended for us to be. Silence Zbob Close

Their Righteousness of Me : He wrote the manual
God is perfect, righteous; He seeks order and perfection in everything. When you look at the vastness of this universe, the only thing you have in common with it is that perfection. The working of your body, everything in you is working in perfect, order. This order, this perfection is in you as well as out there in the vastness of the universe. Every star, ever comet, moon, galaxies, planets and other heavenly bodies works in perfect order and perfection. By living this life of perfection, applying this perfection in your daily life, you are making this infinite God personal to you. He has a standard by which He measures this perfection, His righteousness; He made Him available to you in Jesus. When He says that your righteousness if of Him, He is telling you the truth. All that is required of you is to accept His standard, His measure of righteousness, the one that He gave you. If this infinite God, this universal God can be personal to you by taken on you His measure of righteousness; your righteousness is not of you, but of Him. He is the one who is making you righteous, personal to Him. “The law of God is perfect, converting the soul”, Since scientifically you cannot keep the law without breaking or violating one, you need Him who is the author of the law to guide you, to tell you when you are breaking the law. The law is stiff, rigid, but the spirit is fluid, flexible; you cannot be free and bound by the letter of the law. You need to be free in spirit, having the law inscribe inside of you to be able to move freely in this world. Everything that God tells you to do and not to do, there is a practical site to it; the religious aspect of it is that you need faith in some instance to believe Hum. He is the creator, He created you. He made the manual that will service you. He knows what will work and what won’t, what you must do to function effectively many of the bible verses are not just religious demagogy, they have practical applications that have scientific principles to back them up. If you look for the scientific principle behind any biblical principle; you will find it. Science can now explain many of the do and don’t law of God written in the bible. Those who live by them, prosper and excel in life and those who don’t usually linger behind, stagnate and move backward. . Morality is not only good sense, but practical and necessary for harmony to exist in society. Even something simple as a day of rest required by God has a scientific principle behind it. Jesus new law, forgive as many times as necessary is pure science. Psychologists are just now realized that people that harbor negative energy of unforgiveness create havoc on their nervous system which impair their cognate ability, their perception and ability to respond. Turn the other cheek is another biblical principle that has a scientific principle behind it. Turn the other cheek which means to avoid butting heads collision with each other, to seek alternatives to resolve conflict is necessary because our selfish nature amplifies when facing the same. There are many biblical principles that science can quantifies as valid, practical and necessary. Silence Zbob Close

You are Made Anew In Christ you are a new creation
Time to grow up to the reality that God created you to be; there are certain utterances pronounced against you; they define the reality of your existence. Only in Christ can you overcome them. “If a man is in Christ, he is a new creation”: God had to remake you anew. Technically in order for you to belong to God, you have to be remake; Jesus is the standard, the measure that God wants you to be. The old way has passed away, everything that you knew is no longer applicable; you are a new creation. The righteousness that you new is no longer static in the letter of the law, but in a person. Hence you accept Him as the standard, the measure of the righteousness of God for your life; you are a free being, capable of m your own choices. You don’t have to kill others to justify yourself before God; your righteousness no longer depends on you, but on Him. Mo one can defile you, belittle you, except you choose to; this is the gift of God to you. Silence Zbob Close

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