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Way into the Deep End: Gullible
It is our nature to go into the deep end of things; unless we make deliberate effort to restrain ourselves. Our natural disposition is to let go of ourselves, abandon ourselves until we reach the end, the extreme end of things. We cannot afford to let go of ourselves; our current stage of spiritual development does not allow us the flexibility to explore the animal nature in us. We can no longer scream at the top of our lung, just to release anger. We must learn to control our emotional responses to things that bother us, internally or externally. We are Godís children; and if we are Godís children, born of God; His spirit living inside of us. We ought to be guide by the spirit. God is perfect, righteous, we ought to be like Him, perfect and righteous as he is, not prone to anger, discipline, not easily abandoning ourselves to things that bother us. We rather seek to control things. He seeks perfection in all things; we ought to do the same. There is a war going on inside of us; it is the flesh, the animal nature in us, the opposing body that does not want to follow the ways of God, the spirit of God. That aspect of ourselves is in enmity with God; it is more susceptible to the dark side of life, to anything that opposes the spirit of God. Our only way against this self, this side of ourselves is to be deliberate, willful, make our choices deliberately and willfully.

These two DJís are no different than the Pastor in Florida who burned the Koran or the Egyptian Christian who made the movie denigrating the Prophet Mohamed. All of them were looking to elicit a response and they got it and got more than they were expecting. They all know how to trigger the emotional response they need, how to activate the gull in us, the emotional response that will cause us to swing way into the deep end of things. Both the royals and the Prophet Mohamed are highly esteemed by many. Both have devout followers that are willing to die to protect their integrity; their position in life; their status in society. These two DJís were looking to elicit joy but instead; they got an ear full of anger and rage. The former pastor and movie maker were looking to elicit rage and they got exactly what they were looking for. Bur still, people donít have to respond like puppets, reacting to everyone or thing that touches their feelings. We are both, feelings and awareness, we donít have to respond just by how we feel; we can choose how we respond.    Send Zbob Away

Asking the Questions?

Are we going to remain where we are, like weeds in the wind to be swayed back and forth by our feelings, unrestrained, without control or are we going to take charge of our feelings? The devil knows how to poke his fingers into our eyes to get the response he needs to justify his actions toward us. He has no legal authority, until we give it to him. How we respond to his instigations, will determine rather we give him a green light, to justify his actions against us.

I think that it is the duty of leaders to guide their people, take the higher ground, and help them take charge of their feelings. Human beings are not motivated simply by feelings, we are also aware; we need to balance the two. We need to take charge of our feeling so that we donít respond to every whims of life. It is unfortunate that there was no one standing with the nurse; the weight of the world came down hard on her and she took the easy way out. Death is the easy way out for those who cannot face the constraints of life. The world came down on her with a furry and she took the lesser. Death was the lesser price to pay than to carry the weight of an immature world on her shoulders.

Unlike the Priest in Florida or the movie maker from Egypt; she was a humble woman. Her humility and courteous nature make her an easy prey. She felt betrayed, she did not expect such an angry response to her mild nature. She wanted to give kindness to the world, but instead the world wanted her hide in return. It was too much for her to endure; she took the lesser way out. Death was better than a world of angry people coming at you

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