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God Vs this system of things:
Everything that you need to know about this system of things, the system that is running this world, the dispensation system in just three steps

#1_ The Problem

#2_ The Cause

#3_ The Solution

The Dynamics of life Human Motivation or Levels of Awareness The Original Sin, the cause of Separation Separation the cause of it all Become a son, accept Jesus, it is that simple Negation is the cause, Affirmation is the solution, focus on it
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God calls us to in the world and not of it, that is to engage the world, transform the world without being part of the world system, the system that is running the world. It is this system of darkness that is governing the world that God does not want us to be part of. God says that we are to be the salt of the earth, the transformative agent for this world. Our mandate is to populate the earth, subdue it and have dominion over it. Cultivate the earth and turn it into a garden, just like the one He placed our original parents, lacking nothing. It is His will that we are blessed and take part in the abundance of life. He will pour His spirit on all flesh, that is given us the power to create better living world for us to live. It is the spirit that empowers us, giving us access to the creative power of God. This promise to bless all of the family of the earth is fulfilled in Jesus Christ. He is the identity that God is waiting for in us to give us full access to His spirit, His creative power. Jesus job is to transform us into sons so that we can receive the spirit of God; this is called baptism of the spirit. Hence you are able to receive the spirit of God, you are made a son; you are affirmed by God, worthy to receive His spirit. A son knows his father; he is close and intimate with him, he does what the father say. He obeys his father. He and his father are in one accord.

God Vs This System of Things: Why God hates this system of things
God hates this system of things because His ways of doing things and this system of things ways of doing things are mutually exclusive, like matter and anti matter; they annihilate each other. God is spirit; it requires faith to deal with God and this system of things is sensory perception; it requires a physical body to operate in it. This system of things runs on greed and lust and God’s system runs on faith, righteousness and peace. This system is in enmity with God because it seeks to cancel out the existence of God. God wants to replace this system with His system that is more equitable, fair and just.

God is reconciling the world to Himself, taken territories from the devil and give them back to us. God is spirit and in order to do this work He needs someone to walk with Him on the earth in the Flesh. No one on earth or in heaven was qualified except Jesus who was with Him since the beginning. He agreed to come to earth to walk with God in the flesh and free us from this system of things. This is why He is called the Christ. He is called the Christ because though Him God is redeeming us from the devil and setting us free. You are not struggling against individual people; you are struggling against a system, a way of doing things. There is a system that is running this world, even though we cannot see it; it is invisible to us, it is running this world and it is keeping us captive and in bondage. When we are poor, living in stagnation and lagging behind, this system succeeds. If we let go and let God guides us we will overcome this system. “For that He came, to destroys the works of the devil, this system of things”. Jesus accepted the mission to work with God so that this system can be overcome. “As long as we are connected to Him who has already overcome this system, we too shall overcome it”. What is this system? This system is a way of doing things; it is based on sensory perception, greed and lust. This system rejoices when we are deprived. Only God can overcome this system; we must let Him guides us. “Whosoever is born of God overcome this world system”; which means that if you are not born of God, you are slave of this system. If you are not guided by God; you cannot overcome this system of things; this world system. God wants us to be free of this system that is keeping us in bondage this is why He gives us a way of escape literally trough Jesus Christ.

A Way of Escape
God literally put a way of escape for us on the earth to help us override this system of things or anything that is keeping us prisoners, even those prophetic utterances that are spoken over our lives that define our destiny. Genesis 28:12 “And he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven: and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it”. Forces that are rising up and forces that are coming down; forces that are extracted out of the consciousness of the earth and forces that are coming down to the earth bringing us gifts and blessings. Jesus is the ladder that is placed on the earth upon which our consciousness rises always up to God in heaven and back and forth coming down to the earth from heaven to illuminate the darkness of the earth. “If a man is in Christ he is a new creation” Whatever utterances that were spoken over your life are rendered ineffective because in Christ we are complete. “What matter in life is that a man arrives at the totality of himself; he finds God and lives for the spirit ”. If we are complete in Christ; if what matter in life is that we find the other half of us that was lost, the spiritual part; if God is spirit and He is trying to reconcile the world to Himself, that is making the world spiritual again; then in Christ I am complete; I find the spirit; the end. If Christ is the end of the law, in Christ we become the law, spiritual again. “The law of God is perfect, converting the soul”; converting the soul from material to spiritual so hence we find Christ we become spiritual. So the end game of life is spiritual, achieving spiritual awareness, becoming aware that we are spirit beings encased in human bodies. We are created after God’s own image; God therefore is spirit therefore I am spirit.

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