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The Duality of Life: how we come to have opposites in this world?
It is obvious to all that the world is changing and moving forward to an uncertain future. There are those who embraced this change and look forward that future (however uncertain it will be) and there are those that are too afraid of that uncertain future that they feel there may be no place for them in it. They resist that change and decide to hold on to the past. They forget that in nature nothing remains the same and that the world is in a state of flux, constantly changing and that time flows in two directions, forward and backward. You are either moving forward toward the future or moving backward toward the past. This dichotomy of life gives us two types of people; those that are moving forward and those that are moving backward; this is the duality of life. Silence Zbob Close

Cause and Effect
Therefore our word is splitting into two separate worlds of people and moving in two separate directions opposite of each other, where one set of people is moving forward toward the future and the other is moving backward toward the past. As a result the gap that separates them gets wider and wider and as times moves on that space grows and continued to widen greater and greater. God wants to fill that space, not only to make our co-existence possible, but also quickening those that want to move forward. He wants to empower them so that they can catch up with those that are far ahead. He wants to help them take the quantum leap of faith from where they are to where He wants them to be. “God is not God for the dead, but for the living”; He is forever present in the now. He will not move backward in the past to meet us; we must move forward to meet Him in the present. This is a fact of life; if you stay behind and don’t want to move forward; the system will take hold of you. But God has a plan, He set a ladder on the earth, a bridge of some sort in the earth to bridge the gap so that you can be where He is, those that are far behind can cross over from where they are to where He wants them to be.

The Duality of life Continues….,
Jesus is the bridge, the ladder upon which we climb back to God to where He is. God is here now in the present. Two worlds, two separate realities, two types of people; this is the duality of life continued, good versus evil, God and the devil. If you are not moving forward; you are moving backward, because nothing stands still; this is the law of nature, if you are not for, you are against. The moment that you stop growing, developing, fulfilling God’s will, you are in opposition. There is an antagonistic stance that fallows; you become the opposition, the enemy. This apposition is by default; if you are not fulfilling God’s will, you are opposing God. “If you love me, obey my commandments”; if you are not obeying God, follow His law; you hate Him. “For I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me”; if you are not obeying God; you hate Him; this is that simple. If you are not fulfilling His will; you are opposing Him; you don’t belong to Him. Silence Zbob Close

God Loves You: A plan to save us, take us beyond duality
But because He loves you; He set His plan in motion to redeem you, making you a son so that you can have His spirit in you, become familiar with His way of doing things so that you don’t provoke Him to anger and that He does not continuously cleaning up after your mess. If you know Him, you will not continuously violate His law. Only sons are intimate with their fathers and know how their fathers operate. “If you love Me, obey my commandments

Concerning Egypt: A question of Perception

Our Tidbit for the Day: Can we adjust our perception to the Reality of the present?

Fundamental Questions:

Can President Morsi take the leap of faith and embrace the future?
Can you put new wine into old wine skin?

There are things that are mutually exclusive in life, only God can fix. You cannot fill the space that separates opposites on your own, either one takes the quantum leap of faith to where the other one is or God fills the space between them and makes their co-existence possible. They will clash without God's mediation. Silence Zbob Close

Yes: Restore Him
No: Replace Him

The fundamental Difference between Christians and Muslims


You cannot separate a man from his religion, as his understanding of life increases as so is his religion. Therefore the fundamental difference between Christians and Muslims is in their way of life. It is all in the life; “I am the way and the life”; the lifestyle that guarantees you an increase in your cognitive ability; the Jesus way of life that gives you the ability to be in the light of God, the inner light. It is very simple; how do you reconcile two opposites? There are certain things in life only God can do, bringing these two opposite groups of people way of life together is one of them. The fundamental reason why they cannot come together is the fear of annihilation, a perceived threat to one own existence, an existential threat; the fear that one side will loose their identity as a group if they fallow the way of life of the other. This fear is fundamental in the relationship between Christians or those that are moving forward and Muslims, those that are moving backward. Stated earlier, there are two separate worlds of people and two separates realities where one group of people is moving forward toward the future and the other is moving backward into the past. Christianity represents the Present and Islam represents the Past.

Resorting the differences between Christians and Muslims can be summoned in one bible verse, “The Just shall live by faith”; they relied on God to justify them. They don’t rely on the letter of the law to justify them; they rely on the Holy Spirit of God to guide them. Whenever the Holy Spirit shows up, it is the right time. These differences that we are trying to resort between the two are not used to elevate Christianity above Islam, but to allow the truth to come to light about Christianity. Since the fall of man God has been trying to teach man how to live by faith. Moses could not do it with the Israelites in the desert and the Jews after him could not make faith part of their daily existence. Jesus came to reveal to us that God is Spirit and He requires faith to deal with Him. Every miracle that He performed, He required people to believe. Faith is the foundation of the spiritual life.
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The_Hope_of_Egypt Can President Morsi take the leap of Faith to where God wants him to be? Do you have faith in him that he can make the transition; accept the reality that God puts before him. I trust that he can; if he is willing, God will help him make the transition, take the Leap of Faith and move Egypt forward. Morsi is the hope of Egypt; he is the guy to help his people (followers) see the light. There is a natural calm about him; they will trust him. He needs to tell his people (followers) that no matter how well intentioned they are for Egypt; the consciousness of the past cannot sustain the reality of the present. They need to allow the present to take place and recluse themselves in the background. It is a simple solution; he is the man of the hour; he can deliver if they allow him. His allegiance is to the truth. He sees what is in front of him; he cannot continue to hold on to the past. He is not suicidal; he sees the futility of maintaining the same course. He now can take the jump to the future that God wants for Egypt. He can set the pace for change. The embodiment of the spirit; he has what it takes; he needs to adjust his perception to the reality of the present. This he can do; he can satisfy both sides. He can help his followers make the transition, helping them recluse in the background and allow the new to be in the forefront, take the lead.

You cannot shut them down; they will find a way to express themselves; this is the way of the spirit; they need a voice. Morsi is that voice; they will listen to him. Hence he sees the light himself; he can bring that light to the rest of them. You don’t have to lead nor be in the forefront to have a voice. This is a fact of life: “The first shall be last, making way for the new”; hence they realized that fact, Egypt is smooth sailing
The world is moving forward, hence you are engaged; you you cannot oppose the forces of change; they will roll over you. You can test to see if the forces driving these changes are genuine and if so, opposing them could be too costly to you and your country.

The Future of Egypt

"Facing the Truth"

Whose idea is going to prevail?: The God Kind of Idea

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