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What are the Dynamics of Life? The Driving Forces in our Lives

Dispensation_System There are four dynamics related to human social and spiritual development; they control how we behave toward each other; they control how we interact with each other; how we assert ourselves in the world; they are our prime motivators in life. The first two have to do with the possibility to attain and to achieve in this world. They are the forces for Attainment Levels_of_Awareness and the forces for Negation. They control Acceleration and Stagnation in human social development. I am interested in both of them, because they have to do with the dispensation system that is driving the world. Without pretension, not wanting to boast, making myself an equal to Elbert Einstein, I want to say that my formula for human development can explain any conflict resulting from human social and spiritual development where H = Humanity and A = Attainment and N = Negation, the amount of stagnation in society interacting with the amount of acceleration, the degree of forces for Negation that are restraining and keeping people behind over the degree of Attainment, the forces that propel humanity forward, accelerating people to their future. The dispensation system that is driving this world is based on these two forces interacting with each other. They also have to do with our self assertion in this world, our selfish identity in the world, how we must negate each other in order to assert ourselves, the cause for separation, and the original sin. And the other two should concern us as well because they have to do with the development of the seed of greatness that God placed inside of us; the driving force to achieve perfection in this world, to become the image that God intended us to be. They respond to our need for recognition, affirmation of our own existence. Because they have to do with the development of the seed of greatness that God placed inside of us; they also have to do with the original sin, the reason why humanity failed and that God had to send us a Savior. The other two dynamics are Self Importance and Arrested Development. They are the default stages that we attain in the course of the development of the seed of greatness that God placed inside of us. They too have to do with the adversarial system that is driving the world. This system of things that is driving the world is based on the development of the seed of greatness that God placed inside of us. These two dynamics are the default stages that we enter when the seed of greatness stops developing. The moment that the seed is no longer fulfilling God’s will to develop and become prefect as He is perfect, it enters into an antagonistic stance, a state of enmity with God. This fiction is what we witness as terror in the like of Bin Laden and Adolph Hitler; they have a need for recognition, to be acknowledged, to fulfill the seed of greatness that has stopped developing inside of them.

What Moves People?
I believe that if we can get to know what moves people, the driving forces in their lives we can solve lots of problems in the world. Human beings are not static; they are dynamic; problems begin when human beings start moving, acting, interacting with each other, driving by their needs. So if we can understand what moves human beings to behave or act they way they do, in a certain way, we can solve most of the problems resulted from the driving forces that are pushing them to behave despite of themselves; interacting with each other.
Behavioral science is an important field, because it helps us understand the dynamics of life. If human beings were static creatures, there would be fewer problems in the world. The basic concept of human motivation is need. Need is what moves people. People are driven by needs. This we all know; what about God; does He have a need?
We know that He has a need, because He sought to make us like Him. Why would He want us to be like Him if He did not have a need? God has only one need; it is the need to be perfect, righteous. He wants to fulfill His need through us. He wants us to be just like Him. Why people are unable to produce first class rated world, Better Living World, to live? Why people are driven to self destruct just to gain recognition, these are some of the problems related to human needs. We need to understand what type of need a person is stuck on, fixated on in order to better understand the motives behind his behavior.

What is the prime motivator in a person’s life?
Each to his own, doing his own thing, no one cares, no one is listening, except the need that is the prime motivator. Find that need that is the prime motivator at the moment and you will engage the other person. I believe that if we can find what the prime motivator in a person’s life is at a given time we can make great stride in removing terror in our midst. What is the one need that is driving you right now? God has a solution, the inequity of us all was laid upon Him, this is the solution, the consequence for our separation, for the original sin was laid upon Jesus and He became the standard that we all must follow. “All were like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the Lord hath laid on him the iniquity of us all”. The remedy for the original sin is Jesus, the standard that we all must become.

The Dynamics of Life
I always envisioned God seating on His high throne in the heaven looking down on us like ants battling each other. As a kid, I used to be fascinated watching ants carrying in and out their daily activities. They were all busy going in and out of their nest. Some will stop as if greeting each other, talk for a few second and then move on and still some others will stop to help out other ants carrying a dead bug or a leaf. This was all fascinating to me, how social they were, not different than us. I remembered vividly one day I was visiting a friend in Hollywood, I took the metro bus. It was easy for me to take the bus, after all in those days, I was to busy pursuing the spiritual world to own a car. Material possession was not one of my pursuits. I could remember clearly how people used to mistakenly take me for someone on drug. People would look into my eyes and asked me if I was high. Sure I was high, I said; I was high on the spirit. I remembered clearly one day how I was mistakenly taken for someone on drug. One day after coming out of one of my spiritual gathering, an undercover policeman one day fallowed me always from South Miami, until I reach the big curve on the Palmetto just to have five police cruisers waiting for me. They stopped and started to search my car. I was as puzzled as they were. It was not too difficult for those policemen to realize that I was high on the spirit and not on drug. They pulled me on the side and told me that this undercover cop was creasy and that he had nothing better to do than to waste their time. They could not find any drug in my car. Except that I look as if I was on drugs. Back to my story, it must have been one of those spiritual trips because as soon as I got on the bus, my eyes shifted and all of a sudden, everyone in the bus was moving in slow motion. Like the ants that I used to watch as a kid, they were all engaged in talking to each other, yet I could clearly noticed that no one was listening, no one cared to hear what the other person was saying, each to his own doing his own thing, talking. As I was getting near of my destination, the bus driver decided to take a few minutes rest, she got off the bus and decided to walk around the bus to smoke a cigarette. I could notice that she was still a young woman in her late thirties. As I was engaged in reading her face, assessing her, I could see her face as that of a clean skull, without flesh, puffing out smoke while she was talking. Today makes it nearly twenty five years after this experience, I am still puzzled. I don’t know what to make of it or what lesson I should draw from it. It is just now this experience begins to make sense to me. I can see a parallel with the ants I used to watch as a kid. Like the ants going about their daily activities, each to his own, no one cares about the other. We are all into ourselves doing our own things, everyone to his own; busy with the task or need that occupies our consciousness.

God has only one need, the need to be divine. We on the other hand have many needs. They start from the lowest to the highest. These needs occupied our attention daily. They become the driving forces in our lives. Our needs are many; they occupied our consciousness and when we cannot fulfill one of them, our consciousness become fixated on that need and in turn that need becomes our level of awareness. In this world therefore we have people that are operating at one level of awareness because they are fixated on a need, while others are operating at another level. Even tough we are able to move freely from one level to another, there is one level trough which we relate to the world. This level is our state of awareness. The level that occupies our consciousness the most is the level that we are operating. We see and relate to the world trough that level

Imagine a person stuck at level one, the need for subsistence or level two, the need for procreation, or even higher level as the need for recognition. When we stuck, we cannot function freely as a human being. We become rigid, stiff necked. God knows that, this is the reason why He wants to fulfill all of our needs. He wants you to cast all of your cares upon Him so that you can be free. You can say freely that He is your shepherd and you shall not want. When we are stuck, unable to fulfill a need, that need demands our attention. If our attention is occupied below with the lower needs how can we look up to the highest need? God said cast all your cares upon Him. This is His way to help us free our attention. God has a need, the need to be divine or righteous. He wants to exchange that need, make you righteous like Him. Man highest need is the need to be divine. If we can fix our gaze on Him, He will fulfill all of our other needs.

God said: Seek first the kingdom of heaven that is to fulfill His need first, bring His righteousness in your life and in turn He will fulfill all of your needs; all things shall be added unto you. David the psalmist said: “I have never seen the righteous forsaken not his seed beg for bread”. All of our time is occupied in fulfilling one need or another. The cares of this life keeps us from fulfilling God’s need. Remember that human needs are stratospherized, prioritized by necessity. We cannot think of the divine until we fulfill the lower needs. Know that is a problem and that God has a remedy for it; He said to “cast all your cares upon Him”; leave your needs for Him to fulfill. Just concentrate on His need and all of your need will be fulfilled. “Seek God first and His righteousness and all the things you need shall be added unto you”.

What is the righteousness of God? All throughout human story, God has been motivated by one need, the need for righteousness, to be divine, to be perfect. All covenants that God has made with man are actually promises to exchange His righteousness for our needs. Ever since the dawn of creation God has been trying to instill in man His measure of righteousness; finally this has been done on the cross by Jesus. He is the standard of righteousness that God has been trying to instill in us. He is the measure of the righteousness of God that we all must become in order to please God. It is my belief and conviction that understand the nature of man, (scientifically, as in knowing what motivates him to behave and (spiritually is you believe that there is a God; the relationship between man and his creator is the key to solve human problems.

What happen to the seed when it stops developing? See: Seed

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