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Resolving the Israel/Palestinian Conflict Get on Board
Human_Development_Formula “He shall live in front of his brother and when he becomes restless, he shall break the yoke of his back” This utterance is the truth and will be true to their lives as long as they continue to live their lives without any effort to know what is at stake, what are the forces driving their lives. The cycle will continue until they realize that salvation is here right now for them through Christ. This lopsided relationship does not have to go on indefinitely. There is a way in Christ; God will make a way where there is no way. What matter is that they understand the reality that they are in and that the only way for them to know that reality is for them to be in the light of Christ? The President of Israel Shimon Peres said it plainly that it is a complicated situation; he does not have the answer, time is the only answer. Time is whenever God shows up with the answer, the time can be now. God is revealing knowledge and understanding, making ways for His truth to take hold in our heart. Until they understand the reality that they are in, the cycle will continue. They cannot understand the reality that they are in right now simply because their egos are in the way; they are not in the light of Christ. The reality of their situation is that one side is on the ascending phase of life and the order is on the descending phase of life. This lopsided relationship will go on until they have an understanding of the reality behind their lives. God is busy working, bringing salvation to those that are lagging behind. Jesus said it best when He said, "until now; Me and My father are busy working". God is busy working, redeeming humanity through Christ; there is no other way. I hope that the Palestinians and the Israelis know that. Yes there are egos involved; neither side wants to lay aside their ego to let God do the work. It is all by God and for God; Jesus said plainly, "My father does the work". There is only one ego for humanity that we all must take on and it is the personality of Jesus. he is the standard, the measure of justice and righteousness that God set for us. And Jesus came to demonstrate that measure to us; it is the righteousness; the standard that God will use to measure us; Jesus came to demonstrate the kind of being, the kind of personality that God wants us to be. The only ego that God wants us to have is the one that Jesus came to demonstrate to us. The burden is on the Palestinian side simply because they are on the ascending phase of life. Any time that you are lagging behind or far behind and in need to catch up; the burden is on you. What we failed to do willingly; we will do forcefully; there will be movement, because you cannot pin down the human spirit for too long. “And when he become restless”; yet nothing will change without the light of Christ. This war, this restlessness is only a break for a while until they realize that only God can even up the playing field for them, only the light of Christ can show them the way. The leadership of the Palestinian people must first acknowledge that they are on the ascending phase of life and that the only way for them to balance the equation is for them to catch up. They will not catch up until they know what is at stake, why they are in the position that they are in. What is even more important than knowing where they are, is for them to know what they must do to catch up, to even up the playing field, what plan God has made available for them.
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The human ego is in the way
HERITAGE The only ego God wants them to have is the one that Jesus came to demonstrate to them, His righteousness. The only way to measure this infinite God and makes Him personal to us and us personal to Him is for us to take on His righteousness. There are simple steps that they can take in their daily lives that can help them reach this goal Jesus said and these steps are important if they want to please God. God will give no one access to His creative power until He is well please. The only way to please God is to take on His righteousness which is in Christ Jesus. Jesus said that they can begin taking these steps by treating others as they would like others to treat them, learn to forgive as many times as necessary, seek alternatives to resolve conflicts, avoid heads on collision, butting heads with each other, help those in need, deny the self, the ego that stands in the way and embrace the shortcomings and the frailties of their fellow human beings. Those steps and precepts are what Jesus taught us and in some way are unknowingly practiced by those that are far ahead. Jesus used parables and short stories to explain them to us. Here they are; the Palestinian people must begin to practice them in their daily lives. They are simple, but they hold the key that makes the difference between where they are and where they want to be.

God is till busy working through Christ redeeming humanity. Israel and the Palestinian Gaza are the battlegrounds. What they cannot yet do by themselves; they will learn to do forcefully. Shimon Peres said it plainly that it is complicated; he would like them to stop sending rockets to Israel and the Palestinians would like to breath a little easier, have more freedom, but he cannot trust them with that freedom; they will start flexing their muscles, boast their egos and there will be another clash of egos.

Jesus has given them the tool that will help them see reality as it is; it is all in the life they live. If they are willing to live the lifestyle prescribed by Jesus; He guarantees them to be in the light of God. It is that light that will show them the way out of the darkness they are in. I believe that there has to be a special initiative in place to help leaders see the reality of this world, what really matter, what God requires of them before He can give them access to His creative power.
If I can help leaders see the reality of this world from the greater perspective of God; they would know what God wants. There is an order in the Universe; there is a standard that God set for us; that order will not change; we need to learn to play ball, acquiesce. First, people need to know the rules of the game, how to score goals so that they can score points within the field and not outside the feel where the points don’t count. It is easy for us to play outside the field where the scores don't count, than for us to play by the rules and score goals that give them points that count; it is hard.
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Life is a Balancing Act between terror and humanity

God will not deviate; leaders need to know which phase of life their people are in and face the reality of their lives and let God help them even up the playing field. As long as they have no understanding of the true reality behind their existence, what forces are at work in their lives; their egos will stand in the way of God helping them. Self is concentric, not expansive, too much self, too much ego and you start having what the business world calls, “Diminutive Returns”. President Obama own words, “If you unclenched your fists, we will be willing to lend the open hand of friendship". I think that it is time for leaders around the world to understand the reality of this world and start doing what is essential for their people. What matter in life, what is essential is that they understand the reality of this world. The reality of this world is that people are either ascending to God, or descending from God; which means that they are been extracted; their consciousness are been extracted out of the consciousness of the earth. they were living too close to nature, too close to the ground; they have forgotten their identity with the spirit of God. Those that are descending from God are here to help those that are been extracted. they bring their gifts and talents to help those that are on their way. They are not doing the world; they are undoing the things that have kept their consciousness earth bound. The devil simply manipulated the reality of this world to his benefits; to keep humanity under his control.   Silence Zbob Close

Life is to be found between two poles, between two extremes; it is a delicate balance between terror and humanity, the frailty of life. Too much pressure and you will break it and too much laxity and it will turn you into what you are not. How well you can walk the fine line between the two is the measure of your spirit; how impeccable you can be as a leader. I am sure that either side of the public wants to annihilate each other; but leaders are put in charge for a reason; they must lead their people to some place that will be please to God.   Silence Zbob Close

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